"She was very embarassed!" - Paramedics recall moment woman gave birth outside Primark

Paramedics today spoke about the moment they helped deliver a baby girl outside Birmingham's Primark.

Jonathan Eades and Kirsty Wilcox helped colleagues cut the cord and ensure mother and child were in good hands.

The girl was born shortly after 2pm on Tuesday when her mother went into a short and sudden labour outside the New Street store.

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Crowds gathered around the lady and it is believed staff from the store brought towels out to aid the woman, believed to be on her own, while members of the public called for an ambulance.

Watch: West Midlands Ambulance service paramedics Jonathan Eades and Kirsty Wilcox speak about the drama:

Kirsty said: “Mum was very embarrassed by what had happened but local shop staff held up blankets to give her some privacy.

“A few people did give her some money and she was presented with a bunch of flowers but she was understandably most interested in the health of her new daughter.”

Jonathan added: “There was quite a cheer when I lifted the baby up to take her to the ambulance. Mum was doing really well all things considered.”


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