Speed cameras could return to action, says crime chief David Jamieson

Speed cameras could be turned back on in the Black Country as the new police and crime commissioner today pledged to work on cutting down the number of people killed and injured on the roads.

Following his appointment last week, David Jamieson said switching the fixed devices back one was one of his top priorities - despite West Midlands Police facing almost £100million of cuts over the next four years.

The 67-year-old former Labour transport minister said the cameras were proven to reduce fatalities on the roads and promised a fresh look at how pay for the cameras.

But he admitted it was unlikely all cameras would be turned back on, promising only to turn on devices where there had been a casualty and the local community wanted them.

COUNT 57 SL 22
David Jamieson thanks the crowd at the count after being announced as the victor at this month's PCC election

The pledge comes as a trial is being launched by the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership, which includes Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police, for 12 fixed speed cameras in Birmingham and Solihull.

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Mr Jamieson said: "From 2001 to 2005 I was dealing with a road safety brief, we started to reel out cameras, with local people determining where they wanted to cameras to go.

"Unfortunately one of the first acts of the coalition Government was to stop that. The burden of costs fell with the police and councils and we ultimately saw the cameras switched off.

"Birmingham and Solihull have said we want cameras back and they are working with officers to see how we can fund those cameras and put them in areas where the local communities say they are needed.

Would you like to see speed cameras back in action? Have your say in the comments below.

"I am hoping we can eventually find funding to put the cameras back in housing across the West Midlands, including the Black Country, where people need them."

Mr Jamieson said money raised by speeding motorists taking driver awareness courses could be spent on turning on some of the cameras.

He added: "The culture on the road has changed - people now see speeding as unacceptable, when perhaps in the past it wasn't looked on so badly, like drink driving.

"A lot of people are extremely responsible, but this is about making it difficult for those going too fast on our roads."

West Midlands Police announced fixed speed and traffic cameras would be turned off from last March. The force said it could not afford the £1m a year running costs due to budget cuts.

The police force faces £23million of cuts a year until 2018/19.

Mr Jamieson took over from Bob Jones as police and crime commissioner after Mr Jones passed away in his sleep aged 59 in July.

He was voted in at a by-election which had a 10.41 per cent turn-out.

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Comments for: "Speed cameras could return to action, says crime chief David Jamieson"

If this is the best that this clown can come up with in his new position, then it only makes the role even more pointless than most of us thought it already was.

It is just an attempt to raise revenue.

I know speeding is against the law, but it is not as bad as a lot of what we read in the E&S daily.

Get a grip Mr Jamieson, don't just resort to typical Labour inadequacies.

funny old world

Ask the Government for some from the savings it will make on the new road tax system being introduce on the 1st October.


Nice to see the new commissioner is seeking to tackle the real problems of crime in society.


Speed cameras are supposed to be located where there have been serious accidents, but they must think we are fools to expect us to beleive that. Almost all speed cameras are located where they are most likely to catch a large number of minor offenders, like on a downward slope after a bend just after the speed restriction has dropped from 30 to 40.

But dont blame this labour guy for switching them back on. They've got to raise money to waste somehow.


In 5 minutes and the old Labour junk that damaged our country so well, slips straight off the lip with a cheesy smile

Lets TAX the motorist

One of local businesses top priorities will be moving out of the midlands

Labour the party guaranteed to TAX YOU into gloom and desperation


Gosh - ISN'T this a surprise - not.

Of course, they have a revenue-raising exercise in mind first and foremost.

Having said that, I do agree that speed cameras in the right places have an important function. And it seems to me that road collisions in the West Midlands don't seem to be reducing much. In the Wolverhampton area, they seem to be on the rise. Too much traffic on our crumbling roads or just poor driving?

I don't know.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah because catching motorists is much easier than chasing after those nasty burglars and muggers isn't it... and more profitable.


It is not about saving lives.

More speed cameras, more speed awareness courses, more profits for the people who run these courses... the Association of Chief Police Officers.

More tax for the motorist, more wasted productivity as millions of days wasted on these pointless courses.

It's mainly the self-employed who get penalised on these things, the people doing 20 - 80k a year trying to earn a living get treated the same as the average driver who does 5 - 8k a year.

Thousands upon thousands of hard working people getting squeezed and fleeced by the nanny state, that's why the Tories want them all turned off.

How anyone can vote Labour is beyond me. A 12 year old beauty pageant contestant's speech has more intellectual rigour.


I,ve been saying that about voting Labour since the failed governments of Wilson and Callaghan. Now we've had the failures of Blair and Brown and still people vote Labour.

Perhaps people should have psychometric tests before entry to the electoral role.

