Taking springtime pictures #photography

Last weekend, I went out wearing a tee-shirt and my ‘sun hat’ for the first time this year, it was springtime at last!

I had advanced knowledge of narrowboats on the canal and they make for a colourful picture. The light was quite harsh and you can’t always choose which way to shoot. I took some shots into the sun which isn’t always a very good idea.

Walsall Canal

When I got to the Walsall canal just two boats had arrived but I was expecting many more. I was just a mile away from home so I took a few shots and decided to go back home and see what they looked like on my computer before the rest of the boats arrived. They were staying for a while and I had a particular shot in mind.


Into the sun

This is what I had in mind but I knew I would be shooting towards the sun. I left it too late, this was the last boat and I would have been better taking the shot as it went under the bridge. I might get that shot next year!


Bright colours

I took a few more shots after it had gone past and as you can see the bright colours of the boat contrasts against the natural colours of the canal.


Bradley locks

It was a nice springtime day on Saturday and so the boat owners were quite colorfully dressed too. They gathered to take a walk up the abandoned Bradley locks and invited me to join them. I’ve walked along there before and it’s not only quite a way but uphill too!


Springtime landscapes

I continued looking for springtime landscapes on Sunday and took some shots at Hydes Pool in Wednesbury near where I live. Notice how the composition of the picture gives you a sense of scale. The eye compares the sizes of the different trees in the picture to give a sense of depth. A narrow aperture brought the power lines and pylons into focus.

That’s all this week. Enjoy your springtime photography and experiment with composition and light. You can also get some exercise and enjoy the sun while you enjoy your photography.

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