We DON'T want out anymore: Shock poll reveals Express & Star readers have changed minds on Brexit

A majority of readers would now vote to REMAIN in the European Union bucking the way the region voted six months ago in the referendum, according to a new Express & Star survey.

The key difference in our poll results from March and December 2016

The poll – the biggest online news questionnaire this paper has carried out – saw nearly 10,000 people respond to five questions on what readers thought of Brexit since the historic vote.

Six in 10 said they would now vote to ‘remain’ in the EU, a huge shift from the 80 per cent who said they intended to vote to leave in our original poll in March.

On June 23, the Black Country and Staffordshire overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU with an average of 59 per cent in the West Midlands backing the likes of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, and Michael Gove.

What readers said in March 2016

The change of voting intentions to Remain equates to a shift of some 46 percentage points based on our March poll – and a shift of 21 percentage points based on the actual referendum vote in the region.

While there is still division over how millions of people would vote if given a second opportunity, there is a clear consensus that Express & Star readers are not happy with the the Government’s handling of Brexit.

In our survey a huge 86 per cent said they were ‘not satisfied’ with how the process was being handled.

What readers say in December 2016

And nearly three quarters of people – 73 per cent – said they did not think Britain would have left the European Union by April 2019 – the two year deadline after Article 50 is invoked.

South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson, Prime Minister Theresa May’s enforcer in the Commons, today said: “We have had a referendum and the the people said they wanted to leave – we have to deliver on their wish.

“In places like South Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell, and Dudley there were large votes to leave. That is the result we have to take notice of.

“Obviously there are lots of people who want the Government to set out in detail what it is going to be asking for and what it is pushing for.

Local results from the referendum

"The Government has made it clear that we want control of our borders, want out of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and establish our own sovereignty over our laws – we can’t be more explicit than that.

“We had a vote in the House of Commons and overwhelmingly MPs backed the Government’s decision to invoke Article 50 by the end of March next year.”

Reacting to the latest survey, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who has called for a second referendum on the terms of Brexit, said: “The issue isn’t whether you voted leave or remain, it is about how the Conservative Brexit government has made such a monumental mess of leaving.

“It is clear they had absolutely no plan, and six months on they still don’t. Even on the fundamental question of whether Britain should remain in the world’s largest market, Conservative ministers are at war with each other.

“I have people in my own family who voted Leave. But increasingly people who did vote Leave see that this divided and uncaring government is letting them down. It will be the British people who end up picking up the Brexit tab for Conservative incompetence.”

Our survey also found that 52 per cent of people think MPs should vote the same way as their constituents if there was a Commons vote, and 54 per cent of people did not believe rebel Conservative MPs should resign the party whip if they failed to back Mrs May.

The Express & Star’s original survey caught national attention as it was the first major poll conducted by a newspaper predicting a ‘leave’ result.

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Comments for: "We DON'T want out anymore: Shock poll reveals Express & Star readers have changed minds on Brexit"


Could it just possibly be that the embittered Remoaners have organised themselves to target and distort your poll?


Yep totally agree. Article 50 early next year. Bring it on. Onwards and upwards to our great country. I've always liked a full English on my plate, always felt short changed when offered a continental. I do love these sore re-moaners thou


Representatives of the various governing bodies of the EU have repeatedly been making it clear for many years that membership affords open borders for trade whilst requiring open borders for movement of people and that the converse is that non membership allows borders closed to the migration of people and requires the payment of tarrifs on goods imported into the EU. NOTHING OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE HAS CHANGED. Anyone who voted "Brexit" in the referendum who would now vote "Bremain" shouldn't have voted, not understanding the issues. By the same token, Nicola Sturgeon should not be in any position of political power because either she fails to have listened to EU statements about the conditions pertaining to new member states being admitted or she is hopelessly deluded.


All the brexiteers I know can't get out of this union quick enough. Seeing as the EU is collapsing within itself it may be soooner than we think. Look at the state of Germany, you cannot let people into your country without the proper checks. For all we know there may be a terrorist living in the close proximity of your house. For the sake of common sense let us get back to being in control of our own country.