W C Boggs

Next thing, he'll be wanting to extend the famous "fish n' chips for young offenders" as pioneered in Tipton.


If speed cameras had been used honestly, instead of a means to raise money, we would all agree with them. Put up loads of posts saying 30, 40, 50 or whatever, not make it a game whereby the motorist is always guessing wrongly. It's about attitude, from them to us. If you are reminded repeatedly that the speed on this road is 40mph, then it's no point arguing if you do 60mph.

But they don't play like that, do they ?


There are Muslim extremists planning atrocities in our midst, Pakistani paedophile gangs raping 11 year old girls and Muslims spreading their poisonous cult amongst schoolchildren by taking over schools and this Labour idiot says that one of his top priorities is to fine motorists who stray a few mph over the speed limit.

This highlights Labours core philosophy of protecting the guilty via political correctness while making a priority of shoving the ordinary people around to show us who is boss.

Blue Boy

100% on the mark


Its about time that those in charge realise that speed cameras only catch people speeding. They don't catch dangerous drivers, dunk drivers, drivers who tail gate, drivers with lights that aren't working, drivers who drive with there full beans or fog lights on, drivers on there phones, drivers who bomb it down country roads, drivers / passengers without seat belts, cars will to many people in, unsecure loads, unsafe vehicles, Vehicles with not MOT tax or insurance, Drivers who are banned/ without licence.

All of theses are far more dangerous than your normal law abiding citizen doing 35 in a 30 at 2am.

They need to be done with this speed camera idea and go back to getting police driving around more and actually cathing the idiots who are more likely to end up killing someone.


Exactly - if they invested in mobile units they could catch so many more for a wider variety of offences.

Don't tell them though, they don't seem to have worked it out for themselves!

PS I always drive with my full beans on!!!


That could give you flatulance!


Most drivers know their local cameras.

They catch the off guard driver usually by a few mph over the limit and generate income.

The ones on the Penn Road are off but everyone still slows down so I suppose they are still 'working'.

M54 average cameras proved to be very lucrative catching over 9,500 drivers and they do keep the traffic flowing well through the works and when on the on the M6 which admittedly did seem to go on forever.

Simple thing is don't speed and don't give them any money. Which puts him right back at square one.

And also was it not the fact the cameras were turned off because they were too expensive to run the first place?


Same old Labour. Tax, tax, tax.

You weren't wanted by over 90% of the West Midlands Electorate and yet here you are in your first week setting out your stall.

What we really want is a reduction in violent crime, muggings etc- not taxing to boost your bonuses.

Swampy Saddler

A real crime isn't it Mr Jamison (deliberately spelt wrong!)

Should elected officers not have to put forward their policies before an election?

Seems bizarre that we can have an election and then the successful candidate announces their policies!

I for one thought that Les Jones talked far more about his policies and the real issues that need tackling and that's why he got my vote, never mind his political persuasion.

The PCC should not necessarily declare their political persuasion, as it isn't about that. I found it very inappropriate that all that was talked about in the run up to the election was the Labour, Tory, Liberal candidates etc.

This needs reviewing!

The last irony of this whole election is that it is a Labour policy not to have PCC's!!!! So how can they seriously put forward a candidate! BIG JOKE!

(ps...Thought BOB JONES did fantastic job. RIP big man!)


The interesting thing would be to find out, if injuries and deaths have in fact increased on the roads where cameras have been switched off. The Crime Commissioner must have the statistics for road traffic accidents,because he says this is the reason for reintroducing the Speed Cameras.So why can't this information be published, so the general public can see the true facts. If accidents and fatalities have increased, the Public may understand the reason for turning them on. Come on E&S find the facts and publish them !


Good point, well made.


Somebody has to pay for this created non job so why not screw the motorist a little more


Since only 5 out of every 100 eligible voters elected the new PCC for the West Midlands, where is the democratic legitimacy for him to carry out any actions?


that's a very strange salute?

Blue Boy

I have just dug out the election booklet and Mr Jamieson's election statement "promises" to us that he will:

"recruit Police Officers"

"Keep Police Community Support Officers"

"Protect Neighbourhood Policing Teams"

"Stop privatisation of the Police"

"Make sure that Police Officers are on the beat"

"Ensure victims of crime always come first"

Nothing about persecuting the motorist......unless the comment at the bottom of the page "As a Transport Minister I worked closely with the Police on road safety issues" was a backhanded way of saying he will switch the camera's back on. With all the other crimes such as terrorism, child abuse and domestic violence rife at the moment is this the best he can do for his £100K wages


He looks like the turtle from creature comforts. "Speed cameras are easily turned off and on'able"

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