I'd ban the burka in public, says UKIP leadership hopeful Bill Etheridge

UKIP leadership hopeful Bill Etheridge has called for a ban on women wearing the burqa in his latest manifesto pledge.

Bill Etheridge says he wants a ban on women wearing the burka in public
Bill Etheridge says he wants a ban on women wearing the burka in public

Mr Etheridge, who is bidding to succeed Nigel Farage as party leader, described full face veils as 'a security risk' and said they should be banned from being worn in public.

It came as Ukip leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe was excluded from the race, the party said.

The hot favourite for the top job missed the nominations deadline on Sunday. He has also admitted that he forgot to declare a drink-driving ban when seeking election as a police and crime commissioner in 2012.

A Ukip spokesman said: "By a clear majority of NEC members, Steven Woolfe MEP's application was considered to be ineligible as a result of a late submission and as such he did not meet the eligibility criteria. His membership of the party was not in question."

Meanwhile West Midlands MEP Mr Etheridge ramped up his campaign to be leader.

Speaking during a debate with three other leadership candidates, he said: "I don't mind what people do for their cultural values or for their religious values.

"That's one of the great freedoms of our country.

"We are in a severe security situation, and if you are in a public place that is security sensitive, I'm afraid you have got to show your face. That means any face covering."

His view was backed by fellow candidate Lisa Duffy, who called for a blanket ban on the wearing of burqas.

Mr Etheridge, who is also a Dudley councillor, said that as a party UKIP was needed 'more than ever' in the wake of Brexit.

"Leaving the EU was opening the door so we could make some serious radical changes to our country," he said. "We've got to get rid of the over-powering state, too many rules and regulations...too much taxation, frankly.

"Let's start giving people some more freedom. The freedom to start keeping their own money in their pockets."

He added: "The kind of innovations that we can now bring into play on security and the economy, can make our country a better and safer place.

"UKIP can be the voice of the people against the tired old establishment that has kept them down for so long. This is our time to really represent the people."

During Mr Etheridge's campaign - dubbed 'Billieve in Bill' - he has called for a referendum on the death penalty and tough prison reforms, which include charging criminals £40,000 a year to stay behind bars.

A crowdsourcing page to raise funds for his campaign currently stands at £8.

In total six candidates have declared to stand in the UKIP leadership race.

They include Mrs Duffy, who has the backing of a number of senior figures, including Suzanne Evans, and is seen as someone who could modernise the party.

Other nominees are Staffordshire educated Liz Jones, North East MEP Jonathan Arnott and Phillip Broughton.

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Comments for: "I'd ban the burka in public, says UKIP leadership hopeful Bill Etheridge"

Mrs Ivy Trellis

"A crowdsourcing page to raise funds for his campaign currently stands at £8" . . . . As much as that? Mr Etheridge should take time to find out what a 'Burka' really is, or does he mean an Hijab, Shayla, or Niqab? The 'Burka' covers the whole body! - Therefore, Ms Duffy's comments are rather ironic when calling for a 'Blanket Ban!' You certainly do not see many 'Burkas' in Dudley!

We Only Need One Half!

Try reading it again Ivy, he is quoted has saying 'described full face veils as 'a security risk'' one would have to assume therefore he does indeed know the difference between a Burka and Hijabs, Shaylas, or Niqabs, and more than likely the difference between the Burka and Al-Amiras, Chadors, and Khimars which are three other headdresses you failed to mention that he also happens to be not calling to be banned either.

Neither is he looking to ban my Granny's headscarf for that matter, so can we stick to the facts, please, rather than trying to muddy the waters.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Congratulations on finding Wikipedia. Did that also tell you about 'Crowdsource' and the staggering donations of £8?

We Only Need One Half!

Wikipedia? I'm sorry Ivy that might be how you construct your arguments but I'm afraid I dont.

I must say Ivy I am surprised as a woman you support this oppression, or will you now try and convince me all these woman who wear Burka's do it through choice? Lets by honest, why do they even wear Burka's? it because the cultures they come from the men find it difficult to keep it in their pants, thats it, nothing else, there is no other practical reason, and, given the Countries where it is predominantly worn, they would have a point.

