Socks and Chocs

Sentinel and public protection

On October 7  I was invited to a conference, as part of my Prince's Trust work, hosted by Sentinel the public protection department of West Midlands Police.

Trench Foot

World War I centenary

I went to the First World War battlefields and cemeteries in 2012, and I walked The Somme Battlefield sites at the end of September. I constantly think about the brave Tommies of the trenches and then how being homeless must feel a bit like that (without the gunfire, of course, but not without danger).

Homeless but Human


Socks & Chocs haven't written their latest blog post, instead it's a poem that comes from one of their Prince's Trust students Zoe Elizabeth Thomas.

What is Socks & Chocs?


So, OK Ian, I get why you want to help the homeless and I get why you felt compelled to do something after your experience with the homeless man in your last blog. The question remains "Why socks?".