Driver smashes car into own home

A driver smashed his car into his own house after accidentally stepping on the accelerator pedal.

BUMP 7 SL 19
The scene of the incident at Abberley Road, Oldbury, where a driver accidentally smashed his car into the side of his home

Emergency services were called to Abberley Road in Oldbury at 4.54pm last night to reports that a car had smashed into the front room of a house, seriously damaging a wall.

BUMP 2 SL 19
The impact of the crash on the building

Fire crews from Oldbury arrived at the house to find a red Renault embedded in the wall of a semi-detached council property.

Ted Andrews, the homeowner and driver of the car, said: “I was parking the car in the drive and coming into the house.

“I went back to get some stuff from the car, but my foot slipped onto the accelerator pedal and being an automatic it took off and hit the wall. I’m alright and no one is hurt. It’s just a car and a house.” He was checked at the scene by paramedics but did not have any injuries.

The low-speed crash punched a hole into the front of the house and caused the rest of the wall to cave dangerously inwards.

Retired caretaker Mr Andrews, aged 77, has been told he cannot go back into his house until work has been done by council engineers to prop up the damaged wall.

Mr Andrews said: “I’ve already been offered a place to stay over the road and with family. The house is wrecked; I don’t know how long it is going to take to get fixed.”

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