Labour holds Dudley Council seat in by-election

Labour have held a seat on Dudley Council in a by-election with more than 60 percent of the vote.

Shaneila Mughal Victory
Shaneila, centre, celebrates the election win with her supporters and campaign team

NHS biomedical scientist Shaneila Mughal was elected for the St Thomas’s ward after receiving 1,466 voted.

UKIP's Phil Wimlet taking second place with 653.

Conservative candidate Jonathan Elliot took 249 votes, and the Green party’s Francis Sheppard 52.

The turnout was 23.5 percent.

The seat was being contested following the resignation of former councillor Glenis Simms in December.

Councillor Mughal joins fellow Labour ward councillors Shaukat Ali and Steve Waltho.

Shaneila Mughal was born in the borough and lives in the ward with her husband and three children.

She studied at Kate’s Hill Primary School, Castle High School and Dudley College, and now works for the NHS as a specialist biomedical scientist.

Newly-elected Councillor Shaneila Mughal said: “I want to thank everyone who helped in the election, but most of all I want to thank the people of St Thomas’s ward for placing their trust in me and I will work as hard as I can to repay them.

“It is a great privilege to be elected to serve the people and the community I was brought up in and am now bringing up my family in and I’ll be working hard to listen to local people and act on their concerns, tackling the litter and fly-tipping, campaigning to get sites redeveloped and help those out of work get jobs.”

Councillor Waltho said: "I am absolutely delighted with the result. She is a local girl who is very invested in the local community. She is the perfect fit."

Dudley North MP Ian Austin added: “Shaneila will be a brilliant addition to the Labour team in St Thomas’s and will make an outstanding councillor.

"This result shows what you can do when you have a great candidate who listens to local people and comes up with answers to the things they are concerned about.”

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Comments for: "Labour holds Dudley Council seat in by-election"


Wow! 23.5% turnout, not exactly a ringing endorsement of all the people of this ward. Just the usual 'sheeple' who tick the Labour box as that's the way they've always voted. They don't mind the 4.99% proposed council tax increase by the look of things either, well done!

Margaret Hamilton

Those rate rises are down to central Tory Government cuts, as you well know.


Claiming 60% victory when the turn out is only 23.5% is milking the figures somewhat. But then saying that they received 1446 votes from an area electorate of over 10,300 does not sound so good or sell papers.


You've heard of PPI, well this is PPS (positive political spin)!

A Lone Voice

Another one joins the gravy train..........

Sir Lupi

Lets wait and see what happens when the real elections arrive.

23% turnout is not even democratic.

black country born

23.5 % turn out, what a joke, lets make voting compulsory.

The council are raising the rip off tax 4.99% not the government.


Would love too know how much she benefitted from the odious postal vote

Oh really?!

I hope Ms Mughal serves her Ward and its people well; I have no reason to believe that she won't, but then I do not have the ability to see into the future that some other readers seem to have.

Fortunately this election was not marred by having a liar and a misogynist amongst its leading candidates; whilst most reasonable people are becoming appalled by the antics of so called, so beautiful, so orange, President Trump, at least two of people on offer to the electorate of Stoke seem intent on mimicking his worst points.

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