Labour's David Jamieson named new West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

Labour's David Jamieson was this afternoon named the new West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner following a 'record' low turnout in a by-election.

COUNT 57 SL 22
David Jamieson thanks the crowd at the count after being announced as the victor at this month's PCC election

Just over ten per cent of people across the West Midlands cast a vote and turnout fell to around one per cent in parts of Wolverhampton.

Mr Jamieson, aged 67, picked up 50.83% of the first round vote, meaning no further counts were needed.

Follow the count as it happened

Labour won in six out of the seven West Midlands boroughs - Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, Birmingham and Coventry, with only Solihull giving the Tories the biggest share of the vote.

Mr Jamieson, a former Solihull councillor and former MP for Plymouth Devonport, said his first act in office would be press ahead with the recruitment of 450 new constables - something set in motion by his predecessor, Bob Jones.

The by-election was triggered by the death of Mr Jones at the age of 59. He passed away in his sleep in July.

COUNT 43 SL 22
The results board at the PCC vote.
COUNT 51 SL 22
David Jamieson celebrates with Labour activists.

Mr Jamieson received 102,561 votes out of the 205,456 that were cast.

Conservative candidate Les Jones, a former Dudley Council leader, came second with 54,091 while UKIP's Keith Rowe received 32,187.

Liberal Democrat candidate Ayoub Khan was not at the count. He got 12,950 votes.

Mr Jamieson said: "I'm really very pleased. We can go forward with Labour values and recruit new police officers.

"I'm delighted we have won but our job is to serve the people of the West Midlands regardless of how they voted.

COUNT 49 SL 22
David Jamieson speaks to Express & Star Political Editor Dan Wainwright.

"Bob was very much liked, regarded and admired by people of all parties and will be a very difficult act to follow. He showed true commitment to the people."

West Midlands Police Chief Constable Chris Sims said: “I would like to congratulate David on being elected as the second Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands.

“The election was held in the saddest of circumstances, following Bob’s tragic death but I am sure David will work to continue and build upon the good work started by Bob and his team.

“I will be meeting with David in his new capacity as PCC soon to discuss how we can start to shape our plans. I’m looking forward to working together and as we continue to provide the best possible police service for the people of the West Midlands.”

Mr Jones' deputy commissioner, Yvonne Mosquito, will continue on with Mr Jamieson. She has been acting Police and Crime Commissioner since Mr Jones passed away.

There was condemnation today for the timing of the election, which has been blamed for the 'record low turnout'.

Shadow policing minister Jack Dromey, MP for Erdington, also laid the blame at the door of the Home Secretary.

COUNT 46 SL 22
Labour supporters celebrate the win.

He said: "This by-election was characterised by costly chaos and a record low turnout.

"Theresa May's fundamentally flawed legislation allowed UKIP to trigger within days of Bob Jones' death a by-election on Bank Holiday Thursday covering the second biggest electorate outside of London of 1.81 million. Key staff were on holiday, many polling stations were closed and many electors struggled to vote because they were also away.

"Thanks to Theresa May, the cost to the taxpayer is at least £3.7. That could have paid for putting 158 bobbies back on the beat in the West Midlands that has seen 1,338 Police Officers cut under her rule.

"And yet despite this cost, 9 out of 10 voters did not come out to vote. This makes a mockery of democracy and leaves the Government with serious questions to answer.”

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Comments for: "Labour's David Jamieson named new West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner"


Is this the same David Jamieson who announced his retirement and vowed never to stand for election again, as far back as May?


Well, he's passed the first test - short-term memory. Helps when trying to forget cases bought before the PCC. I say this because I bought a case before the same organisation and I was just forgotten.

Next requirement for the job is not to give a toss. He'll need training from the West Midlands police to achieve this.


I didn't vote because I don't know enough about the people I'm voting for. There has been no information about it so I think it's unfair to just pick a name out the hat.

Statos Boring Brother

Every household in the region was sent a leaflet by the police returning officer. Yours must be somewhere in the newly privatised post office system. Based on the late deliveries since privatisation you might get it next week.