However, in the west we do not have such a rape culture, here a mans life will be ruined merely by being suspected of rape, there the woman is rarely believed and oftened blamed, so I'm sure you can see my point.

What next will you be defending? acid attacks, beatings even the murder of woman who dared to be seen in public without one, such is the case in countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia? is that not cultural too? or do you seriously believe that would never happen in this Country?

Then when a British Politician has the kahunas to speak out against such items, and highlights the security implications to all of us, you and your lefty mates instantly go into default mode and label him a buffoon.

You need to have a long hard look in the mirror who the real buffoons are my love.

p.s. if you can find any of those points in Wikipedia I will give you a prize.


An hijab? mmm..

Olly the cat

UKIP was formed purely as a protest party to campaign against the EU. That has now been achieved, and they will soon be irrelevant. UKIP will never be in a position to influence government policy. They will never win enough parliamentary seats to form a government. You can say as many outlandish things and propose as many policies as you like when you are not in power. You will never get them onto the statute books. In my opinion, UKIP has served it's purpose. We are now in the process of leaving the EU. UKIP should now disband in the knowledge that their number one objective has been achieved.

old age pensioner

And that's why, ukip will never be in power.


What a hideous troglodyte this Etheridge fellow is

Mrs Ivy Trellis

'Odious and Egregious' are the expressions that I would use LordToffinghamOfTettenhall!

Mrs Ivy Trellis

The man is a 'Buffoon!'


The most accurate expressions to describe him would be immediately censored, I imagine!

John Drake

This is just a side issue while the children fight, but it should be noted that rumours of UKIP's death are indeed a sign of the times and to be expected, after all UKIP did its job.

However the more politically astute reader will already know UKIP's replacement a National Anti corruption party is already forming and getting ready to fight every Remain Tory and Labour MP in the whole UK come the next General election, I understand its also fully funded.

Now that will be interesting and guaranteed to take the smile of a good many faces.

We Only Need One Half!

I am a great believer that in a Democratic Society all citizens should be treated equally without fear or favour, so obviously the Burka, which when all said done does present a security risk, should be banned in public, to suggest anything else is total nuts, unless the people who are advocating the wearing of it also believe gangs of youths should be allowed to roam around fully masked? or Motorcycle riders should not have to remove helmets when entering Bank's Petrol Stations and Store's, what next? are you Burka supporters really advocating Klu Klux Klan members having the right to walk around in their full garb, I think not.

Equal rights for all, not the few.


Members of the Klu Klux Klan have the legal right to walk about in their full garb, as do among others Star Wars enthusiasts dressed as Storm Troopers. Banks and Petrol Stations have deemed people wearing motorcycle helmets to be a TRUE security risk and acted accordingly. If you do believe in equal rights for all why are you asking for a small minority to have their rights taken away?

We Only Need One Half!

Jimboy, do you seriously believe you would be allowed to wear a KKK outfit in Public in this country without being troubled by the law? I think you are seriously deluding yourself if you do. When will the people of this Country wake upto the fact we are not treated equal, as we should be.

I will give you an example, Tommy Robinson, he was approached by a Royal Marine at one of the England games in France with an England Flag that had f^%k ISIS written on it so he could have a selfie. Robinson has now been arrested HERE by English Police for inciting Racial Hatred. Fair do's you might say, the Police may have a case, even though you would think it was well outside their jurastication.

But, then consider the Muslim guy who was wondering around the outside of our Parliament with a young child on his back draped in a actual ISIS flag!!!, the Police approached him, spoke to him, then allowed him on his merry way, still wearing the ISIS flag. The footage is all over you tube if you doubt me. Now tell me again how thats being treated equal? Just as an aside, not that it should matter, the Royal Marine was a black fella by the way.

Helmets are deemed a TRUE security risk are they, from which can I take it you are implying Burkas are not, yes? OK, what about Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who whilst under investigation for terroist activity wore a Burka to escape? or how about Yassin Omar who after trying and failing to detonate a bomb on a London train actually used a Burka to escape to Birmingham of all places, or do you recall Mustfa Jama? the main suspect in the murder of WPC Sharon Beshenivsky who fled the country in one, these are just the prominant one's we hear of, so it would take some strech of the imagination to assume there are not cases where suspects have been succesful, wouldnt it? but you do not believe the wearing of one presents a true security risk.