The UK is not part of the Schengen area and therefore has always had control of its borders.

If you have ever travelled abroad to elsewhere in the EU, you would have been subject to a passport check on return.

Who cares what you think

E&S, the difference between a poll and the vote is you only get one vote, how many have multiple accounts, bots etc, do you remember the fake 80,000 accounts signing the e.petition


Spot on, it's such a big swing that it's very clear it's been hijacked. With the EU being in such a state as it is what possible reason would cause people to think it's more attractive than it was in June. I imagine a referendum now would produce a bigger Leave vote.


these results are probably because the leavers are fed up of media going over and over the same old thing all the time and didn't bother to vote in your poll


Funny as I know of nobody who voted leave who has changed their mind?

the dog

As pointed out when the e and s ran the poll, a reader said it was fixed and quoted figures and times as the poll ran.


That's right you could post as many times as you wanted to as it was faulty, so it can be totally discounted as utterly false.

Everybody I know who voted out is so keen for it to happen asap this poll just doesn't make sense.


Another reader said you only need look at the coverage of events such as the EU vote, the general election and the US election to see, just how TWISTED the mainstream media actually is. How many of those born again "yes" voters are STILL heavily influenced by said media's fakery? Never mind, the new EU/Corporate army will be here soon to wipe their behinds and make sure they don't step out of line..


As the vast majority of the written media were vigorously in favour of leave, I don't understand how you have come to the conclusion that they were 'TWISTED'.

They all reported the bus with the shameful '£350 million a week to the NHS' pledge, and the disgraceful UKIP poster showing Syrian refugees.

Please explain how the mainstream media were twisted during the referendum?

Who cares what you think

I was watching that poll it was 84% still the same opinion within a few hours it went to something like 34% if I remember correctly


Agree something strange occurred when I voted it was 67% for Brexit and 33% against could it be that the E&S analysts reversed to vote in error because I do not believe the figures they have published and it seems a number of other people who have commented do not agree with the result.


"The Government has made it clear that we want control of our borders.." Please, just stop. It's not even April 1st yet.


Rubbish. The people voted out then that's what should happen. Why have a vote and not stick by the result. Polls are made up guesses. I have just done a poll in our house and we still want out.


There were many bots interfering back in the referendum. Putin has been shown to have hacked into computers in the USA for Trump, there probably was interference here too. Certainly Leave spent huge amounts on buying Facebook 'likes' and the trolling was shocking. It's not easy to influence newspaper polls but I'm sure it's not impossible if you get experts involved, especially if it weakens your enemy abroad. Putin has no love for the EU or the UK

PJW Holland

The vote that counted was the referendum. This is just an unscientific survey. Given that the decision is already made then those who support LEAVE will simply have had no motivation to participate. The survey is pure mischief and as correctly mentioned in earlier posts... was subject to being manipulated by remoaners.

Take no notice. National, more scientific yet almost as unreliable, opinion polls indicate an INCREASE in support for BREXIT.

There will be no second referendum. Get used to it. Remoan lost. BREXIT won.


I find myself agreeing with PJW again.

However, I don't remember him stating at the time that the similar poll conducted by The E&S in March, which showed a large majority to leave, as 'pure mischief', 'unscientific' and 'subject to being manipulated...'.

PJW Holland

No. Indeed. I pointed out that the results coincided with my own experience of speaking to people. I pointed out that the traditional polls were very wrong... and I was proved right.


still looks to me as an out even by you silly poll ?

Who cares what you think

Didn't the original poll in question just ask if you'd changed your mind on how you voted, I can't remember it asking if you voted out would you now vote to remain


When the vote came in I said at the time that the Economic argument would win the day and as soon as all of the costs of Brexit came in, the cost to the family Budget started to bite it would not be the Remainers who would force the Government to abandon Brexit it would be the Leavers , because at very large part of our Countries economy depend on Banking Insurance and Services. the banks are already talking about moving to Europe and many other services will follow, this will cause massive unemployment.

