24 hours in New Cross Hospital A&E - As it happened

Follow the real-life drama of an under-pressure A&E department after we brought you 24 hours of live coverage from New Cross Hospital from 6am on Friday.

New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. .
New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Our reporters were granted exclusive access to the department, which is overflowing with 40,000 extra patients per year than it can cope with.

We tweeted from inside A&E from 6am on Friday morning to 6am on Saturday to reveal the stresses, strains and dramas that unfold each and every day.

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A four-page special will follow in Monday’s Express & Star.

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Comments for: "24 hours in New Cross Hospital A&E - As it happened"


as the government have now made it legal for nhs whistle blowers not to be gagged by the trust directors, will i be able to voice my concerns or will i be threatened with the sack? i'm working 2-10 today.

what a great chance for the normally shy managers,directors,and wannabe media stars to get free publicity!!


I work at New Cross and rarely see less than 4 ambulances outside A&E at any given time of the day. I saw 8 earlier this week.


Having seen the inside of a &e a few times this month, I can say I hope the doctors are taking their patients more seriously than when my other half had to be admitted more than two weeks ago. I do also think that those with alcohol problems should be put at the back of any waiting but then again this is my personal opinion.


Agree with you wholeheartedly on those with alcohol problems.


Agree with you on alchohol related stuff. I was in A/E once and was constantly delayed bacause a rowdy drunkard or someone in handcuffs would come in and have to be seen 1st, WHY? if they make a racket put them in another area and make them wait their turn instead of rewarding them with treatment 1st.


Unfortunately in this country everyone has to be treated the same regardless of their condition. I don't agree either.


agree with you Stuart - those who thinks its' "great" to get "smashed out of me mind he he" should see how great it is to be at the back of the queue.

Better still, create a "drunk station" in town funded by a levy on all the premises that profit from people getting drunk and a charge from the drunks (or their mates) themselves; this could be a pop up building on either or both of the two park and ride car parks which are never used or the old Post office building which is now vacant


Fine them by doing community service in the A&e as a porter or domestic cleaning up on a Friday and Saturday night.


two very good suggestions.

Julian Porter

14 Ambulances waiting......... and they want to close Stafford A&E!!!!!!


Had my appointment with my Vascular consultant Mr Coen on Wednesday cancelled because he had to attend to an emergency at A&E and operate. No problem with that, A&E come first but the vascular dept is being moved from New Cross to Dudley , the vascular ward has been disbanded and Mr Coen has resigned. What happens to vascular A&E at New Cross then?


Plus those from other parts of the country that choose to have their operations done at new cross, it's not only the closure of stafford which is going to effect local patients but those from other areas that are coming here to get operated on. Just wish that the government would think of that too.


Like you said its gone to Dudley.

Mr Coen resigned and made a statement yet no-one who uses the service fought to keep it in Wolverhampton.


so that's 14 that can't respond to emergencies then?


Thats 14 emergencies RESPONDED TO. Is there any room for 14 more?


And suspect most of those waiting to be seen could have gone elsewhere ie their GP or the Walk in centres.


The problem is not with A&E, there is no capacity within the rest of the hospital and none of the other departments are prepared to share the load. Everyone is very precious about beds.


Why don't they get a couple of GPs in to help. After all they are paid lots of money. The GPs could deal with most of the cases and it probably wouldn't take long to catch up!


As it happens, GP's are employed to come in however they do it as extra shifts at £90 per hour. How about that for value?


Your not making that up either I'll bet.

I am sure they could find space for a couple more GPs for the busier times to shift the backlog!

Cyril Randle

I had problems after a cataract operation and phoned New Cross as instructed on the leaflets. They quickly made up records for me and although the waiting in A&E Eye Dept was pretty full, I couldn't fault the treatment I received. Very friendly nurse who knew what she was doing.


There would be some sense in moving eye A&E back to the eye unit!!!


yes Jez - 14 emergencies responded to, but by the sound of it many more out there - so the 14 ambulances with patients still stuck in them because New Cross don't have sufficient resources can't go out to respond to new emergencies.

Regarding Vascular going to Dudley - I'm fairly sure that if enough patients had enough warning that this was going to happen they would have kicked up a fuss. Never mind folks, there's a regular bus service !

getting GP's in to help? Crikey, it's difficult enough to get to see a GP anyway heaven knows what it would be if they were helping out in A & E as well.

