More average speed cameras go live on the M6

More average speed cameras have been switched on along the M6 – enforcing limits of 50mph and 40mph.

M6 Road Works

Work costing up to £121 million is taking place along a 10-mile stretch of the M6 to open up the hard shoulder to traffic and impose variable speed limits at busy times.

Drivers are being told to go at 50mph between junctions 10a at Wolverhampton and 12 at Cannock and then down to 40mph up to junction 13 near Stafford. The cameras went live earlier this week but the Highways Agency only last night confirmed they had been switched on.

They are in use for a seven-and-a-half mile stretch from junctions 11a to 13, including at the point at which drivers have to slow down.

The move was branded a ‘cynical attempt’ to catch drivers out by a critic, although Highways Agency bosses say it is due to the ‘limited space’ they have near the Penkridge viaduct.

Peter Roberts from the Alliance of British Drivers said: “Average speed cameras are usually set at 50mph. That’s also the speed at which drivers are normally asked to travel along a section of motorway with roadworks in order to protect the workers.

“Changing the speed limit to 40mph for a small stretch appears on the surface to be a cynical attempt to catch unsuspecting drivers who are used to adhering to 50mph limits when work takes place on a motorway.”

It comes after more than 6,400 drivers were caught breaking a 50mph speed limit in four months on the M54 in Staffordshire, where work is taking place to provide a slip road to Wolverhampton’s i54 business park.

Highways Agency spokesman Chris Kirk said: “In order for the advance work to be carried out safely on the M6 between junctions 10a and 13, three narrow running lanes in each direction and a reduced speed limit of 50mph have been put in place on the motorway.

“Between junctions 12 and 13, the speed limit is 40mph due to the limited working space available. These measures are to ensure the safety of road users and road workers.

“Average speed cameras between junctions 11a and 13 and are now in operation. The temporary speed limit is mandatory.”

The speed limit will be in place for up to 18 months. Signs have been installed showing the 40mph speed limit and telling drivers average speed checks are being carried out.

The first phase of work includes clearing vegetation, upgrading drainage in verges, preparing the ground for the foundations for the overhead signs and excavation for the emergency refuge areas. Work on the section between junctions 10a and J11a will follow. The scheme is due to be complete in spring 2015.

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Comments for: "More average speed cameras go live on the M6"


A speed limit "to protect workers"? What nonsense. The number of workers on site is minimal and the difference in speed is not enough to make any difference to risk level. All of these schemes are designed to steal from motorists.


Agreed, you can still kill a worker at 50 mph but at lower speeds it is easier to correct your veicle position before you are about to have an accident than at the higher speed. If you were working in the area would that not make sense to you?


A speed limit to protect workers...Those workers who go home at 6pm and don't return until 7am. The speed limit tho doesn't change to reflect that.


I guess you are one of those who go passed me doing in excess of the posted speed limited when you have very limited vision due to Fog/Mist

Mr R. Sole

No he does it on a clear day., if it was foggy/misty you would be sitting it out, inclement weather and all that.


Just do what the sign says then you wont get a fine,its easy every now and then have a butchers at what speed your doing

Heres a clue its a round sign with a number in the middle usually in black with a white background,with a red outer circle

It indicates the maximum speed.


The whole point of a motorway is to travel to your destination quicker than on 'A' and 'B' roads. It is quicker to travel down the A449 where the speed limit is 60 mph. I bet you are the person doing 38 mph in the middle lane holding every body up.


I guess you must have one of those fancy vehicles with a calibrated speedometer, 2 mph is not calibratable especially when you may have none factory rims and or tires. Stick to the posted speed limit and leave a little earlier to avoid being late, or have your cup of coffee before you leave.

benidorm Bill

Your probably the type of motorist that approaches the motorway at 40MPH and stops in the middle lane..


Anohter way to fleece the poor motorist,what about catching bikers who scream along in lane 3 at over 100mph?

Phil H

Don't you mean lane 2.5 and lane 4 lol

mel morris

We went through the roadworks on Saturday there is no warning that the speed limit was about to change to 40 mph... when is is busy its very easy to miss the speed change. ?Is this a money making exercise for Cameron to have more holidays in Ibiza????? #justsaying

mel morris

In reply to Matt road workers were putting the cones out saturday night at 9 pm.

In reply to Dean we who were traveling at 50 mph got caught out by drivers braking sharp in front of us,we slowed down but didn't see the 40 mph sign due to the mayhem in front of us.At least people reading this story will be forewarned but still watch out from behind as they speed up behind you. Lets just say there was no warning to a speed change very crafty.........


What workers?

They should clear points on your licence if you spot one.


JB is the sort of driver that follows the reduced speed limit 'in the outside lane' during road works, but as soon as the road works clear, does 90mph!