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And this is only being reported now? Bit slow there.


They were clearly too busy taking pictures of the moon which was immediately reported!


Maybe as a matter of goodwill they could restore 'The Liquidator'?

Ridiculous decision to ban it in the first place!


How is your comment relevant?


So sorry, I've forgotten you are the person that posts on here with the humour bypass!


Another public relations blunder by West Mids Police.


How do they know it was left by real policemen?


Let's hope it's not reported that Policeman who left it was an Albion Fan !!!

Jackett the Hat

I thought a bomb had already gone off down the must be the state of the ground and them people dressed in rags with dirty faces that fooled me, doh!


This has been blown out of proportion LOL


i agree totally and why as it took so long to reply, im not a wolves fan but its yet another wolves marketing/press blunder

Northern Wolf

Do you think it was Plod that left the "bomb" in the Steve Bull stand back in '96? Do you remember? We had to get the Army out to do a controlled explosion on a couple of tuna sandwiches wrapped in foil instead of watching England Under 21s. I think we should be told!

Sir Billy Quiet

Jez 'express our concerns in the strongest possible manner.” WOW that would have shaken them up!

Sir Billy Quiet

Mr Moxey said he was satisfied police had acted quickly and responsibly by issuing a full apology and launching an investigation, and reassured supporters Molineux was a safe venue to visit.

Its that safe that you would never ever see 500 fans running across the pitch!

I bet his never tried to go to the toilets in the crush of Billy Wright Stand at half time or try to cross the Waterloo Road at full time - accidents waiting to happen........

I wonder if Jez 'leaked' this story so he could get his face in the paper again?


I cannot understand why Waterloo Road and all the car parks along it are not closed for say 15-20 mins or even longer, to allow the crowd to disperse. Have witnessed over the seasons many 'near' misses and angry exchanges due to the speed of cars wanting to rush away, not only down the Waterloo Road, but also when pulling off these car parks across pavements full of fans.

The club must be aware of this problem.

And before anyone tries to shoot me down and say it would be practically impossible, many other clubs I have visited manage to do so.


what do the national papers call this time of the year? oh yea , "the silly season"

from cats rescuing children from errant dogs, to chinese storks found in a glasgow park!!!!

yes folks, the e+d are so bereft of football artcles, they have started scraping the barrel.

roll on the world cup and new season.


Jez was only angry cos the "package" was left outside greggs, and he couldn't have his hourly steak bake until it was disposed of!

U t w

Zig Zag Wanderer

We'll I for one hope next season we can EXPLODE on to the scene in the Championship. Hoping the strikers can BANG a few ROCKETS into the back of the net. We we won't BOMB with Kenny calling the SHOTS. These players have FIRE in there bellys, they won't be DUDs


David Edwards was supposed to remove it, but he mis-timed his run and ended up in the Asda car park.


The residents would have carried on without batting an eye lid, thinking thats some fireworks celebration. The board are at last digging dip in their pockets.


Anyway why oh why would anyone want to bomb the molineux? Now am really putting the cat amongst the pigeons. Albion fans dont have to comment thankyou very much.