20,000 interested in just 450 West Midlands Police jobs

Almost 20,000 people have expressed an interest in 450 new police officer jobs on offer in the West Midlands it has emerged.

Chief Constable of West Midands Police Chris Sims with Bob Jones
Chief Constable of West Midands Police Chris Sims with Bob Jones

The new roles will bring an end to a five year recruitment freeze at the force.

More than 10,000 people expressed an interest in the jobs within the first four days of it opening, with this figure now doubling to almost 20,000 since it opened in February.

The official application process for posts will start later this month.

It is believed around 75 per cent of those who have expressed an interest are under the age of 30, with 70 per cent living in the West Midlands.

Successful applicants will have a starting salary of £21,999.

The new officers will be paid through an increase in the amount the force receives in council tax.

Last month it emerged West Midlands Police had paid consultants £188,000 to help with the recruitment process.

Bosses said it would have cost 'an awful lot more' if they had not hired the consultants.

Chief Constable Chris Sims said human resources staff had been lost over the previous five years because there was no point in keeping them while recruitment was frozen.

Applicants will undergo assessments, fitness and medical tests.

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Comments for: "20,000 interested in just 450 West Midlands Police jobs"

funny old world

Who said the Brits don't want too work.


Circus of Cameron, his cohorts in industry, and everyone gullible enough to fall for the deluge of state propaganda that is to this day persistently demonising British people out of work. It's all a smoke-screen for the government's failings - under their administration the wealth gap has grown, just like their own bank accounts. Meanwhile the rest of us, including police applicants, are forced into a pen and treated like sheep.. it's global economics they say.. yeah, right. Let's orchestrate the problem, the reaction - and the solution. 44 people chasing every job, and that's a conservative estimate, one that also pales into comparison to other jobs where ten times that amount (or higher), are applying. Brilliant. What a way to run a country, and what a way to treat people on the receiving end of a system that was designed to fail them miserably. The only force Cameron wants is an EU gestapo.. forget your rights under your own flag, people; we don't fly those colours.


What incoherant garbage!

This is 20,000 people trying to better themselves and to add to the over 1 million new jobs over the past few years.

Good luck to them.


Are these jobs to replace the people who was forced to retire ? The jobs can't be that bad as made out then if so many people are going for them


Stupid comment, the people going for the job have no idea about the job until they work it for a few years. Why would anyone want to get a 3 year degree at 9 grand a year cost, to not be guaranteed a job at the end, then if u are lucky enough to get a job, u start on less money than a newly recruited PCSO, brilliant.