Listen, dont get me wrong, I am not advocating this action to be spiteful, I fully respect anyones right to wear what they like in their own home. However in public that is an entirely different matter, and, as I pointed out to Ivy, there is just not the need for the Burka in a Country like ours, not for protection from the indigenous male population least ways. We have all seen Muslim women without the Burka, they are no different to the indigenous women here, some are beautiful, some are not. I have yet to see one that would make me lose all sense of proprioty that I would want to sexually assault one lets put it like that. I can control myself.

With the recent terror attacks on the European mainland you would think most reasonable and sensible people could see the argument for the tightening of security in this and other vulnerable Countries.

Obviously I got that wrong.

p.s. how can it possibly be an equal right if only a small minority are allowed to practice it?

Fingerache Philip

Why doesn't he back flogging and hanging while he's at it, oh and don't forget the stocks and the ducking stool and sending children up chimneys, and

I thought Farage was bad!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Given that the Burqa comes from a culture that actually does advocate flogging, hanging etc I hardly think he would be in favour of their introduction into this country, do you Philip? textbook muddying though by the way.


We Only Need One Half! - What are you on about? How many people in the UK who wear a Burka have asked for the flogging, hanging to be brought in? To accuse someone else of muddying the waters after your comment is incredulous!!

We Only Need One Half!

I dont know Jimboy, I have not asked them, but given the regular calls to have their own Justice system and Sharia Law introduced here, I think you would be foolish to dismiss the idea that none of them do.

Do you not find it odd that I am arguing against a medievel, archaic and oppressive dress that has no place or practical use in this Country, and without doubt is forced on to some women here against their will by a outdated patriachal system that suppress's womans rights, whilst you argue for it, yet I'm sensing Jimboy you seem to believe you have the moral high ground some how.

After all said and done Jimboy (apart from Ivy) the only posters I can see arguing against its banning on these boards would appear to be (more than likely white) men.

Where are all the Asian Ladies demanding the right to wear it? Makes you think, doesnt it, and if it don't, it should do.

We Only Need One Half!

p.p.s. Just reread your question, my original point to Fingerache, who asked the question 'Why doesn't he back flogging and hanging while he's at it, oh and don't forget the stocks and the ducking stool and sending children up chimneys' why would Etheridge who is attempting to ban this repressive far and midle eastern practice that you support be likely to advocate those other practices from the same culture? That you are arguing for.

It doesnt make sense, does it?


It is known that so much non verbal communication is by facial expression. So for that reason alone, burka's or whatever you want to call them should be banned in public places. Security follows on from that point. However, France took a stand and look at the backlash they are now enduring. Be careful what you wish for and be prepared for the consequences.

We Only Need One Half!

You make some good points, but I think you're coming down the wrong route by suggesting the majority should give into the minority just through fear of reprisals. To do so would be to follow the spineless French Politicians action of appeasement, such as Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who said after the Nice attack "France must learn to live with terrorism”.

I do not concur, and even though I am neither a UKIP supporter or even a fan of Mr Etheridge, I do however feel grateful there are at least some U.K. politicians who have not been entirely gelded by the politically correct brigade, just yet.

inity and beyond

Yet another politico that does his policy making on the back of a fag packet after 8 pints down the pub.

We Only Need One Half!

You find the argument for there banning on security grounds completly without merit then?


inity and beyond

To be honest I'm in the "same rule for all" bracket, this is our society and our rules and they should be applied equally without predjudice or favour.


I'd ban Bill Effluent's fat oily horrible chops

John Drake

Indeed, but at least you can see them and if necessary you can identify them to the security services, or CCTV could scan them, which is the main point of this thread and to which insults will not make your argument any the more acceptable.

Obscured facial features are a perfect recipe for security problems, sadly this spineless Government seems incapable of protecting the folk on these shores


Oh. You assume I have an argument to make. No. This debate is utterly moribund, I wouldn't lower myself to aligning with either side of this argument. Its like 2 troglodytes bashing each other over the head with sticks. No, I'd just implant them all with RFID chips.

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