Wolverhampton's Queen Square sealed off amid building fears

Part of Wolverhampton city centre was sealed off after a metal fascia on a building came loose in the wind.

The metal sheet was spotted by a passer-by hanging off the top of the building which houses Yates's bar.

It was staff at the bar who called the fire service at around 2pm, who sealed of part of Queens Square, and the surrounding roads amid fears it could fall off.

Fire crews from Wolverhampton used a hydraulic platform to examine the sheeting, and discovered it was currently securely attached to the building, but needed to be removed.

They used a machine to cut the sheet away from the wall.

Buses were left stranded on the one way system on Queen Square, after police close Darlington Street, Victoria Street and North Street.

Roads were reopening at around 5pm.


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Comments for: "Wolverhampton's Queen Square sealed off amid building fears"


Another over reaction which caused misery for people trying to use the city centre,the buses were all over the place,and chaos followed!


So you were slightly inconvenienced?

Would it have been an "over reaction" if the metal had fallen and hit you or a relative or someone had been hurt? Then there would have been endless comments on here whining about duty of care etc. Correct action taken.


Over reaction? Definitely!

One fire engine and three roads closed for three hours!


Hope Yates/building owners are sent the bill!

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