Blue Boy

I didn't vote because I couldn't be bothered to go to the polling station for such a waste of time and money. And why were the only candidates affiliated to a political party??? This is the first time I have not voted in any election in nearly 40 years.


The low turn out is only to be expected. Considering the £millions spent on this election, few people were aware of it. Add to this the fact that many people did not receive a poll card, is anyone surprised? I queried why my wife and I had not received a poll card and was told that they had definately been delivered.

Maybe someone can tell me where they were delivered and where they are in my house as I certainly have not seen them.

Statos Boring Brother

We didn't get any cards either. I blame the newly privatised post office. We always got the cards when the PO was in public hands.

funny old world

Do Royal mail deliver them, mine were hand delivered the same as the local and general election ones.


The typical blame game starts. Anyone stupid enough to vote anyone representing Liebor will reap what they sow. £3.7 million on bobbies ????? Really ?? How about £1 trillion his party spent on the illegal war in Iraq !!!! Get a grip peoples.

What's the worst that can happen !

Why is this a political election?


Yeah I wondered that ? if they are going to have a PCC why not advertise the job within the police force, i.e. someone who knows the job at a police level, I wonder if he's going to make the job part time like the chap who's running two ambulance trusts, and get the same if not double the money !


Is he only happy cos he is now earning 100 grand a year, labour in charge of the purse strings, oh dear, did a great job of the economy


I agree Thehoffsleftsock big time !

Don't forget he will be employing his family in admin jobs aswel !

Statos Boring Brother

Its the Tories who have caused the waste of £4,000,000.00 with this by election that clearly isn't wanted by the public. If they wanted the elections to be truly democratic every candidate should be force to stand as an independent without political support and with no mention of the political parties in the elction literature or on ballot papers.

Even more would have been wasted if anyone other than the Labour candidate had won as the winner would have dismantled the previous PPC's support team and appointed their own.

The best news is that UKIP, who tried to cash in on their supposed popularity by calling an early election came a poor third. This is in spite of the Star's support in the form of giving Farage headline billing and a nearly full page of publicity on the election day.


An overall majority of less than 1000 of those who voted he really does have a mandate to go ahead with real Labour values which probably means spending more money. Wait for the next Council Tax bill to see just how much.


Jobs for the boys. Commissioners should never have come into being. The Police Committees were better and more effective. The turnout shows how interested the public are in this appointment.

Truro Wolf

Doesn't the very low turnout of voters tell our illustrious leaders anything. This position foisted on the public is not only a terrible waste of the publics finances it's another brick in the wall for politicians to further control the minds of our citizens!!!


Jack Dromey, MP for Erdington talking absolute rubbish.

The people didn't want this election - that is why nobody went out.

The whole thing is a farce, a £4milion farce.

Enjoy the £250k salaries you and your mates will share, wondering which biscuits to have with the oceans of tea and coffee you drink wondering from one community meeting to the next, having the same drivelling and droning conversations about cuts from the nasty Tories and why they have removed all the bobbies blah blah blah blah.

£4m would provide quite a few more bobbies

I know the Tories started this off but this is a non job and if the PCCs had any scruples or common decency they would all resign and put their ridiculous overinflated salaries back into the Forces they "represent".

Statos Boring Brother

Dromely said that the people didn't want this election - that is why nobody went out.

He also said that these positions were opposed by Labour but were still introduced by the Tory led coalition.

Domley said that the £4m would provide 158 more bobbies.

He's saying exactly the same things that you are but you still accuse him of speaking rubbish.

Very strange.



Maybe he'd have prefered an all-female short-list, they can achieve remarkable results.

Very Old Gold

We were sent a leaflet in which each candidate made a brief statement. Three of the candidates wrote waffle about "cutting waste" and other vague promises. Only Jamieson made any concrete suggestions. I nearly voted for him, but stuck to my principles and wrote Waste of Money instead.


I also spoilt my ballot paper. If only it was a 90% turnout (summer holidays) and nearly all spoilt - that would have sent a big message that we just don't want a PCC.


