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Quick, some village is missing a thick idiot!!

This guy is a prize melon of the grandest order who needs to understand that 999 are for life threatening emergencies.

I guess he left school with zero qualifications he's that stupid!

spanish ray

If a trace can be put on these calls it should be done.Trace these idiots and give them a public dressing down along with their picture and let everyone know who is wasting Police time.This may help also when people complain that the Police are not doing their job.


It's all well and good the police contantly releasing these calls to the media; what goes does it do when you STILL get Grade A morons like this one ringing 999 for totally imappropriate calls?

And to boot, he's not just a moron, he's got a serious attitude problem too.

The police almost certainly no the identity of this creti. So why not tell us who he is?

And even better - why not prosecute him?


I think you'll find that, as a general rule, the thicker a person is, the greater his or her attitude problem.


What a Numpty it's the village idiot, bet his Mom and Dad are really proud of him lol


I suspect the reason for releasing the calls is too allow his family and friends to recognise the voice and have a good laugh at him. Unfortunately these, illiterate, uneducated, sub normal drop outs that inhabit our country were probably spawned by the same type of people. No action can be taken to improve their education, as the liberal lunatics in Government have stopped corporal punishment in our schools. They probably also have a multitude of children, for the child allowance, and these kids will go the same way. Suggest this will get worse not better and prosecuting them would not have an effect because they are most likely on benefits. They are unable to find work to suit their intellect, they may even have a problem sweeping the streets.


Wjy do stories like this tend to generate total generalisations such as "they're on benefits" and "have lots of children for the child allowance" etc etc?

You have no proof of this. So dry up and grow up.


Learn to read, Charlie said probably and most likely. Charlie sounds quite grown up to me and he is probably and most likely right.

Low intelligence people tend to heve large families and as intelligence is almost entirely hereditary they tend to have the sort of cretins who do this type of thing and are most likely to be on benefits just like that Channel 5 moron on TV last night.


You're right.

In a perverse way I bet this stupid man and his family will think he's famous!! Yet another JK family.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Yet another 'Very Old Story' E&S! - Where was this one syndicated from? - The Daily Fail? - Or was it a 'Tip' from 'Cub Reporter' Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? - He was on your Payroll?


It's not a 'very old story'.

It's from the West Midlands Police. And it's yet another tale of people misusing the 999 system. Just because you've heard a similar story before doesn't mean they should ignore it. Or should anyone else.

Did you even read the story? Doesn't sound like it.


No it's not an old story. I hope you're not sticking up for this idiot?


Sadly the emergency services receive many calls equally as pointless. In this case the man appears to actually believe this constitutes an emergency. . I am not sure if the system is still the same but at one time of day if anyone called 999 the number was automatically logged.and the caller could not close the call only the operator so it would be a simple matter for the police to follow this up.


He should be charged, end of...............