Crisis-hit Stafford Hospital to be downsized in new proposal

Hospitals in Stafford and Cannock should be downsized and patients treated for more serious illnesses at other hospitals in the region, a report has recommended.

Stafford Hospital
Stafford Hospital in Weston Road, Stafford.

Health watchdog Monitor unveiled its recommendations for the future of services at trouble-hit Stafford Hospital after declaring the trust that runs it and Cannock “clinically and financially unstable”.

Under proposals recommended in the report, which will be considered by administrators, the two smaller hospitals would provide emergency and urgent care, speciality outpatient care, care beds for the elderly, diagnostics and maternity services.

Serious care would be provided by Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital, Walsall Manor and University Hospital North Staffordshire.

The report was being released after initial steps were taken to put the trust which runs both Stafford and Cannock Hospitals into special administration.

But Monitor bosses today said there would “always be hospital presence” in Stafford and Cannock in some form.

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Comments for: "Crisis-hit Stafford Hospital to be downsized in new proposal"


Well thats what the people of Stafford wanted, a safer hospital so services will be handed out left, right and centre so you can travel to these areas to get treatment. What should have happened was keep all the services at Stafford and support the hospital in gaining a good reputation. By the way "do gooders" these services won`t be returing and Stafford will close.

Sid Moore

You are right. The very good Stafford Hospital, after all the multimillion £’s spent on the many enquiries and now private company fees will possibly shut without the people of Stafford having one say in the closure or changes. Listening to some of the complaints I heard today, one could go to any hospital in the UK and find exactly the same complaints about lack of care, lack of pain control the failure to detect cancer on a first visit. I don’t live in Stafford but my two cancers were missed for months after I first presented to doctors at GP’s and A&E’s, but with Chemo and radiotherapy I survived. I also question the number of attributed deaths for the hospital as they range from 200 to 1200, and I wonder why authorities who investigated Stafford cannot give a precise conformation of the number of people who died as a result of Stafford’s failure. There is no clear data for the constantly shifting death rate and thus the press, politicians and pressure groups use the suspect highest figure as a means to beat the hospital into closure. Stafford Hospital is now one of the top DGH’s in the UK in terms of efficiency and is well below the national levels for death rate, it is also as financially viable as any other hospital in the UK so there should be no reason to close it.

Cure the NHS had many days in the limelight and it seems our politicians have used them to decoy their move to make Stafford a sacrificial cow and bring changes to all DGH in the UK. If Stafford people want to have a hospital they need to shout loud and long, write to MP’s and the PM and complain to keep it open as time is fast running out to your to keep your hospital. Save it.

kate santos

i had my cancer ops at this hospital last year and i couldnt have received better care, i for one will not be travelling 40 miles on buses to go to north staffs.

this is what happens when people jump on the bangwaggon and campaign. well done you just lost us our hospitals i hope it makes you really happy julie.

Graham whittaker

Hi to who it may concern I have recently been a patient at Stafford Hospital where I was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. I was treated with the utmost respect by nurses and doctors and it saddens me to think that everyone is being tarred with the same brush. Surely the way to have gone forward would be to put people under cover and weed out the ones that really do not care and have no passion for the job or the N.H.S. Bring back the matrons to take responsibility of running the wards - it worked once, why can it not work again? I was transfered to New Cross Hospital where my operation was carried out and kidney removed. I am on the mend now but I can not help feeling sorry for those doctors and nurses who have to carry on whilst this investigation is being carried out how must they feel. And yes I do feel for the people that have lost loved ones but surely a lesson has been learnt here: Keep the hospital open under strict control.


I was treated at stafford last march as a emergency and really have to say care from Mr Gwenn and his staff was outstanding after a second emergency op and developing pneumonia my care from the nurses on ward 7 again was great. Its such a shame this hospital is being downgraded!


Stafford and its people deserve a hospital where the best possible facilities and care can be provided to the 100,000 or so people that fall within its catchment. I recently had surgery at Stafford and the care and support that I received was first class. I fully appreciate that there has been fundamental issues and that there is not and never will be any excuses for the unecessary loss of loved ones and lives but we have to learn and move on - if not the "do gooders" will get what they want and seem to be protesting for and that is NO hospital facilities in the county town , we deserve better then that !!!!


We need to learn from the terror that has gone on before us ,but for the good of the people of Stafford and its surrounding areas lets move on and inject the passion and energy into developing a trust in which we can all be proud of !!!! Continually bringing up the past and demonstrating will lead to one output only and that will be the closure of the facilities in Stafford. Believe me it is coming and some people will not rest until they see that day !!!!

Sid Moore

If the people of Stafford do not speak up and do something the bad press that is only being heard due to the celeb status of some anti Stafford Hospital detractors will cause the hospital to shut. Imagine driving 20-25 miles with a child in pain to get treatement. Stafford Hospital is now one of the safest in the country but the lack of support by local GP's and vocal detractors will mean the people of Stafford will suffer and die when it shuts. Rise up Staffordians and protest to keep it open.