The Cost of leaving is said to be at least £50000 Million and that is just an estimate when all of this finally dons on this incompetent Government they will have to agree to a deal which will not be acceptable to the leavers and they will be rebelling against the decision and there will be a Vote in Parliament on the Final Deal and parliament will reject it. The pound will recover but it will still take many years to sort out the mess because the Government who at present are living in a Dream World of trading with the whole World.

But Liam Fox has already said we must stay in the customs union which will put him out of a Job the main Brexit negociator David Davis wants to remain in the in the Single Market so they are waking up to the reality of the costs of leaving. It is my belief that the £ will be lucky to keep parity with the Dollar after article 50 is implemented and that will be the final nail in the coffin of Brexit. I hope I am wrong about all of this because the people of this Country both Leavers and Remainers do not deserve

to have this Disater visited upon them.


Problem with online polls is that they dont necessarily give a fair representation of sentiment.

Bookmakers pre brexit were offering 82% equivalent odds in favour of a remain win based upon a culmination of online/telephone polls and social media sentiment analysis etc etc and still got it totally wrong.

Also... people are tired of the 319th post brexit poll.. im tired of debating endlessly with remainers about the same old topics. The important vote was cast and now it is the duty of our elected officials to carry out our democratic will.


Pointless article


Deluded !


I don't believe this poll, it sounds more like the remoaners have jumped on it to make it look like those that voted to leave have changed their minds. I believe this is far from the case, I'm sure that we 'Brexiteers', would vote exactly the same if a second referendum should take place. As has been stated elsewhere a poll is not a vote. It was polls that led many people to think that the referendum would result in a remain conclusion, how wrong they were.


This is a waste of time and gives false hope to those still wishing to remain in the EU. Like most polls pre-referendum and those post-referendum it is not indicative to the whole of the voting populace and as such is just a straw poll to create debate and divisive feelings.


Why should we take any notice of your poll when at first you asked should we remain or stay ? Bit onesided don't you think


how would you have asked the question?


A load of blarting Brexiters reneging on their ill-thought out vote.

Surprisingly, the grass is not greener. We haven't had snipers stationed at Dover ready to take out anyone who looks or sounds remotely foreign. No-one has been 'sent back where they came from' and there isn't a glut of jobs for us all to cherry-pick from now that we don't 'have' to share with the EU.

Merry Christmas!


How do we know the grass is not greener? We haven't left the EU yet.

Margaret Hamilton

Ha ha ha!

Blue Boy

No one I know has changed their mind.

Aussie Baggie

Why on earth would ANYONE want to change their vote now???

Just look at the utter shambles Europe is in at the moment.....and things will only get worse for them.

This is yet another beat-up by the leftist media who just cannot accept that the great majority of Brits (of all ages) democratically voted to leave the EU. And no useless, trumped up, biased, fixed online "opinion" poll will change that.

The people have spoken! Get over it!


52% to 48% is hardly a 'great majority of Brits.'

The myth is being propagated here of a 'leftist Media'

The great majority of the written press (Sun, Star, Express, Mail, Telegraph, Times, ) were in favour of Brexit, as was this newspaper, if memory serves.

Brexiteers seem increasingly to be developing a victim complex, despite winning the vote.

Warley Steve

Quite the opposite

Its multi Millionaires who want to continue being multi millionaires who own the media and the politicians, they have sold our jobs now they come for our benefits and pensions to increase their wealth more as the courts will show

This is little more than a scam a precursor to alter peoples views, to warm them to the great deception the traitors in government are plotting, I'm saddened with the E&S


I repeat again, the vast majority of the written press are in favour of Brexit, so your comment makes no sense.

What is this victim complex with Brexiteers?

Warley Steve

You should be on TV for this comedy, every newspaper was following the Government line with the exception of the Daily Express.

As for the Victim complex , I'm also a totally uneducated xenophobic, racist misogynist, with delusions of empire who is to old to realise whats going on so should be ignored and not allowed any vote whatsoever.

