Revised boundary changes plan unveiled

The Black Country would lose two MPs under revised plans to change the boundaries of their constituencies published today.

MPs Emma Reynolds and Tom Watson
MPs Emma Reynolds and Tom Watson

The Boundary Commission for England today reported changes to sweeping proposals for parliamentary constituencies aimed at cutting the number of MPs by 50 to 600.

Scroll down to see how the boundary changes affect you.

However the scheme faces stiff opposition in the House of Commons next year with Liberal Democrats – angered by Tory backbench rejection of Lords reform plans – vowing to vote against it.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has categorically ruled out the party’s support for the proposals.

The review and a major national consultation led by QCs has cost £12 million and there were calls today for it to be scrapped and for the remaining budget to be ploughed into public services.

Under the new plans one of Wolverhampton’s three MPs would go along with one of Sandwell’s four MPs.

Originally, the Commission planned to carve up Bilston, part of Wolverhampton South East, between four constituencies.

But a major campaign and petitions signed by thousands of people has successfully persuaded the commission to leave it intact.

Instead of a new Wolverhampton North and Wolverhampton South, there will be a Wolverhampton East and Wolverhampton West.

The new boundaries now carve up Emma Reynolds’ Wolverhampton North East seat three ways – between the remaining Wolverhampton seats, with Wednesfield moving to a new Walsall West seat.

The changes would only affect which MP represents people in Parliament, not the council they are served by.

Miss Reynolds, Labour’s shadow Europe minister who was elected in 2010, today said she was not concerned about the proposals.

She said: “It is academic now because Nick Clegg appears solid in his opposition to the plans.” West Bromwich East and West Bromwich West would still be merged to form a new Wednesbury constituency, potentially pitting MPs Tom Watson and Adrian Bailey against one another. Some parts of West Bromwich West would be merged with Dudley North, which could see Mr Bailey having to go up against current MP Ian Austin to win the Labour nomination.

It would result in Sandwell losing one of its four MPs.

Stone in Staffordshire, held by Tory Bill Cash, was due to be absorbed into Newcastle-under-Lyme but will now go into a new West Staffordshire seat, part of Stafford and Staffordshire Moorlands. The new seat also contains a large chunk of Labour-held Stoke-on-Trent South.

Warley would become a new Smethwick constituency and take on parts of West Bromwich. Halesowen and Rowley Regis had been due to merge with Stourbridge but will now stay separate. Instead Stourbridge will take in part of Tory Chris Kelly’s Dudley South constituency.

Pat McFadden, MP for Wolverhampton South East, said: “I pay tribute to everyone in Bilston who attended a hearing or campaigned to change the proposals. The new proposal shows much more respect to Bilston’s history and identity.”

Dennis Turner, now Lord Bilston, the constituency’s previous MP, said: “Even though the next election is most likely to be fought with the current constituencies, at least Bilston is proposed to be kept together should the boundaries be reviewed at a later date.” Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, said: “The real scandal is this review is costing taxpayers’ millions of pounds and the Deputy Prime Minister has already said it’s not going ahead. The sensible thing is to bin it now and invest the money in services.” Lichfield would be changed slightly but the Commission kept to its original plans that Hammerwich should be transferred to the Tamworth constituency and that Haywood and Hixon should be transferred from Stafford to Lichfield.

A counter proposal that Whittington should be moved into Tamworth instead of Hammerwich was rejected by the Commission. An eight-week consultation has begun.

How your constituency will be affected

Aldridge, Brownhills and Bloxwich

Current Aldridge-Brownhills constituency takes in Bloxwich from current Walsall North. Current MP Richard Shepherd (CON).

Cannock Chase

No major changes. Current MP Aidan Burley (CON).


No major changes. Current MP Michael Fabricant (CON).

Dudley East and Oldbury

Replaces Dudley North and part of West Bromwich West. Current MPs Ian Austin (LAB) and Adrian Bailey (LAB).

Dudley West

Takes in part of current Dudley South and parts of Wolverhampton South East. Current MPs Chris Kelly (CON) and Pat McFadden (LAB).

Halesowen and Rowley Regis

Staying as it is, having originally been earmarked to merge with Stourbridge. Current MP James Morris (CON).


Takes in Warley and parts of West Bromwich East. Current MPs John Spellar (LAB) and Tom Watson (LAB).

South Staffordshire

No major changes. Current MP Gavin Williamson (CON).


No major changes. Current MP Jeremy Lefroy (CON).

Stourbridge and Dudley

Current Stourbridge takes in part of Dudley South. Current MPs Margot James (CON and Chris Kelly (CON)

Walsall South

Takes in Great Barr from West Bromwich East. Current MPs Valerie Vaz (LAB) and Tom Watson (LAB).

Walsall West

Mostly old Walsall North but takes in Wednesfield from Wolverhampton North East. Current MPs David Winnick (LAB) and Emma Reynolds (LAB).


