UKIP leader Nigel Farage hits out at HS2

UKIP leader Nigel Farage hit out at plans for the controversial HS2 rail line through the Midlands as he tried to bolster support for next month’s local elections.

The outspoken politician joined campaigners against the planned multi-billion pound high speed rail line at a protest in Marston, near Stafford.

The 49-year-old said: “Rather than £32 billion being spent on this, they should spend a fraction of it improving railways across the country.”

He vowed to oppose the line, which would pass through the middle of Staffordshire and added: “We haven’t got £32 billion anyway.”

Residents have formed 19 campaign groups affected by HS2 in Staffordshire. Mr Farage said some of the money should instead be spent improving rail services across the country instead and there were fears HS2 would only serve to boost London’s economy.

He also added on his visit yesterday that he thought his party stood a good chance in the Staffordshire county council elections.

“I have a feeling on May 2 we have got a chance to establish a real grip on the county council,” he said.

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Comments for: "UKIP leader Nigel Farage hits out at HS2"

PJW Holland

a breath of fresh air...

He is right. The money should be spent on the links between Wolverhampton and Coventry. All the necessary speed improvements would be made and at a fraction of the cost.


Would be prepared to give UKIP a go.But if Farage continues to court Rupert Murdoch and Neil Hamilton I would look elsewhere


It would be nice to hear ukip's other policies. Lets face it the one's they are making most noise about are easy pickings. Immigration, and HS2 funny he was in staffordshire at the time. There's nothing like spouting off when you know you are going to get the vote for that particular topic in a specific area.


Why the others make plenty and that's all it is promises,less promises less to break

Allan Tallett

If Pete is unaware of UKIP's policies, he must have been living in a different world. He should go to UKIP's web-site where he will see a full range of common-sense policies that are clearly convincing hundreds of thousands of British people to vote for them.


Actually Allan I live in this world. I do not make out I know about politics as a whole and I don't waste my valuable time going on web sites of any political party, the reason being in my 49 years on the planet I have not known one party keep to their promises once elected and whoever is in they are in it for themselves including local councils. I do know one thing the working class always suffers and the pigs in their troughs always get the cream. This will never change !! And judging by some other threads on this page some people have checked UKIP's policies, and furthermore the comment on the lib dems broken promises says it all !!


And people are serious thinking of voting for that?

Look what happened last time when you were taken in by that nice Mr Clegg in the Leader's Debates !


This guy and his party are like a breath of fresh air,speaks alot of sense unlike the big 3 parties and i would have to agree with pete about other policies the party has!


See a passing bandwagon . jump on is UKIP's only policy . . . . .


It would be interesting to confront Mr. Farage and ask him to explain the paragraph on pages 4-5 of UKIP's 2010 General Election manifesto, related to Transport Policy - in particular the sentence that reads "4) A transport investment programme centred on high-speed rail lines, reopened railways, new bypasses, road improvements and port and airport links. The lion’s share of this investment would go to British-based firms" - because it seems UKIP's volte face on HS2 is pure unadulterated electoral opportunism - in short, a brazen attempt to make mischief for incumbent Conservative MPs in constituencies dotted along the approved phase 1 pathway - any challenge to Mr. Farage should focus on precisely where his party might locate the route of any high speed rail line between London and peripheral UK regions to the north - I'm sure those living in areas not currently impacted by HS2 but affected by UKIP's alternatives will be thrilled? If Mr. Farage retorts with an all too predictable response including the words "running parallel to existing transport corridors", maybe he could explain why he is prepared to spend even more of UK taxpayers money (than that budgeted for HS2) for less overall benefit whilst inflicting even greater disruption (in terms of houses/businesses impacted) because that will be the outcome of any decision to route a High Speed Rail line alongside either the existing WCML and/or M1/M6, M40/M6 corridors!

Ken wolf

You should write what you know about HS2 on ths back of a fag packet!

Bad for the region

Bad for the country

Good for London

Worked out why they're pushing it through ?

It will suck investment away from the midlands and into the pockets of Londoners !!


At what point does it say that said investment in rail development would not be on the existing network? In fact, he said exactly the opposite in this article.... you may not have a brain, but I assume you have eyes I suggest you use them!