Surely if you think I and other on this site are sectionalable with a victim complex, do you believe all the propaganda ?


The following was why I voted out, if you don't want to read it, a short version is £130 Million of EU money unaccounted for, person who found out gets sacked for not sweeping it under the carpet when her boss told her to.



More lies and made up polls, I voted leave, I havent changed my mind.


Load of cobblers, as I remember the first question was something like, would you vote the same way again. I pressed yes.

It didn't at any question as if I voted in or out?

E&S boffins wording the questions to get a Xmas scoop, load of old tosh, any respect I had for the local newspaper as now gone.

Warley Steve

I find it sad that the corrupt multi millionaires in our government are using my tax money to operate project FEAR to alter the will of the people and working sheeple are following their doctrine.

Whats more, I'm appalled people are actually happy the democratic will of the people is being altered,

as a Labour man and father of chapel of over 40 years I look forward to our CLP's at re-selection time

and more worryingly I hope Mr Trump does actually indict politicians for war crimes both here and in the USA

What a sad democratic mess this country is in and its the people that suffer


HO HO HO HO.! And a Merry breXitmas to all Remoaners.. !

Margaret Hamilton

This is hilarious, they will never "Brexit" now! Ha ha ha!


Assumptions based on what? How have you reached that conclusion, or is that your hope that it's all a bad dream?

It WILL happen but it WILL be a slow, painful process and quite costly.

Margaret Hamilton

Simple, because they've got the perfect excuse now. It can't be just in the E&S readership area that this remarkable turn round has happened, it's more than likely evenly spread over the whole nation if similar polls were held. If the Government carry on with "Brexit" they will actually be doing what the nation doesn't want any more. If the nation doesn't want it any more, there's no point in doing it. You get me?

As for your other remarks, it isn't an assumption based on anything, I haven't reached a conclusion on anything, nor is anything my hope that anything is a bad dream. You put a lot of words into people's mouths don't you?

The Brexit vote as far as I'm concerned is the barmiest, most self-destructive, backward, short-sighted decision any nation ever took. People are now beginning to realise that they have effectively shut the door on what will probably be one of Britain's most prosperous periods in history, in spite of "Austerity".


Continue to live in your dream world. This country at the moment looks after everyone to the neglect of its own. Perhaps you are happy with that.


Sherwolf, no Margaret is deluded enough to think that the EU looks after the workers and workers rights but then she also thinks that money grows on trees and like Corbyn and his group of left wing looney liberals that trying to balance the books is unnecessary and everyone will be better off if we borrow more and more money. She does not appear to understand the consequences of currency devaluation on the poorest in society or that Corporations and the wealthy can move profit or investments to countries that have more attractive tax regimes.


Someone's been on the Christmas sherry, you lost the argument when you wrote 'you get me?'. I haven't put anything into people's mouths as it physically impossible on here through this medium as they haven't invented teleportation yet! It looks like I may have made you think (that's using your mind by the way) though so Merry Christmas.


"A majority of readers"? Have you been to the Labour school of statistics? You mean of course a majority of those who could be a*sed to click on your online poll.


The E & S is continuing its "opinion forming" agenda, which no doubt will be carried on by those reporters on BBC Midlands Today. We can expect a lot of this anti-Brexit propaganda over the next three months as certain people/parties are determined to stop it at all costs.


Why doesn't the express and star concentrate on pressurring the government on using 2 billion of

The 12billion foreign aid budget that's given away needlessly to our "foreign friends" instead of raising

Council tax by 6% over two years to fund the care of OAPs the tax payers haven't got a bottomless pit of money !

Will the Gimmigrants in this country be contributing ?????

British people first Gimmigrants get to the back of the queue !

