Peter Rhodes

Oh, Spanish plumes

MEDIA Weather 1

PETER RHODES on our changing weather forecasts, a glorious harvest and some ducking and diving by the man who would lead Labour.

Allotment too big for you?


PETER RHODES on a row among the potting sheds, standing up to authority and the security guards who silenced a nuisance

Once a knight . . .

Sir John Hurt questioned attitudes towards alcohol

PETER RHODES on the best of honours, the demise of a jungle tyrant and the most useless plastic card of all.

To thine own self be true

Fans are lapping up Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as Rumpole Of The Bailey

PETER RHODES on a lesson from Hamlet, an American hero and the reality of retirement - as unpaid babysitters.

The easiest job of all

Left-wing veteran Jeremy Corbyn is the favourite to succeed Ed Miliband

PETER RHODES on stand-up comedy, a union spilling the beans and the dangers of men in vests

Farewell, Cilla

PETER RHODES on the death of a star, a splattering of bugs and the unfathomable shallowness of the male of the species

A shortage of angels

PETER RHODES on the nursing crisis, the love of hunting and a strange tale for the Sheriffs