Brexit latest: Theresa May to trigger Article 50 on March 29

Theresa May will trigger EU withdrawal talks under Article 50 on March 29, Downing Street has announced.

May talks with Carwyn Jones
Theresa May was in Swansea when the Article 50 announcement was made

The Prime Minister's letter officially notifying the European Council of the UK's intention to quit will set in train a two-year negotiation process expected to lead to Britain leaving the EU on March 29 2019.

Britain's ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, informed the office of European Council president Donald Tusk on Monday morning of the Prime Minister's plans.

The announcement means that Mrs May will meet her self-imposed deadline of the end of March to get the withdrawal process under way.

She was cleared to take the step when the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act gained royal assent last week, after a Supreme Court ruling forced her to seek the approval of both Houses of Parliament.

Mrs May will address MPs in a statement to the House of Commons following her regular weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions on March 29.

Mr Tusk has previously said he expects to release an initial response to the Article 50 notification within 48 hours, and an extraordinary summit of the remaining 27 EU member states is due to be called within four to six weeks.

That summit will draw up a mandate for the European Commission's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, probably allowing talks to begin in earnest in May.

Liberal Democrat spring conference
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said the Prime Minister is 'embarking on an extreme and divisive Brexit'

Notification of the historic step will come in the form of a letter from the Prime Minister to Mr Tusk, though Downing Street did not make clear whether this would be a physical letter handed to the European Council president by a UK representative or might be sent electronically.

It will be the first time that the provisions of Article 50 - which sets out the process for any EU member state "to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements" - have been activated.

Notification comes 279 days after the referendum of June 23 last year delivered a 52 to 48 per cent majority in favour of withdrawal.

Mrs May, who was visiting Swansea on Monday, is expected to conduct visits in all four nations of the UK before notification takes place.

The PM's official spokesman said: "Earlier this morning, the UK Permanent Representative to the EU informed the office of Donald Tusk that it is the UK's intention to trigger Article 50 on March 29.

"There will be a letter. She will notify President Tusk in writing. The Prime Minister will give a statement to Parliament as well.

"We have always been clear that we will trigger by the end of March and we have met that timetable."

The spokesman said Britain wanted to start withdrawal negotiations "promptly", but accepts that "it is right that the 27 have a chance to agree their position" before talks start.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "Theresa May is embarking on an extreme and divisive Brexit. She has rushed this through without a plan, and without a clue.

"On the day Theresa May is travelling the country claiming she wants to bring the United Kingdom together, she lets it be known she is about to unleash division and bitterness.

"Meanwhile, with the country in desperate need of an official Opposition, Labour has declared war on itself rather than defending the people from a hard Brexit. You can't have a rushed Brexit and a strong, united country."

Mr Farron repeated his call for voters to have the final say on the deal negotiated by Mrs May, arguing that departure from the European Single Market was not on the ballot paper in June.

The announcement on the timing of Article 50 comes shortly after European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned that Britain may have to abandon its hopes of a trade deal if it rejects the terms offered by the EU - which are widely expected to include a "divorce bill" of as much as £50 billion.

The UK will have "the choice to eat what's on the table or not come to the table at all", Mr Juncker told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Scottish Government minister Michael Russell complained that the UK Government "somehow forgot to inform" the devolved administrations of the timetable for Article 50, leaving them to hear about it from the media.

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Comments for: "Brexit latest: Theresa May to trigger Article 50 on March 29"


Tim Farron keeps talking about "leaving the single market" not being on the ballot paper when the vote took place and I don't know about others but I knew what I was voting for and it seems to me if people like Mr Farron had their way the result would simply be ignored with numerous false promises about lessons having been learned and we would simply carry on.

I for one can't wait for the prime minister to trigger article fifty as business and indeed the country needs to bring an end to this uncertainty and get on with it.

If Messrs Farron, Blair, Major etc etc love the EU so much they can always go and live on mainland Europe.


The evil, vulture like parasites who rule the EU, and who will lead negotiations, will seek to punish us, to deter others from seeking to exit the EU.

We must counter this aggression. We must counter it not just with words and tough negotiating. We must counter it with a show of military power. We must show that we are willing to do whatever it takes. We have some of the most destructive nuclear weapons on the planet, we should parade them publicly, pint them at various EU cities, fly tornadoes 30 feet above the berlin skyline...let these cretins know who they are dealing with.

Olly the cat

We must counter it on the beaches, we must counter it on the landing grounds, and we will never surrender! Well said Winston Spencer LordToffinghamOfTettenhall Churchill.

We must make March 29th 2019 a day of national celebration.

Free at last, free at last, The British people will be free at last!!!!!!!!!!


I say! Whatwhat!! Bravo old boy!

March 29th indeed should be a day of national celebration! A hundred thousand soldiers, and a convoy of trident missiles should parade up the Mall, with squadrons of tornadoes and red arrows accompanying with a aerial display, while millions of people watch and wave union flags!! After sunset, a huge fireworks display in westminster, set to the dambusters theme music! All to be broadcast live via every TV, radio, and satellite channel, to the billions watching at home on TV in their union jack pyjamas drinking cans of carling black label!!


Liberal Democrats.....weren't they a political party of repute before their previous leader 'sold his soul' for shared leadership of the previous Government?


Knew it wouldn't take weaselly Farron long to start jumping up and down.

Olly the cat

Is it true that the Liberal Demoprats are holding their conference in one of the cabins on Wolverhampton market? All of the telephone boxes stunk of pee, so they had to upscale their venue. They will be able to save some money by all going home in the same taxi.