Theresa May promises Midlands Powerhouse plan at PMQs

Theresa May has announced that the Government is set to publish a strategy for the Midlands Powerhouse that will make the region 'an engine for growth' in the UK.

Prime Minister's Questions
Theresa May speaks during Prime Minister's Questions, where she said she had strong ambitions for the Midlands

Speaking during PMQs, Mrs May said her ambitious plans for the West Midlands would prove that the Government was intent on building an economy that 'works for everyone'.

She also backed Tory candidate Andy Street in his bid to become the region's mayor, describing him as 'the right person' for the job.

Responding to a question from Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant on her views on improving employment across the region, the Prime Minister said: "We have very strong ambitions to make the Midlands an engine for growth in the UK.

"That's why we have plans for the Midlands Engine that demonstrate that when we say we are going to build an economy that works for everyone we actually mean it.

"At the Autumn Statement [the Chancellor] confirmed things such as £5 million for a Birmingham rail hub, a £250m Midlands Engine investment fund and we will shortly be publishing a strategy for the Midlands Engine.

"For the West Midlands, having the devolution deal and having the right person elected as mayor, who I think will be Andy Street, is absolutely crucial."

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Comments for: "Theresa May promises Midlands Powerhouse plan at PMQs"


So the deal is - vote for Andy Street and I will give you some money. Vote for anyone else and you are on your own.


This FAKE news from Theresa May must be spread to every elector in the West Midlands

If you vote for this Tory Andy Street or the Labour Sion Simon to become Mayor

The unelected "REMAIN" Prime Minister of the puppet government who is slyly taking us back into Europe, will take away your democracy and destroy your local council and impose Birmingham on you all.

So dont vote for either of them

Oh Mrs May can you remind Mr Osborne the Goodyear workers are still waiting for his help !

that was FAKE news as well


Hi Donald!


I for one won't bother voting. I feel the elected mayor is little more than a figurehead, something we could surely manage without.


Vote for greater prosperity, ambition, and innovation in the way the West Midlands is governed, or vote for a gravy-train career politician from a rapidly failing, out-of touch political party. The difference between the two candidates is like night and day.


Put all the Midlands MPs together and you definitely ​ain't going to get one prize specimen between them. Even Dudley Zoo would refuse to accept anyone of them. The whole idea surely must be a joke?

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