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Starting to use a DSLR #photography


When you first start to use a DSLR all the settings can be confusing and you have to get used to them slowly so you set the camera quickly without thinking too much about it.

Focus points #photography


All digital cameras have focus points, some cameras like my Fujifilm, just have one. My Nikon D3200 has 11 focus points that come up as red dots. It is important to get those focus points on your subject.

Coloured light #photography


Photography is about capturing light and it comes in lots of different wavelengths that we see as colours. Coloured light at events like shows can bathe our subject in a haze of colour like in this image

Copyright considerations #photography


This is a bridge over an arm of the Walsall canal at Wednesbury. Will this exist in 50 years time? I have put a copyright notice at the bottom showing who took the photo and when.This helps preserve my rights as photographer.

Taking the shot #photography


I took this shot yesterday evening as the sun was starting to go down. The light was warm and the shot is reasonable good. Although the sun was bright, it wasn’t easy judging exactly how much light I had. There are a lot of dark areas in the frame.

Clearly defined subject


I went to Wednesbury art gallery last week and this gentleman kindly dressed as a Saxon warrior and posed for a few photos.

Photographic art


I took some photos on Sunday and I’ve been doing some editing to try to create something artistic.

Spring photography


The weather has changed and we really do have spring weather! When I took these photos there was hardly a cloud in the sky.