Car shunted into Stafford house in crash

A car lost control and caused another vehicle to smash into the front of a house in Staffordshire, causing a gas leak.

The car was being reversed off a driveway in Wayfield Drive, in the Parkside area of Stafford, when it lost control and clipped a nearby van.

It then rammed into a car parked across the road and pushed it into the front of the detached home.

Firefighters, police, a building inspector and representatives from a gas company all rushed to the scene.

As well as attending to the gas leak, firefighters from Stafford also had to make the walls safe.

Crew commander Geoff Owen said: “A vehicle was reversed and hit a van and then it also hit the back end of another car parked in the driveway opposite.

“That continued to push the parked car into the front wall of the house, knocking part of it down.”

The occupants of the home, believed to be a mother and her son, were upstairs at the time of the collision. Nobody was injured in the collision, which happened at around 1pm yesterday. Fire crews left the scene at 2.30pm.

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