David Cameron backs Stafford Hospital fight

David Cameron says he does not want to see Stafford and Cannock Hospitals downgraded.

Stafford Hospital
Stafford Hospital in Weston Road, Stafford.

He was speaking to the Express & Star ahead of today’s march by up to 40,000 campaigners trying to save Stafford Hospital from £70m cuts that would see A&E, maternity and acute services transferred to Wolverhampton and Walsall hospitals.

Mr Cameron said: “I don’t want to see that happen. I know Stafford Hospital well.

“I know how important it is to have local services but because of what went wrong it was inevitable action would be taken. I want the hospital to keep the things like access to A&E and I want it turned around from what went so badly wrong. It was a scandal.”

  • The Express & Star will be blogging live from this afternoon's march in Stafford - check back to keep up with updates
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Comments for: "David Cameron backs Stafford Hospital fight"


Cameron's got to fix this mess Labour caused and I hope they arrest the Labour lot that let it happen and ignored it

All the Labour MP's have gone quiet on Stafford, Lets have an inquiry into why Labour paid the hospitals for the Liverpool care pathway

I know! Thousands gathered! I just hope it worked! I've been there countless times and they've always done the right thing!!

The troubles at Stafford Hospital is because of lack of government funding and the same things will happen at other hospitals. The government propaganda two-and-a-half years ago said the NHS is safe with us. Now in 2013, 44,000 people from Stafford marched to save Stafford Hospital. I took part along with my wife today. The operating theatre staff and others who work at the hospital spoke to the crowds regarding thier feelings and problems that would be inevitable if certain services were not available at our Hospital. The crowds came along to support the Staff and the hospital: the demo today must have been a tremendous boost to their morale.

Jo Sutherland

I was there today with my family, and we were proud to be there! We cannot lose Acute services from our county town, and we cannot lose any services from Cannock hospital either. People need local hospitals. I am proud of the staff at Stafford for the way they have ridden the storm of sometime vitriolic publicity and pulled Stafford round to make it a hospital to be proud of. Mr Cameron, we wont take this lying down!

Jessica thomas

My personal view of Stafford are a few more people may survive if they bypassed that hospital and went somewhere else. I was unfortunate enough to go there September 2002 and stayed there from Saturday 7th to Wednesday 11th with a hangover so they kept saying it was actually a bleed on the brain. Never mind the signs all being there (sah signs) never been back since never will.

Gayla ashford

How awful of you to go to hospital with a known hangover and waste useful resources that could of been better used on someone who actually needed it. I am sure that the staff there were desperate to find what was ailing you never imagining that anyone would go to hospital with anything so trivial as a hangover....shame on you


shame on you jessica that jus shows what sort of person you are, wasting tax payers money and valuble time took away from other patients.


claire i really think you need to read the story properly she had a Brain Hemorrhage not a hangover you silly girl


The government supporting Cannock and Stafford.. no surprise there.

Meanwhile, in the Black Country..


Not a clue what this comment means. Why is there no surprise about support for Stafford and what is happening in the Bkack Country?

natalie mccafferty

Please save Stafford hospital they have been good 4 me

Jason Preece

On Friday 5th April my wife was taken by an ambulance to A and E after seeing her the unsympathetic doctor we could hardly understand said she had a water infection but in actual fact her back had gone quite badly!!!!She screamed in pain on numerous occasions while there only to be ignored by all of the people milling around in A and E and although she had been given painkillers i feel the care she received was not as good as it could be.

However i will say the ambulance crew were very very good and did a great job sorting out my wife prior to entering the hospital as were the trauma orthapedics ward team even so she got there at 5pm Friday to be taken to the ward by about 1.30am Saturday morning which i feel was by far too long.However it would be far better to keep the hospital and invest in raising the standard rather than having no A and E and downgrading i just hope that they can pick themselves up in the areas that its needed

Barbara douglas

So proud to be a Staffordian today a community coming together for the common good!

Fantastic march lets show the United Kingdom how our hospital can be a benchmark of what's good about the NHS

Ant Piddock

As a Staffordian born & bred I have to say our hospital must stay as it is without any loss of services.

We have always had these services we have come to rely on them, and there is no reason why we should have to loose them. It's our hospital, our national insurance pays for it, we demand that democracy is seen to be working and today we showed by a huge majority that we wish to keep what is ours.

Stafford sits alongside the M6 corridor, I wonder how many lives would be lost if the A&E Dept went from Stafford.

Only the other week after after an incident on the motorway, it was impossible to get to Wolverhampton or Stoke on Trent so everything was diverted here. This happens more times than we might know, so there is another reason to leave well alone.

Things have been bad in the past, but that was then and this is now, our hospital turned the corner a few years ago and is now in the top of the league for safe practice. The days of ex supermarket managers and accountants runing the show are gone.



"The government supporting Cannock and Stafford.. no surprise there. Meanwhile, in the Black Country.."

In the Black Country, noone has the drive or intelligence to organise a protest, so the government can walk all over them.


Stafford hospital has gone into administration due to a £20M deficit but even this can look relatively small when we remember that the overall budget for the NHS is over £100bilion . So what does a hospital do when the money runs out ? Should they lock the gates , send staff home and wait for the next budgetary year ?


I hope the place rots. The way they treated my dad and left him to die was not only a disgrace but utterly heart breaking to witness.

I work for stafford hospital and im proad to say i do, i give my 100%, so i have nothing to be ashamed off, i have worked on the wards and in opd and i can tell you we have hard working people there who do care, we need all the sorport we can get, and i was on the march and was proud to be there with so many people.


If "call me Dave" is backing Stafford hospital, all he has to do is tell his waste of space health minister to leave the hospital alone and let it carry on. The debt of £20million is small in government terms, they wasted £10million on a funeral this week.

Jessica thomas

Gayla and Claire if you would both like to read my first post again I had in fact had a sah (brain haemorrhage) for the two non medical people that have commented on my first post. I was left from Saturday morning to Wednesday night bleeding into my brain I could of been dead. It is only thanks to Mr p.s Dias at stoke that I am still here, to have a life and have my two children, so to you two please learn to read before you voice your opinions.


I hope that Stafford does remain open and that it gets the money it needs to improve standards rather than having to downgrade but in response to Gayla and Claire on this site please read what Jessica Thomas has put.She said the hospital said she had a hangover however she actually had a subarachnoid hemorrhage which is an abnormal and very dangerous condition in which blood collects beneath the arachnoid mater.Before you comment again on any matter Gayla or Claire i suggest you learn to read properly.

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