Glad you got a leaflet....more than I did. Poll card yes...information on candidates no. This cost the tax payer £3.7 million...for what ? Better to have pumped £3.7 million into West Midlands Policing.

Notice with dismay, that a supposedly important job affecting our policing, has descended into a simple political party jamboree as evidenced by the placards in the photos. None are labelled "Jamieson" just "Vote Labour". It somewhat suggests that a three legged, blind donkey could have stood and won the post so long as it was surrounded by a "vote Labour" crowd.

4 race & nation

I did not vote in this election or the original one. The money should have been spent on more police on the beat. More police stations staying open 24hours.


Boy,14, savaged by dogs as he tried to help best friend

Caleb Hoey hailed a hero after stepping in when fellow Ash Green School pupil attacked

Larna Jackson and Caleb Hoey were attacked by dogs near their homes

A Coventry schoolboy was savagely attacked by two dogs when he came to the aid of his best friend.

Caleb Hoey suffered dozens of wounds on his head, body, arm, groin and legs as the ferocious animals turned on him after chasing and biting Larna Jackson.

The two 14-year-olds were walking along a public footpath across a field between Ash Green and Keresley Village when they saw a pair of large dogs - described as an Alsatian and a Ridgeback - unleashed and running free.

“One of them suddenly came after Larna and started to bite her legs, so I jumped in to try to stop it,” said Caleb.

“The other dog then appeared and both of them started having a go at me. They were biting me all over and pulled me to the ground as I tried to protect myself. The dogs’ owner eventually arrived on the scene and whipped one of the animals away with a lead and pulled the other off by its collar.”

Caleb, who lives in Mavor Drive, Bedworth, was taken by ambulance to University Hospital, Coventry, where he spent two days having his wounds cleaned and stitched. He was put on a drip and may still require plastic surgery.

Larna, of Shaftesbury Avenue, Keresley, suffered abrasions to her legs and back and also needed hospital treatment. “The dogs were completely out of control,” she said. “The owner had been some distance away from them and did not even apologise.

“While Caleb was being bitten and wrestling with the dogs, I was screaming and crying. I am so grateful for what he did for me. He is my best friend at Ash Green School and is also now my hero, although I feel bad seeing how many bite marks he’s got all over his body.”

Caleb’s mum, Toni McEwan, said: “I’m really proud of my son - he deserves a medal. If Larna had been walking alone she could have been killed. They are both lucky not to have been more seriously injured.”

Larna Jackson and Caleb Hoey were attacked by dogs near their homes. Injuries to Caleb's leg.

The incident, at 8.30pm last Wednesday, was similar to an attack in the same place just over 48 hours earlier - when Larna was bitten on the ankle by one of the dogs - and which has now led to an official complaint to Warwickshire Police.

Larna’s mum, Kirsty Adamson, said: “We are really angry, because this second, more serious, attack should have been prevented. When Larna came home on the Monday and told me she had been bitten by an Alsatian, which had been running free with another dog in a public place, I immediately reported it to the police.

“I was told to call at Nuneaton police station two days later to make a statement. I went there with Larna’s dad Dean - but the officer we spoke to just didn’t want to know. He was rude and arrogant and when we tried to make a point about why the incident was not being taken more seriously, he ordered us out of the station.

“I was so appalled by the way we were treated that I came home and went straight onto the police website to make a complaint. Then, incredibly, just a few hours later, I got a call from Larna to say she had been attacked again. This would not have happened if the police had responded properly to the initial report.”

It is understood that police officers have since interviewed the owner of the dogs.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: “We are treating this complaint of misconduct very seriously. The force’s Professional Standards department will be instigating a thorough investigation into this. Meanwhile, a separate investigation into the circumstances surrounding the allegation about the dog is also underway.”

I know it was Warwickshire Police force but it's typical of the arrogance that all police forces demonstrate. The Police Commissioner should refuse to sit down and have tea and biscuits with these people until they start to act as public servants and not masters of the people who pay their salaries............

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