Caught on video: HMP Featherstone inmates brawl in shocking mobile phone footage

This shocking footage shows the moment prisoners brawled behind bars at HMP Featherstone.

2017-02-07 11_45_52

The images, taken on a smuggled mobile phone at the Staffordshire jail, appear to show inmates having their hands bound with material ahead of the organised fight.

A group of around 20 men can be seen standing around, some on mobile phones before the violence starts.

The footage ends when when of the fighters is knocked to the floor, before he is repeatedly punched by his opponent.

The images have been reported to police, and anyone involved faces disciplinary action and the prospect of more time behind bars.

HMP Featherstone
HMP Featherstone

Today, a Prison Service spokesperson told the Express & Star: "This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we are working to remove the content from social media.

"We are committed to making prisons places of safety and reform and are stepping up measures to tackle violence and find and block mobile phones in prisons."

The footage emerged as it was revealed two prison officers at HMP Oakwood have been arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle mobile phones into the prison.

They were arrested at the prison after members of the West Midlands regional organised crime unit and HMP Oakwood’s security team swooped.

The two arrests were made around 9am on Friday, January 27.

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Comments for: "Caught on video: HMP Featherstone inmates brawl in shocking mobile phone footage"


The usual rhetoric from a Prison Service spokesman that it is totally unacceptable. We all know that pal but fact is it is happening and violence like this is happening daily in every prison. Personally I couldn't care less if these retards kill each other , in fact it would be a bonus to society if they did. But there will be a few prisoners in there who want to get out and carry on with their lives and won't be a problem to society again. Not many but a few. Our prisons are just full of retards that return again and again because their lives are a complete failure outside.


What an utter disgrace our criminal justice system is.


If mobile phones are being smuggled into the prison it says an awful lot about the security (or lack of it).


Send in the special forces and "liquidate" all prisons.

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