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It really annoys me when the film companies put comments in like loss of £2.3m. Its highly unlikely that those who did would have actually gone to the cinema to watch it anyway.


Agree with JJ. No-one who is willing to pay a tenner for a cinema ticket is going to think they've saved themselves any money by watching a camcorder-copy of a film. The main downloaders will probably be kids who either aren't old enough to watch it at the cinema or who have no money anyway.

2 years and 9 months is ridiculous, the judge should be ashamed of himself for buying into the whole "it cost the studio £2.3m" BS.


Agreee with you 100% AC but then we live in the 'real' world....I seriously doubt anyone in Authority does!


Ha ha ha, not the sharpest pencil in the box was he? Taping Dumb & Dumber would have been more up his street surely!

The Voice of Reason

Why not spend time catching real criminals and putting them behind bars instead?

Blue Boy

The "real criminals" would not get such a stiff sentence, just a slap on the wrist. Get mugged and there's nothing the police can do, but drive 7 miles over the speed limit and you are photographed, convicted and fined within a week.

Saddler in Sweden...

What a charade.... His actions cost the movie industry next to nothing... OK, he was a bit of a fool to brag about his actions the way he did, but 2 YEARS 9 MONTHS is reactionary BU11SH1T!!!

It only proves that the media industry has the UK judiciary system in its pocket just like in the US... I hope he appeals, wins, and gets the judge fired.. The Music industry has already figured out that piracy is here to stay, but most people would rather pay for their music anyway, via Spotify, Itunes and the like.. Its time the Film industry did likewise.. ( Instead of making us wait months for a DVD only release which makes you sit through half an hour of anti-piracy warnings which make me want to claw my own eyeballs out... A good enough reason for pirating a movie in itself )

If films were available in reasonable time for download at a reasonable price then most honest people would choose that route, just like they have with Music...



What about the wrong-doing in the banking sector? Bank of America and Lloyds (to name but two), were part of a collective who's heinous acts were so great they were able to being nations to their knees. After YEARS of chasing them up what happens? They get a ticking off and a fine that, in real terms, amounts to chump change. No prison sentence. I did pay to see this film at a cinema, and it was so crap I felt robbed. I much prefer hunting around for videos and DVD's from car boot stalls, like old 80's film box sets and comedy series. At least I know the original I get will be WORTH watching because in my opinion, the vast majority of films coming out of Hollywood these days are nothing more than propaganda-laden trash, aimed at young, impressionable and arrogant people who are stupid enough to vote for a President on the basis of him being black. Many quality, European films (such as 'Kontrol'), can knock 7 bells out of this Hollywood mush, yet they don't get shown nearly enough. I detest modern Hollywood and I detest AMERICAN-owned cinemas ripping people off with a couldn't-care-less attitude.


American-owned cinemas? Around here? Where? And how are they ripping people off?


Hi. National Amusements & Viacom own this franchise, amongst others? They run a global operation. The CEO is apparently American. Further, profit margins on concessions are reportedly huge. Try taking a family to the cinema and having the nerve to buy food and beverages - see how much change you get from a £50 note. Now THAT to me (and many others it would seem), is ripping people off, in a region that can by and large seldom afford a proverbial pot to pee in. There's plenty of feedback on the Internet from disgruntled customers, be it cinema prices and/or food. Unacceptable.


Good to see the area making the national news.


He should have gone to Stafford crown court, guaranteed to be let off, as with people with loaded shotguns.


Everyday I read about criminals who commit violent crimes getting little or no prison time. This young man does not deserve a 2.9 year prison term. Someone needs to investigate that judge. I am not saying the man should not be punished, I just think the sentence was too stiff.


He's a thief and a criminal. Those of you who want to make him out to be a victim are part of the problem. If it's too expensive for you to go to the cinema then tough. Are you happy to excuse car theft because cars sre a bit pricey?