Merges West Bromwich East and West Bromwich West. Current MPs Tom Watson (LAB) and Adrian Bailey (LAB).

West Staffordshire

Replaces a large amount of Stone and takes in a lot of Stoke-on-Trent South. Current MPs Bill Cash (CON) and Rob Flello (LAB).

Wolverhampton East

Mostly Wolverhampton South East but takes in part of Wolverhampton North East. Current MPs Pat McFadden (LAB) and Emma Reynolds (LAB).

Wolverhampton South

Mostly Wolverhampton South West but takes in Oxley and Bushbury from Wolverhampton North East. Current MPs Paul Uppal (CON) and Emma Reynolds (LAB).

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Comments for: "Revised boundary changes plan unveiled"

We Only Need One Half!

I don't understand how a newly merged West Bromwich East and West Bromwich West constituency could be called Wednesbury???

That said, Adrian Baileys political demise would be of no great loss to the area. I have had dealings with Mr Baileys office on two occasions, neither of which were resolved, in fact, on one of the occasions my concern was actually dealt with and acted on by the Prime Ministers office (it was Brown at the time) before I even received a reply back from Mr Baileys office.

Not good enough.

Martacus Redd

I agree the West Bromwich changes are totally bizarre, obviously worked out by someone who doesn't live in the area.

I just hope for once Nick Clegg sticks to his guns & these proposals are kicked into the long grass & yes the savings ploughed into local services please. .


Nick Clegg sticks to his guns nope I don't think he will somehow

Michaella McCarthy

Calamity Clegg will sell his soul to stay in power,(what's that, he has already!); So expect the boundary changes in by 2015; Because unless that happens, Millibad will walk it at the next election; Caveat, of course if Camer-buffon can offload the Scots,then Labour will lose it's 30+ seats in the UK parliament from Scotland; The games they play at our expense!

West Brom not Wednesbury

No, I hope they go through but with a different name for the new constituency. The population has changed since the boundaries were last reviewed and constituencies need to be equalized. It s good for democracy. Our FPTP system on current boundaries offer advantages to certain political parties.


Is this a wind up? What has 'Walsall West' got to do with WEDNESFIELD? So historic Wednesfield is yet again dissected for political purposes as it has been for the last 150 years, to gerrymander votes for the Establishment plebs; Why isn't it WEDNESFIELD and Walsall West? In fact, the historic boundaries of Wednesfield, a settlement far older than Wolverhampton,. Walsall, Bilston etc is large enough to have a seat named after itself, as the seat of Wolverhampton NE should have been; The only good thing maybe is getting that idler,'Europhile' Reynolds out; But if the people of Wednesfield Village,Wednesfield Heath,Fallings Park,Underhill,the Scotlands,Nordley Hill, New Cross,Neachells,Wood End,Little London, Springfield,Fibbersley, Ashmore Park/Lake,New Invention west,Heath Park,Westcroft,Essington, etc etc, with a shared Wednesfield history,do not rise up and fight this scandal, you are dismissing 1500 years of history, dismissing the contribution to England's history, especially the BATTLE of 910, that defined the future history of the country by effectively wiping out 3000 Danish kings/noblemen and a similar number of Anglo-Saxons,led to DANELAW and eventually the English Monarchy; GET INTO ACTION THE 70,000+ IN THE GREATER WEDNESFIELD area, TODAY! Why should you be the fall guys for Bilston's narcism??????????????????????????????????

Scowling Joe

Cheer up son.

Don juan

Fabulous argument, but don't expect the incompetent council to put up a fight, for Wednesfield or against it's own eventual abolition to a suburb of Birmingham!


never a truer word spoken

Battle of Wodensfield 910

FLABBERGASTED, mind you Wolverhampton, what goes round comes round eh! The ever disassembling of historic Wednesfield has come back to bite ya! I'm not surprised though as these plans are from a Birmingham based quango whose long term aim is to absorb the Black Country into a 'Greater Birmingham' and the dissolution of a strong Wolverhampton identity is paramount to that; you have been warned!

Why does the South Staffs constituency exist? It is in all but name semi- rural Wolverhampton,(except the far southern end), so surely the seat should be absorbed into a quartet of Wolverhampton prefixed seats,(Wolverhampton Wednesfield, Wolverhampton Tettenhall&Codsall, Wolverhampton Penn&Wombourne, Wolverhampton Sedgley & Bilston)! Why have Wednesfield been double dissected to fit into a Walsall West Seat? Absolutely bonkers;

People of Wolverhampton, peoples of Wednesfield, stand up and be counted before it's too late, your identity and your influence is about to be decimated for the sake of political vanity; (Wednesbury a seat of it's own, it's half the population of historic Wednesfield);

One good thing, Emma Reynolds can spend the ALL of her time swanning around Europe at the taxpayers expense without having to bother visiting her extinct seat (once a month, as she does on average now!)