R Doe Beleeveit

All the voting and counting has been done, we all know the result so move on , but if anyone on this page thinks that Donald Trump is going to save the day (in our international trade relations) or that because we are the biggest importers of EU Manufactured products is going to add significant leverage to our exit negotiations think again , the EU will make this leave process so painful for us that any other country thinking of voting leave will view our impeding discussions and come to their own conclusion - No farming subsidies, reduced infrastructure funding reduced research grant , reduced special project funding, reduced employee rights to name but a few benefits , and remember that we have never lost the right to turn people away from our borders but it was successive governments decided to reduce the immigration checks which allowed the wrong stuff in, the oh yes and remember there aint no Empire anymore!


Great moniker......


Complete nonsense, every one I speak to cannot get out of Europe quickly enough including several who voted in and now want out

Everyone is disapointed we didn't give notice right away and save ourselves around 10 billion pounds to date that we could have spent on hospitals, roads, care etc in 18 months time.

Brexit should be pure Brexit, no more payments, 100% control of our borders and out of the free market.

We don't need trade deals, companies and people make successful economies, not governments.

I am confident if we had another referendum it would be at least 66% out.

So lets just get on with it and the sooner the better before the fictious plaque of locusts and economic disaster comes about(Doom mongers with vivid imaginations).More likely we will shortly have to bail out the Italian banks and probably Portugal as well.We will also be asked to pay more money as a penalty for our economy doing so well since the referendum.Get real wake up and smell the coffee.


This has made my Christmas! The Express and Star truly believe they have changed history on the basis of an internet poll. My sides ache. Genius.


I can't leave this alone. I love the Express and Star, like Delboy loves Rodney. Amazing! Comedy genius.


Go on the Express and Star! You need to take this to parliament, I will support it. Let's get on this social media movement. Amazing,


No, sensible people still want out of the corrupt cabal that is the EU. I agree will several other comments on here. The remoaners will take every opportunity to hijack polls like these. The sensible people, like me don't believe the results of these 'straw polls' or bother to take part because they are so distorted. With what is happening within the EU, if there were to be another referendum, I think the majority to leave would be even bigger. And yes, it is the older, more sensible ones amongst us who did vote out, much to the annoyance of the metropolitan yuppies because we knew Britain BEFORE the EU and we know a useless organisation when we see it.


Have the E&S got the courage to ask the question"how would you vote now if the EU referendum were held again ? - Remain or Leave". This is basically the question in the original poll and personally I do not know of a single person who have changed their minds since June, in fact most people would go for a hard Brexit to get out before the Eurozone falls apart. Even some economists and financial gurus are predicting Greece and Italy will be out of the Euro before the end of 2017 and France and Italy could be doing a Brexit after their elections.


I doubt this survey, people still want to get away from the failing EU.


Even if this poll is to be believed and fairly represents the will of the people, we should only honour the "hard Brexit" 52% of the population believed they voted for in June. That was the question on the ballot??


If you voted Brexit and haven't yet changed your mind you really are not paying attention, except perhaps to the total garbage spouted by the Mail, Express, Sun and E&S. Burning the flag that you've wrapped yourself in is the most stupid thing you'll do in your life.


Reality check for Brexiters:

The Confederation of British Industry, the UK’s premier business lobbying organisation, reported that the net benefit of EU membership to the UK is at least £62billion per year. This is due to access to the EU single market, stronger trade terms with global markets, increased investment flows and free movement of labour.


The problems ascribed to the EU are not caused by the EU. Yes, we have deep pockets of deprivation across the UK; unemployment, especially among young people, is entirely unacceptable; we do not have enough affordable homes, and this is a tragedy especially for the young; we have pressure on some of our hospitals and schools. All these serious problems need to be addressed and dealt with.

But the EU is not to blame; and neither are EU migrants living here, who represent only 5% of our population (that's small) and are mostly in gainful employment and contributing hugely to our Treasury and economy.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how the EU functions and what it is for. We are the EU (whilst a member). Some talk of the EU as if it is a foreign power that has some control over us. But that is incorrect. It's the members - the countries that are in the EU - that run and rule the EU, and not the other way round.