Hope the E & S will make their 24 hours info and the comments, available to local MP's so that they can at least try to represent the situation to the Health Minister

Jacqueline Box

Took to A&E yeserday by ambulance put on a trolley in the corridor where i was left for 6 hours and then i was treated in the corridor where all other patients could see and hear everything


Guessing your back home now, was it really necessary to call 999 for your 'emergency'? Maybe if people thought about whether they really needed an emergency response and a&e or whether alternatives could be sought New Cross wouldn't have people on the corridor. Just saying.

Mike Lee

My wife suffers from Chrones decease, aparty from other medical problems, she goes to Newcross often due to the intense pain for medical pain relief. As a whole the staff there due a fantastic job, but it deeply saddens me to see the fool drunks that go there because of no self controll Three weeks ago my wife and I was there late at night and this one shall idare to say Gentleman so drunk he threaten my wife and told her to "go and die" it is so frustrating to hear and see this kn owing you can just go and give him a slap, the Nurse held me back and got the security to throw him out. She was brave and stood no nonsence. The staff the take a lot of abuse both physical and mental. I fully support the staf there they have a hard job as it is now we got Stafford coming here to make it worse. Dont get me wrong Stafford are of course welcome in my book, but the point is simply this how much more can the staff at Newcross keep taking to preasure, sooner or later some thing has to give.

But to see the professional way they handle things is amazing, yes ok its a long long wait at times but THAT is not there fault its the system how its got.

Critical care nurse

Patients for at least 5 years now suffering from stroke or heart attacks were never supposed to goto to Stafford a&e.. Dependent on geography you would be sent to north staffs or new cross for emergency treatment.


It's just the pits.. a perpetual state of chaos. No wonder people don't want to live here.

Green Wolf

A&E do a tremendous job sometimes In a very stressful volatile demanding environment.

It's the top heavy NHS management big budget wasting culture that needs to be clamped down on. Theirs a manager under a manager under a manager, It needs to end now to move forward with a quality cost effective service.


friday march 15th 2013, worked 2-10 shift at new cross hospital.

already knew about expressandstar reporter doing a 24 hour report via twitter on the daily events in the accident and emergency department.

well guess what?, usually when myself and my colleagues are requested to attend to the accident and emergency department to transfer a patient to the acute medical unit via a trolley, 99% of the time the sister in charge will shout out, " who have you come for"?.

without any regard for, the patient,relatives,or the manner in which she is shouting at her supposedly fellow employees.

but today, she was not on duty! and then in my 7 and half hour shift, virtually every patient was ready to be transferred.

a coincidence?

or were the staff on duty, under pressure from an unlikely source(expressandstar) to be courteous and helpfull to patients,relatives,and other trust staff?.


Firstly, perhaps it would be more appropriate to speak the person concerned rather than criticising them publicly and in my opinion in a quite cowardly manner.

Secondly, why not try and put yourself in a position of real responsibility and pressure with Government targets to reach, making sure that patients receive the best care and hoping that you or one of your team don't make a "Stafford" size mistake to see how your personality holds up (on a 12 hour shift).

Providing an excellent service is all about team work and we all have to pull in the same direction. Maybe some support for your colleagues instead of throwing mud might make the day go a bit quicker for you.


speaking to the person concerned? its like talking to a brick wall!!

position of responsibility? so when myself or my colleagues transfer a patient without a nurse, who is responsible for the condition and care of that patient? exactly.

12 hour shift? how about 6 or 7 , 8 hour shifts in a row?

so before you comment about something you know very little about, think about your comments. by the way i've got 13 years experience of the whole hospital,not just a+e.

i hope that makes your day go a bit quicker.


Glad you have visited the A@E at New Cross think it's about time the staff are praised for their outstanding work, it's not an easy job having to treat accident victims then be abused by drunks. Top marks to all of you at the A@E for the professionalism that you show during your shifts you should all be proud of yourselves, and yes you are all appreciated by the people that have received treatment at New Cross. I hope that I never have to meet any of you during your shifts, but if ever I have too I know that I will have received the best treatment possible by a professional staff.

Linda O'Keefe

Started my nurse training here in Jan 1973, the moved to the royal hosp , post qualification worked in A/E, wonderful memories. Doesnt sound as if much has changed

chris pratt

Is the answer have a news reporter every 24 hours twitter watch, on every ward in every hospital in the country.It seems from reading the above comments the only way forward.

Seems it makes the bean counters ACT rather than count.

angry husband

I am married to a nurse who is one of the most caring people in this world,i feel so sorry for her having to go to work to get flogged shes so tired when she gets home.Even charged car park fees to get to work safely in her car ,never paid overtime for stopping over an extra hour never given her time owing her back,the wards are working with less nurses and still have to look after more patients. Know the truth someone is trying to paint a false picture ,this government does not know the true value of nurses .

get real

ask nurses what is really going on