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This is a bit puzzling - when our NHS Trust spent £170 Million rebuilding the Manor did they not think to sit down and do some sums on staffing?

I'm also a bit confused by all this talk of opening new wards; when the rebuild was complete, why weren't the wards open then?

If they were built in the rebuild, presumably we needed them, so why weren't they staffed and open?

Is there a secret stash of wards somewhere that come and go as managers' whim dictates?

Also, why are we spending another £14 Million to 'revamp' the new hospital that's only just opened?

Margaret Hamilton

I think you'll find it was Skanska that spent all that money on rebuilding the hospital. Remember PFI?

With regard to wards opening, nobody is ill conveniently, there has to be some "spare" capacity. If the hospital was 3/4 full you would probably be one of the first to moan about having too many staff.