Insight into Netherton Tunnel work

Engineers working on the £1.5 million restoration of Netherton Tunnel showcased the scale of their task today.

Fears were raised that the 1.7 mile-long tunnel could collapse unless the essential maintenance works were carried out.

But now a four-month scheme is well under way to safeguard the future of the tunnel, which passes under Dudley town centre.

Engineers from construction firm May Gurney are working on the project alongside the waterways conservationists from the Canal and River Trust. The tunnel, running between Netherton and Tipton, is closed to narrowboats and walkers wanting to use the towpath in the meantime.

Canal and River Trust regional engineering manager John Ward said: “It is the nature of a 150-year-old structure that there will have to be ongoing repairs, and this is just one stage of them.”

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Comments for: "Insight into Netherton Tunnel work"

Ste Jones

How they getting around al the water leaking from the walls?

Also are the tow paths being looked into as they got more potholes.

Shame they carnt refit the old light system in there that was powered by hydro power on the tipton side.

Sulry now with led lights could be done more efficent

Ste hale

I think its wrong to cover the walls in

Concrete. Who wants to look at that,

The brick work should be preserved. 

dave trueman

Hopefully some lights will be installed and the towpaths will be improved.