Drugs den closed down by police in Brierley Hill

A crack house in the Black Country has been closed by police, following a court order.

Police said neighbours’ lives had been plagued by suspected drug dealing from the home in Acres Road, Brierley Hill.

Yesterday Dudley Magistrates Court issued a Crack House Closure order, under which  it must be boarded up for three months.

Police welcomed the closure, with Sergeant Laurence McCue, of the Stourbridge Next Steps Team, saying: “There is no excuse for drug-related disorder and this community has suffered from disturbances at this house for a prolonged period of time.”

Yesterday afternoon windows and doors at the house were boarded up by West Midlands Police officers. They also placed large notices on the property explaining why it had been closed.

Earlier, District Judge Graham Wilkinson granted police requests to close the house for the maximum term.

He said nobody could enter the house without permission from the court or the police. The tenant was given 48 hours to get his belongings, under police supervision, before the property was boarded up. He was also ordered to pay costs of £1,150.

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