Daniel Wainwright

Who can we trust with the NHS?

Stafford Hospital

The National Health Service will be one of the main battlegrounds for the next election and the West Midlands is going to see some of the fiercest fights.

Has Hitler row damaged UKIP?

UKIP's Bill Etheridge

UKIP’s Bill Etheridge learned a rather valuable lesson this week about public speaking - that it’s generally a bad idea to say anything that could be construed as positive about Adolf Hitler.

Spinners unspun are not much fun

Osborne 10 PM 14

George Osborne’s announcement that the £353 million ‘super’ hospital for the Black Country can finally go ahead is a big one.

Politics has failed education

Tony Blair’s three priorities were ‘education, education, education’. But I’m not so sure he or anyone else has managed to achieve even the first one.

EU Referendum debate is a futile sideshow

The Hemicycle of the European Parliament where debates take place

I’m a little worried some people might fall into the trap of thinking that Thursday’s vote will make a scrap of difference when it comes to Britain being in or out of the European Union.

Recovery is about the pounds in your pocket

George Osborne came under fire from Black Country MPs Valerie Vaz and Ian Austin this week at a time when the Chancellor is basking in the warm glow of an economic recovery.