Scowling Joe

Cheer up son


Because the South Staffs constituency has a 25% larger electoral role than any of the existing Wolverhampton seats?

Steve Thomas

All the things that the government and MP's need to be working hard to sort out and they have time for pointless twaddle like this. Why solve a real problem when you can make yourselves seem important by focussing on things that dont actually matter. Therein lies the mark of all good MP's.

Luke Evans

Totally agree, Mr Bailey was useless when i contacted him as well. There are far too many councillors in the Sandwell area and should be cut back even more, as i just dont see the purpose they serve anymore!! Could save a fortune without them.


As a Labour supporter all of my life i have no axe to grind whatsoever but i have to say that some of our beloved MPs are a little to concerned about thier national and media profile than the local constituencies. Especially the likes of Tom, i have no doubt he is a very clever individual but lets see him put the effort into West Brom has he did this year with the Murdoch campaign.


UK postcodes and phone areas are crazy enough.This continuous arbitrary yes quite arbitrary carving the place up to create imaginary areas then called constituencies is the work of madmen and I don't know what they are trying to achieve.The Black Country Boroughs then Metropolitan ones were bad enough (Warley,Sandwell etc).No self-respecting Martian would understand anything about administrative areas in the Black Country.And that is once people living there have decided what is the Black Country.And it goes on and on this farce.

Prairie Dave

I was born and raised in Wednesfield. What a great place it once was, it started to go downhill when we were absorbed by Wolverhampton on April 1st 1966. Prior to that I think that Wednesfield Urban District Council was one of the best in Britain!

Walsall never had much going for it with crappy councils over many years. I mean just look at areas of Walsall, its like a derelict abandoned wasteland!

Come on you folks in Wedgfult, revolt don't stand for it! What a terrible decision made by a bunch of privileged outsiders. Just hope that it never happens.

Good4nothing EDWARDO

Hear Hear old fella; Up the Social, that's Wednesfield Social 'Rosinnairi' FC; (they play or used to in the AC Milan home kit) !


Bilston has fought the fight and won, time for Wednesfield to do the same!


First they take it's Council and now it's Parliamemtary constituencies. Do they want to wipe the name of West Bromwich off the face of this earth?

English Exile

Hope so........


Your town next English Exile

PJW Holland

The revised proposals are as much of a dog's dinner as the original. The Boundaries Commission has failed to carry out its duties and it has not complied with the rules it was set.

Wolverhampton is being gerrymandered out of existence. This, the traditional regional capital, retains its name for only a tiny proportion of the original Wolverhampton. Not surprising when you see who represents the area on the Commission. (Remember "Wolverhampton and District"? This was an abbreviation of Wolverhampton township and Wolverhampton District... covering much the same area as presently covered by Wolverhampton postcodes... the original Wolverhampton Royal Peculiar!).

Thank goodness these proposals are going to be buried. They are completely out of sympathy with the principle of first past the post which means "communities" send representatives to parliament. The real answer is a reform of the House of Commons and giving each MP a number of votes proportional to the size of the number of people who participated in the election (e.g. one vote per 5,000 electors). Then neither of the larger parties would have an electoral advantage. For once Cleggie will do something in the interests of the electorate (not by intent of course).

Cutting the number of MPs will not cut costs. It will merely cause an increase in expenses claims since MPs having larger constituencies will demand more staff etc. etc. etc. The only way to cut costs is to cut their salaries.


I do not live in walsall wednesfiled is part of wolverhampton If i wanted to vote for a councillor or mp in walsall i would live there


I have to echo the comments regarding Adrian Bailey, our Do Nothing MP who wouldn't be missed.

The reason why parts of the Black Country are such a dump with no jobs or investment is because local MP's, Adrian Bailey in particular, take the strong Labour voting tradition completely for granted.

Tom Watson is only using his guaranteed support to further his own political career, he's as much use as Adrian Bailey when it comes to actually doing something for those who elected him.

As far as those of us who actually bother to vote are concerned a vote for Adrian Bailey is a vote for the invisible man, Tom Watson has a higher profile but he's not really bothered about his constituents either.

No matter how the boundaries are fiddled with in order to gerrymander an increased Tory vote, nothing will change no matter who is elected unless we give UKIP a chance.


Emma Reynolds won't be missed. Just like her predecessor who did nothing she does exactly the same. I fact does anybody know if she has retired as not heard or seen her in ages perhaps we should report her missing to the police

PJW Holland

She is frequently heard in the Commons talking about "wimmins" issues. I have never heard her make any reference to her constituency though.... unlike most members who take every opportunity to shout loud the praises of their (generally insignificant) constituencies.


walsall is a mess no speed bumps they use potholes remember the aticle a few yrs ago from the american journalist described it as resembeling couscecou romania with fast food outlets wednesfield needs to remain in wolverhampton