Angela. Collier

I find it incredible that a lowly cafe owner in the county town ca n have been allowed by the press tk get as far as she has, & now I understand. She has published a book, I do hope that if she is ever taken seriously ill & needs urgent life saving treatment & ends up travelling in the back of an ambulane some 20 / 30 miles after our dgh has been shut she will think about what her vicious campaign has cost this town, rest assurec someone will unfortunately have to loose their life before the big wigs wake up to the fact that weNEED our. HOSPITAL


Well done Julie Bailey the master of self publicity what's next Julie Lord Mayor

I am sick to death of hearing her one sided opinion and media rants

Now she has got what she wanted

Do me a favour now Julie first train out of Stafford please


Whilst the campaign did highlight issues that needed to be addressed , these same issues are repeated throughout the NHS....just search the net and see the issues. North Staffs is in a mess with its finances, cannot cope with extra patients, New Cross similarly. Now Stafford and its surrounding areas are quite large and the distance for some of us to get to these hospitals is ridiculous. How are the non drivers going to get to these places..many changes of buses, waiting about etc..the elderly, disabled well anyone...visiting loved ones will be so tiring for them let alone the expense. Stafford needs a DGH, and ok specialist services at bigger centres , but that has always been the case. The government are using Stafford as their political pawn and it is being used so that they can shape the way other DGHs will end up being. People of Stafford many years back worked really hard and gave to, so that THe SGI as was then was opened. Once the services go away from Stafford they will not return. The campaign needs to shift focus and get behind the Staff and the Hospital and become positive and help get away from always hearing negative and then any hospital issue then linked to the phrase Mid Staffs. The cuts made to frontline staff need reversing ...stop being short sighted by using costly agency as a stop gap because of job vacancy freeze or similar. I shudder at the thought of any of my family etc being taken ill and needing blue lighting to a hospital other than Stafford...the time delay to getting to medical support....wonder what the Risk people have assessed this one as. Ambulances will be stretched and out of position more so....The hospital is not just for Staffprd residents but needed by many people in outlying areas..!!STAFFORD NEEDS A HOSPITAL, NOT A DOWNSIZED ONE WE NEED A DGH... god forbid that we end up as in USA with Private Insurance ...mght look good when you go on holiday but for the nationals who struggle to get their HMO's to fund treatment or indeed decide they no longer warrant it in their opinion...a friend had her oxygen therapy withdrawn...they said she did not need it...she did!!!

Sid Moore

Stafford people who want to keep a life saving hospital need to shout about it NOW, not later, but NOW. I know that people have suffered but why is J Bailey allowed to keep moving her goal posts without being tackled. Someone in Stafford who supports the DGH needs to come forward to counter the vile talk of Ms Bailey as it seems she will not be happy until the NHS is destroyed. First she was not happy with the nurses, then doctors, then the managers (who she refused to speak with) then Mr Burnham the Labour NHS chap, then the West Mids managers, the many enquiries outcomes and now with the present government. It seems she wants the NHS to end, because she is not happy.

Exactly who does she think she is, Joan of Arc, as I do not believe her and her few supporters who have had bad experiences of Stafford, suffered many more than people all over the UK when things have gone awry with their local hospital. I wonder why she is given media time stirring up hate towards Stafford when her issues of lack of care have been addressed over and over again. Someone who lives in Stafford should stand up to this hectoring woman and speak up for your hospital which I might add is one of the safest and best performing DGH’s in the UK, certainly in the top 3 to 5.

Stafford people need to speak out NOW before it’s too late and don’t allow a woman on her own private aims cause Stafford to shut. Imagine in 10 years when a Stafford child is dying, having to take a 20-30 mile ambulance drive to another hospital and dying on the way all because Stafford was shut.


Stafford Hospital is vital to be people of Stafford and its surrounding areas. Why should a woman in labour have to travel miles to somewhere like New Cross or North Staffs. Why should acute care patients be shunted out to other hospitals. They need to be near to their family so that they can visit them as often as they want. What about older patients, I am getting to be that age now and I DO NOT want to have to travel out of Stafford to get treatment (should I need it). I have visited Stafford Hospital five times in the last month (twice for myself to outpatients and three times with my granddaughter - once to A&E). Each of those five times I only met pleasant, efficient, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and Reception staff. The hospital certainly went through a bad patch but they are working hard to make sure that these things don't happen in the future and also to make sure that staff who do not put patient care at the top of their priority list are dealt with. I will definitely be letting the Prime Minister and my MP know my feelings.


The care can't be that bad as j bailey brought the nurses gifts who cared for her mother something she failed to say publicly. The maternity unit treated me my husband and baby with respect and with the highest standards of care. If stafford can't care for the sick surely the stress will be put onto other hospitals and they will end up with more patients and I bet they won't employ extra staff to care for them. Support stafford hospital.

Pauline allard

I am extremely angry about the proposal to downgrade Stafford hospital. Itotally agree with the comments made by sandy 6th march. Acutely ill patients, poorly children and women in labour do not benefit from a long journey to another hospital when Stafford offers a good service already.Relatives of mine treated at Stafford have received excellent care. It is time for some good publicity about our hospital .Is ms bailey the spokesperson for all the people of Stafford. I THINK NOT! Please sign the petition to save Stafford hospital.

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