Police jump to it after call to say wallaby is on loose

A wallaby escaped from its pen and was then found hopping along the road in the West Midlands.

Police were called after residents spotted the animal in Old Green Lane in Knowle, near Solihull, at about 11.45 last night .

Officers found the owner who took it back.

Police spokesman Brigg Ford said: “We had a call from someone who said they had spotted it in the street. It appeared it had escaped from its hut.

“We found the owner who did not seem so concerned and it made its way back.”

He added: “It’s not like we were running round with a big net trying to find it.

“It made its own way back. He had not gone far from home.” Police tweeted today saying a kangaroo had been on the loose, before admitting they had ‘jumped to the wrong conclusion’ and it was actually a wallaby.

Solihull Police’s original tweet, which said: ‘Breaking News: kangaroo on the loose in Knowle, Solihull’ was retweeted more than 300 times.

Officers later tweeted to say the situation was “now under control.”

Several wild colonies of wallabies exist around the UK.

A population was established in around 1940 in the Peak District.

A number of sightings have been made in the area.

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