I suggest you use your eyes a bit better...

The manisfesto says that UKIP (and I quote directly) will "invest in 3 new 200 mph plus high-speed rail lines" - 3....NEW...lines...

UKIP are political opportunists whose greatest achievement has been to convince their supporters that they are somehow different to other politicians.

Jennifer Slater

Nigel Farrage is brilliant !!! ....He is one of a VERY FEW politicians who shoots from the hip and speaks the TRUTH - you can love him or hate him - you choose - but he will not change his no nonsense honesty. The Conservative / Labour and Lib Dem liars are running scared as the gravy train is about to stop. I've been a Lib Dem all my life but I'll be voting for UKIP - Get us OUT of Europe, that is what's good for Britain and i agree we need to stop the Romanians and Bulgarians coming to this country when the 'gates' open in 2014. It'll all end in crime and they will bleed this country dry even further. This country cannot cope any longer.

Note ....listen to the BLAIR / FERRAGE debate on YOUTUBE (we all know what type of person Blair is!!) ....Ferrage has Blair totally on the back foot and really hits a nerve - you can see Blair is angry at Ferrage's FACTUAL comments. - Good on you Nigel , you speak for the majority of ordinary folk in this country. One reason why the 'big' parties want us to stay in Europe is because they are filling their own boots. They don't care what's happening to our country as they don't have to put up with what they shove on ordinary people. They all BULLINGDON BOYS and live in the Good Life London Bubble !!! .....Get them out - UKIP all the way.


Why the heck do people need to get to London half an hour quicker? It's nuts ! Superfast trains make some sense in France, it's a very big place, 3 times the size of England. (Though their rail system is bankrupt). For goodness sake, video conferencing will only get batter. Spend 20% of the money on existing lines. The scandal is that our politicians can never admit they are wrong. More strength to Nigel Farage's elbow. Vote UKIP !! I say again, vote UKIP.

Paul Brothwood

What a great day. It was good to see Nigel speaking with local people and about local issues. UKIP's wide range of policies can be accessed on its website unlike the other parties that don't have any.

Margaret Hamilton

Not that I'm a particular supporter of any of the main parties, but I can't trust Farage or his party because of their consistent lies.

Lie number 1 - European parliament is undemocratic we are represented by "Unelected beaurocrats" - In fact we get to elect our representatves very democratically every 5 years.

Lie number 2 - 75% of our laws come from Europe. According to this Commons link it's a mere 6.8%!

What else are they lying about? Sorry Nigel.


Why on earth didn't Mr Farrage tell the whole tale about the EU's Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy, that HS2 is just one part of and that allowing the EU to dictate what we must have on our land and pay for is only one part of the EU's Policy?

We are also expected to give the EU Sovereignty over our air space for the EU's 'Single European Sky', and as a sea faring Nation that we are, we are expected to give "UK Sovereignty" over our PORTS and the sea round our Coast (12 mile limit) to the EU for their 'Motorway in the Sea'.


Margaret at (9.03 am) I think you might find that everything of note that this present Government has put through started its Journey from the European Union.

The EU's Localism Act with its elected Mayors and elected Police Commissioners-which we have never had before nor ever wanted-plus all extra for people to contribute financially to. England divided into nine EU Regions-Scotland is already classed as an EU Region as is Wales. Will the EU's Committee of the Regions have a hand eventually in the Governance of our Regions? Will we be able to afford all of these eatra layers-Can you afford to pay?

Check out the proposed nine changes to nine parts of our long standing Common law Constitution going through our Parliament now that so many died fighting to keep in the last war, all to be changed because of the EU's Equality Act.


We are all looking for a political party that will change things for the better. Not sure if UKIP fits the bill yet. As the old saying goes we could jump out of the fire and into the frying pan. But its good to see their presence is putting pressure on the failing coalition government we have at the moment.

John Charlesworth

Can any one on this blog actually believe that we have had any good government since the late forties. If so, give an example.

Nigel Farage, if nothing else, has woken the slumbering giant of bad government we have suffered for the last 70 years. It certainly will not be worse, how could it be?