Dozens of council staff cost more than £100,000

Dozens of council staff across the West Midlands are costing in excess of £100,000 a year amid calls for a cull of top-earning bosses.


Figures released by the TaxPayers Alliance show there were more than 60 staff at 10 councils with pay and pension pots costing six figures in 2013.

Some staff also got more money because it included their redundancy packages.

The TPA said Staffordshire County Council was employing 28 staff on more than £100,000 a year in 2012/13.

But the council said seven of the staff on the TPA list received a salary in excess of £100,000 that year. The remaining 21 related to exit packages on top of salaries.

Ian Parry, deputy leader, said: “Senior staff have been instrumental in transforming the organisation to deliver £130m of savings over the last five years while council tax has either been frozen or reduced.”

Nationally at least 2,181 council employees received total remuneration in excess of £100,000 that year, a fall of five per cent on the previous year’s 2,295.

Councils across the country have lost millions of pounds in funding due to austerity measures imposed by the Government.

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Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers walked out on strike last month and are planning to do so again in October after three years of pay freezes and the offer of a one per cent pay rise.

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "It is good news that the number of senior council staff making more than £100,000 a year is falling, although that may only be because many authorities have finished paying eye-watering redundancy bills.

"Sadly, too many local authorities are still increasing the number of highly paid staff on their payroll. It's particularly galling in places where councils are pleading poverty and demanding more and more in council tax.

"Taxpayers expect their council to be filling potholes, not pay packets. Many rank-and-file staff in local councils will be equally appalled - at a time when councils across the country are freezing pay, it appears the money they're saving is being used to line the pockets of town hall tycoons."

Staffordshire Council Council had a member of staff on the payroll who cost £212,500 last year.

Chief executive Nick Bell was on a salary of £194,550. He is leaving the county council in the autumn.

Sandwell Council had seven staff on remuneration packages of more than £100,000 - half the number of the year before.

The TPA said Wolverhampton City Council paid £187,223 for the services of Charles Green, who was brought in to oversee the council's regeneration plans on a temporary basis for two years. He was on a daily rate of £750 but has now been replaced by a full time director, Tim Johnson.

The council had eight staff on six figure packages but that includes the sums paid for making the former assistant chief executive and others redundant.

The figures show five staff on remuneration packages of more than £100,000 at Dudley Council, a drop of two on the previous year. There were seven at Walsall Council.

There was just one person with a package of more than £100,000 at each of Lichfield District Council, Cannock Chase District Council and Wyre Forest District Council and two at Stafford Borough Council and South Staffordshire Council.


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Comments for: "Dozens of council staff cost more than £100,000"

Eddie S

Crisis? What crisis?


We all know it's for our own good and if these inspirational empire-builders weren't rewarded to this degree they'd be "head-hunted by the private sector", "only way to retain their outstanding services" blah blah blah.


Councils across the country have lost millions of pounds in funding due to austerity measures imposed by the Government.

They haven't lost enough to cause these fat cats to take pay cuts


It's the usual bunch of cretins paying themselves way over the odds. How do they get away with it ? They send for the consultants from Hay MSL who charge us the taxpayer a fortune to prove that the job descriptions requires a monster salary.

Fact is, that the vast majority of council spending is decided at central government level. These people only have to SPEND it.

Unlike people in normal businesses they are not responsible for the vast majority of income . So their salaries should be immediately halved to recognize this fact.

Plus don't be fooled by no pay increases for years. Council workers and teachers still get service increments......something you mugs who pay their wages can only dream their sold gold pensions.

Councillors won't do anything about it it they are also part of the gravy train with their allowances ...Tory, Labour. Lib Dem makes no difference. All crooks.


The reason Council workers get increments is so they can be paid less when they are inexperienced and more as they gather worth. I've never heard of people in the private sector getting a raise.....oh , right, that happens all the time!!!! Teachers and Council workers can not just ask for a raise and yet they are the people that this country relies on to keep it running!!