Anna Rose

West Midlands wine company puts Indian vineyards on the map

soul tree wines

If I were to ask you to name a country renowned for wine making, I’m sure your answer would include the likes of New Zealand, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and maybe countries closer to home such as France or Italy. I doubt very much whether your answer would include India.

Autumnal Fruit Picking and Foraging

Following the clement, mild weather in late spring and the warm sun in early summer this year, fruit farmers across the country are reporting bountiful harvests of orchard fruit, namely apples. Anticipated as the best harvest in 2 years, apples are appearing on supermarket shelves approximately 3 weeks earlier than usual.

Profile: Anna Rose

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My name is Anna Rose and having been a vegetarian for over 22, I’ve seen how vegetarian food has moved from being cornered away in health-food shops to a multi-million pound industry with goods available everywhere.

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