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What's the worst that can happen !

Did Wolverhampton get any value of this trade trip to India?


It is embarrassing for Liebour....lost the 44million pound surplus. But they can't explain where the money went. Its a disgrace!


Fancy having a look at the 5 star Hotel in India where I expect they did not eat takeaway pizza?

Google Westin Pune Koregaon Hotel and check out the gallery in the Photos and Video section.


Blimey - makes the Civic Centre look like a third world slum !


Perhaps Paul Uppal would like to tell the people of Wolverhampton if he has achieved anything for the wider community at large since he was elected. I cannot recall a single instance of him doing anything for Wolverhampton that could be noted as his personal achievement. You can nit-pick about figures Mr Uppal but the fact is your Westminster career has done damn all for the town at large.

Totally agree. Tories are very good at moaning but offer little or no practical support to Wolverhampton Council or its citizens. In actual fact it is the Tories who have caused the latest furore by not providing the funds from Central Government that they said they would !


Lakeside he's proved he reads the figures, the jokers that released the figures in £ sterling obviously didn't! but they will continue getting well paid salaries while Labour sack the workers


Sounds like Conservative MP Paul Uppal just stirring up trouble for the Labour Council. With the elections coming up there's no such thing as bad publicity for Paul, as long as he get his publicity he probably doesn't care if he was right or wrong


So it might only be 44 million rupees what the council have wasted away then.


Finance Officers are rubbish

MP's are rubbish

Councillors are rubbish

No one left to blame other than the Volunteers so blame them , job done , its not me guv its them

Can't understand why the Council is rubbish can you ?

No accountability

No responsibility

No respect

Turn the street lights off on the way out , I'll get my coat shall I ?


You would think that such a prominent Tory MP would be able to differentiate between pounds and poppadoms and roubles and rupees !


He can't, that's why he's an MP. If he had a brain he'd be something useful and important.

I too

Hey, I thought both the Council and the University were under hard times?

Cut, cut, cut the waste of time and money. India, China and Russia are investing in Britain so why go on a jolly?

Mr Uppal why did you not look into what The Lord...... was doing about his expenses claims. More pertinent I believe but he does run Cap Industries


As far as the University is concerned, they get a lot of money from foreign students. Strengthening links with other countries like this is vital for them to keep attracting these students - Personally, I believe that this is one of the main reasons for Wolverhampton becoming a city. It looks a lot more enticing to someone looking to study from abroad


A nice little opportunity for councillors to do what they do best ... deflect attention away from the real issue and engage in pointless meaningless political twaddle.


Mr Uppal should not apologise over another case of Labour money mismanagement he should be given praise, how many highly paid Council managers and Councillors saw it and passed it off for publication?

no wonder the council is in a mess,

Roger Lawrence should tell us all

Why is the financial declaration wrong ?

What else is wrong with the "over £500" spend declaration ?

Is it OK to go on a Jolly to India if its cheap?

What was the amount of business this trip brought to Wolverhampton

What manager or Cabinet member OK'd this jolly?

With 1000's being made redundant, there are no cuts down on George Orwell' s Animal Farm

funny old world

They wouldn't have this problem if they used skype.


These people actually run Central and Local Government...God help us all!


The real issue as other's have pointed out are, why did the trip go ahead anyway, how many people went at what cost for flights, expenses during the trip and then the total bill, why do they always have to hold a civic reception afterwards ? What are the people of Wolves going to get out of these trips ? how many per year to what places are done at what cost ? The biggest export I have heard to India recently is the closure of call centre's in Oldbury going back to India ! However Mr Uppal should get his fact's right before spouting on live radio show, and the so called finance managers should check the figures before printing them !

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