Peter Rhodes

It's dark up north


PETER RHODES on a new cop drama, politicians lying about migrants and a pyjama mystery

Find the toddlers.

john kerry 3

PETER RHODES on why TV isn't telling us the full story about the migrant crisis, why John Kerry should choose his hats carefully and a good reason not to ignore cancer screening.

At last!

aimi macdonald

PETER RHODES on the rediscovery of a much-loved show, a police inquiry in difficulties and the continuing quest for a death ray.

Locked in with a spider


PETER RHODES on garden-shed technology, cancer screening and the only sane solution to the Syrian nightmare

Thank you, Mr Putin

putin 2 v2

PETER RHODES on why the West, and gays everywhere, are watching the Kremlin. Plus the shocking scale of world debt and a bad day for lambs.

Hot planet, cold summers

birmingham stock

PETER RHODES on the latest twist on global warming, terms of affection and lethal driving in the rain.

A new day dawns

obi wan konobi

A new day dawns. PETER RHODES on the triumph of Jeremy Corbyn, a fairer deal for carers and a George Clooney moment.

Rebels in blazers


PETER RHODES on the new school-year chorus of human rights, the forgotten Welsh army and life under President Blair.

Why so few?


PETER RHODES on Britain's migrant target, Germany's make-believe figures and the Corbyn plan for early retirement.

The joys of martyrdom

PETER RHODES on death in the desert , the right future for Syrian orphans and why bee keeping is best left to others.

Free to travel?


PETER RHODES on the borderless EU, summer houses on the NHS and mankind's lethal curiosity.

Anyone for rat?

There are fears that vCJD could pass onto people through blood transfusions

PETER RHODES on road-kill cookery, X Factor allegations and why it's safest to be a cynic.

Rich on Redditch


PETER RHODES on the comedy of Rich Hall, the latest energy-saving gizmo and the shifty Mr Blair.

To nap or not to nap?

Sir Winston Churchill

PETER RHODES on the case for snoozing, the legacy of Katrina and the unanswered question: why are so many migrants male?

Call me doctor

Peter Capaldi

PETER RHODES on how to address academics, disappointing family trees and what's missing from Les Miserables.