If you don't like the way the EU has gone these past decades, you would have to blame our Parliament in Westminster that has fully debated and agreed to every single EU treaty change. Not once has any change to our membership of the EEC/EU been imposed on us, and neither could it be, as the EU is a democracy.

Furthermore, Britain supports and agrees with the vast majority of EU laws and regulations, which are there to protect the half a billion citizens of the EU countries. According to new research by Vote Watch Europe, in the past 12 years, Britain supported over 97% of all EU adopted laws.

Before the EU, countries of Europe still had to come to political, economic and trade decisions related to the running of our continent. That revolved around long-winded, tedious and very argumentative meetings of states, or (too often) wars and violence. We do not want to go back to those times.

If the EU did not exist, the countries of Europe would most certainly still exist. And those countries would still need to find ways to organise our continent for the benefit of trade and political unity. We'd end up having to invent the EU all over again - and I cannot see that it would be much different to what we already have.

Outside the EU, Britain will be isolated, and have no say in the future direction of our continent. That will be a tragedy for us, losing our country influence and prosperity. We should be in the heart of Europe, leading, and not leaving.

The EU will continue without us, and I believe, prosper without us, whilst we will flounder on the sidelines. Of course, I want to be wrong. I want the best for Britain. But what if my view, and that of the overwhelming consensus of most experts, is right? If so, wouldn't you want to reconsider your Brexit decision?

Britain is now on the road to Brexit. I believe it's the biggest mistake this country has ever made - at least in living memory. I speak up only because I care for Britain and feel a duty to warn of dangers ahead for my country.


WV1.Dylanwolf are you absolutely sure the EU will continue to exist when more and more people more qualified than I am suggest that the Eurozone is in terminal decline because the strength of the Euro is supported by German efficiency. Of the Eurozone countries you have Italy who is growing their debt to GDP ratio monthly, Greece who can not spend any money without approval from the Germans. Spain have 25% unemployment and manufacturing companies are leaving France faster than they left this country under the Blair/Brown regime. Add to this the votes in Austria, Hungary and The Netherlands opposing unlimited immigration, plus the the possibility that next years election in France could produce an anti EU government and you can understand the the EU is not as solid as you would like to believe. Lord King who was the Governor of the Bank of England, a person from a very ordinary background in Wolverhampton, says it will be difficult but that the country will thrive outside of the EU and I would trust him more than the London elite or some or most of the politicians.


There are many ways. The EU is a basically a middle man.

The UK will be far better off out. How? While the EU takes 7years to make a trade deal we will make our own deals so much faster the EU will be left in tatters.

Oh...and many of those 500million people do not have the spending power remainers so love to claim.

China has 1.2billion people. India too has a population growning fast. That is where we should be trading as their economies overtake the EU.

As for the EU.....its problems will be its own downfall. If Schengen goes....its failed. Next stop the Euro. The EU is just a middle man so it crumbling is no big deal.

We will have a great working relationship with the people of Europe by the way.

At the end of the day THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!

Merry Christmas!


"While the EU takes 7 years to make a trade deal"

Not true. That's what the European free market is all about, free trade, free movement of labour within the EU.

What is true is that after Brexit we'll have to pay EU tariffs and have accept worse deals after negotiating at length with each separate country. Countries like China and India want to access the market the EU has at it's disposal, why would they be suddenly be interested in the UK when it's joined the club of marginalised European countries like Iceland and Norway? The US won't be accessing the EU through "the special relationship" with the UK they'll be going direct to Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt.

The CBI say that Brexit will cost us £62 billion a year in trade.

What you are so keen to chuck away, bobwolf101, is 40 years working alongside our European partners and creating a European Union that benefits all the people within its member states.

All we have been fed about the EU by the newspapers is negative lies. There are never any positive articles. Which is why people have taken against the EU.


Everyone single of these lies appeared in British Tabloid Newspapers.

It's a jaw-dropping list, here's just the A ones.

