Peter Rhodes

Peter Rhodes: Sane Max

max hastings

PETER RHODES on a historian's wise words on migration, thefts in clubs and a conspiracy theory about smart meters.

The great painter shortage

peter rhodes

PETER RHODES on the glitch on the house-building programme, the strange appeal of Ms Batmanghelidjh and yet another warning from MI5

Overkill, 007?

PETER RHODES on Spectre-saturation, respect for the Saudis and a looming tragedy in the migrant crisis

A dangerous place

PETER RHODES on the changing nature of the internet, the Talk Talk fiasco and the days when the RAF bombed Britain.

The vilest of the vile

peter rhodes

PETER RHODES on the language of political hatred, a tax on sugar and a police squad doomed by its own initials.

China's revenge?

PETER RHODES on the gilt, and guilt, of a state visit, a shameful use for books and present hype about Back to the Future.