Yobs hurling bricks at cars from bridge in Walsall

Bricks and stones are being hurled from a bridge onto vehicles below, sparking a police investigation.

Gangs are causing chaos on the Fordbrook railway bridge in Pelsall, damaging cars and buses and putting passers-by at risk.

A fence will be built to block off the bridge, which community leaders hope will solve the problem after years of complaints.

Police are now investigating after the spate of incidents, which has seen large dents left in cars and even smashed windscreens.

Ward councillor Garry Perry said: “There has been damage caused to cars, but ultimately one of these days it could be much more serious and there could even be a fatality.

“The people doing this need to think, this could be their relatives driving past. It might seem like a bit of fun but it is really serious.”

Ranjit Kaur, the council’s area manager for Brownhills, Rushall, Shelfield and Pelsall, confirmed that there was a ‘continuous problem of anti-social behaviour, with young people throwing objects from the bridge onto on-coming traffic’.

She added: “A number of incidents have occurred where damage has been caused to vehicles and buses.

“Already a lot of resources and manpower has been used to try and tackle the issues.

“A site visit was held with contractors, partners and Sustrans, which is responsible for the bridge, to see the problems that are being experienced and to discuss potential solutions to resolve the problems.

“A solution has been put forward to Sustrans, that partners feel would help alleviate the problems that are faced.

“The proposal put forward is a weld mesh fence that would blend in with the surrounding area and would enclose all accesses to the side of the bridge on both sides.”

Steve Wheeler, spokesman for Sustrans, said: “We are currently liaising with the police and Walsall Council over the best possible solution to this issue.

“There has been a meeting at the site and we are content with the proposal that has been put forward as it seems a practical solution.”

Councillor Perry said he did not know if the fence would finally tackle the problem but insisted action needed to be taken.

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Comments for: "Yobs hurling bricks at cars from bridge in Walsall"


Doubtless due to the "savage cuts"!


I have lived in Pelsall for the last 12 years and of late it doesn't feel the cosy safe place it used to be. I often pass under the bridge tentatively due to the seeing people lurking about up above. Most nights there are people hanging out in the alleyways and generally causing a nuisance. I do think it is time that we had a more visable police presence in and around the village particularly on an evening before someone is seriously hurt as anti social behaviour continues to go unchecked.


Film them. upload it. Notify the police. Send the bill to the respective parent(s)/guardian(s). Sorted.


Alternatively, pull up on Station Road behind The Railway Inn, access the old railway where the foot bridge used to stand, and make your way along the track to where the yobs will be on the bridge to confront them with a large, long-handled metal object. Completely illegal but probably satisfaction will be gained. I daren't advocate throwing them off the bridge, though, for that'd be a step too far.


Just make sure the police have firearms with them.