Weekend locations #photography

Last weekend was heritage weekend and so I looked for some interesting locations for taking a few shots.

I went to a talk by local historian Ian Bott at Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday because the weather wasn’t very good. I tried out my 35mm prime lens in dim light while I was there.

I photographed some of the paintings and you can see the quality of picture I can get at a wide aperture even in low light. It is a great lens for portraits too, but of course, I have to move backwards and forwards to get my shot.

Bishop Asbury’s Cottage

On Sunday, I went to Bishop Asbury’s cottage on the Newton road and I took this shot with the 35mm prime.


I have a lot of detail but I needed to go out to 18mm and so I changed my lens once inside the cramped cottage to the 18 – 105 mm lens.


The rooms were very small and cramped. I was on the opposite side of the room zoomed out to 18mm for this shot.


I parked in the car park of the Malt Shovel next door and so had to get a few shots of the pub! It’s quite an ornate pub and the brickwork detail make the shot that more interesting.


By late afternoon, the light had improved and I had a much warmer light and so stopped at Hydes Pool to take a few landscape shots. You can see how much warmer the light is, compared to the shot of Bishop Asbury’s cottage. Choosing the time of day for a shot can make a big difference.

I am becoming more interested in portraits and so I’ve bought a light meter and I have some filters on order for the 35mm prime lens including a soft focus filter.

Next weekend, I’ll be at the Tipton Canal Festival.

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