Index of Euromyths 1992 to 2016


Abattoirs – EC hygiene rules force closure of abattoirs, Nov 1992

Abattoirs – Local meat products under threat from new EC Health Directives, Jan 1993

Acres – Acres are outlawed by Brussels, Jul 2008

Acrobats, Africa – EU funding for African acrobats and trapeze artists, July 2015

Aga – New EU sulphur rules will cause problems with oil-fired Aga’s, Dec 2009

A-levels – EU to phase out A-levels for EU style diplomas, Jan 2000

Acorns – EU to prevent the sale of English oak seeds, Nov 1994

Advertising, sex discrimination – EU to ban advertising for same-sex flats, Sep 2004

Advertising, sweets and toys – Swedish Presidency will force a ban on sweet and toy ads, Feb 1999

Africa, Circus artists – EU funding for African acrobats and trapeze artists, July 2015

Agriculture, set-aside – Farmers to be encouraged to mow land early resulting in “massacre” of game, May 1993

Agriculture, subsidies and fraud – CAP spending and fraud out of control, Aug 1993

Agriculture, three-crop rule – EU tells British farmers what they can grow, Nov 2014

Aircraft, low flying jets – MOD to be forced to pay compensation for military jet noise pollution, Dec 1995

Alcohol sales – EU ‘bans boozing’, Feb 2005

Ale, name – Light ale to be forced to change its name, May 2005

Allergen rules – UK diners will face £200m for EU allergen rules, Nov 2014

Ambulances – False alarm over 999 calls, Dec 2006

Ambulances – Ambulances turn yellow for Europe, Mar 2002

Ambulances, St Johns – EU to force St Johns Ambulances to replace its entire fleet, Apr 2002

America – Let’s quit the EU and link up with America, Oct 1998

Animals, use of human medicines – Human medicines to be forbidden for use on animals, Feb/Mar 1995

Anthem, European – Europeans to find themselves singing about “the motherland”, Feb 2004

Anti-drugs, Peru – Taxpayers money used to rehabilitate Peruvian drug addicts, Jul 2014

Apples, Apple orchards – British apple orchards to lose out to over productive continental farms, Mar 1995

Apples, Danish – EC regulations forbid the marketing of Ingrid Marie apple, Nov 1992

Apples, standards – Quality standards ban curved cucumbers and certain apples, Jun 1993

Aristocrats, and wine labels – EC to register aristocrats to check for improper labelling of wine, Oct 1993

Army vehicles – Army to be forced to upgrade trailers in line with EU Directive, Jun 2005

Asylum laws – Misunderstanding between EU and UN asylum laws, Feb 2000

Aviation – ‘Open Skies’ treaty threatens fight against global warming, Feb 2006


It's Christmas.....have you nothing better to do, are you trying to take your mind off the next game or are the family driving you mad?

I think you need to get your coat on and go out for a walk before you get RSI!

Please no 'B' or 'C' etc.....


Thing is MrW Brexit is the most disastrous thing that has ever happened to the UK in my whole life. Firstly I can't believe people were stupid enough to vote for it and secondly I can't believe that the government is stupid and stubborn enough to wave it through.

The referendum at best showed that a tiny majority were in favour of leaving, but they have been fed decades of anti-EU propaganda from the likes of the Mail, Express and Sun.

To disengage from working alongside our European neighbours is the most regressive step we could possibly take. It is a disaster.

Don't tell me that xenophobia, racism and ignorance have brought us here. Because they have. The non-tax paying billionaire press barons have led people by the nose.


Maybe it's because the majority of people no longer have trust in what the 'old guard' say or stand for? Politics as we knew it has been laid to rest, media can no longer be controlled by politicians telling people what they 'should' hear via newspapers, the internet has seen to that. Hence, maybe they have given the 'establishment' a bloody nose, which is now having a domino effect if we look across the pond to Trump's election (which worries me deeply) and other countries within in the EU demanding their own referendum.

2017 will be a very interesting year indeed!


Well Dylan

Unless you have any plans on moving to Germany, you will just have to get used to living in a country that rules it self and is full of stupid stubborn free people.

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