Goodyear factory: Plans for homes on the Wolverhampton site are approved

Plans for 93 homes to be built at Wolverhampton’s Goodyear factory site have been approved.

Wolverhampton's Goodyear factory
Wolverhampton's Goodyear factory

The new homes will be among the total of 477 houses to be built on the Stafford Road site, with 124 homes currently under construction.

A total of 84 of the new two-storey homes will be privately rented while the remaining nine will be affordable housing.

There will be 40 three-bed houses, 35 four-bed houses and 18 two-bedroom houses.

The plans have been approved by Wolverhampton council.

They will be built towards the south of the Goodyear site by Barratt West Midlands and be accessed via Mercury Drive, just off the A449 Stafford Road.


Work at Goodyear ended in December. A team of just 37 staff now remain to ‘close-down’ the site.

In recent years it has produced rubber compounds for tyre factories overseas as well as retread tyres.

Workers marked the end of an era as the last order was met at the huge plant in Bushbury Lane and they walked out of the gates for the final time last month.

Now all that remains is for a remaining team of just 37 to ‘close down’ the site. Around 60 will work their final shifts this week.

Bosses announced it would close last June after concluding it had become unprofitable.

Hundreds of staff have been made redundant over the last 18 months with many expressing their sadness at having to move on.


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Comments for: "Goodyear factory: Plans for homes on the Wolverhampton site are approved"

Sherpavan D4 double winners

Molineux is next....


You can't build homes on this site

George Osborne promised he was coming to help the workforce and he was awarded "A Companion of Honour" so its got to be true


Roger Lawrence will be jumping for joy . More homes for is migrant pals. Such a shame for our homeless who will be overlooked yet again

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