Thousands of sex offenders living among us in West Midlands

Thousands of registered sex offenders are living within communities in the West Midlands, the Express & Star can reveal.

Theresa May
Theresa May

Figures show the number of rapists, paedophiles and others who have been put under watch by police because of their crimes, even after being released from prison.

But Home Secretary Theresa May has told the Express & Star that police will be keeping an eye on sex offenders, despite a controversial court ruling that said they must be allowed to appeal to be removed from a register after 15 years.

The law was changed in 2012 following the Supreme Court ruling, something Mrs May said at the time she was ‘appalled by’. Speaking on a visit to Halesowen the Home Secretary said:

“We’ve had to change the legislation around this.

“But any decisions that are made will be made absolutely properly. The police will look at the case when people appeal and all the evidence and all the aspects of the individual case. And doing it that way I hope we can give reassurance that these decisions will not be done in a casual way.”

Across Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton, a total of 1,075 registered sex offenders were living in the areas and not in prison at the end of last year. Of those areas, Sandwell had the highest number of registered sex offenders living in the community at 319. Wolverhampton had 277, Dudley had 245 and Walsall had 234.

The numbers in Sandwell and Wolverhampton have risen from 299 and 255 respectively, while in Dudley there are five fewer and in Walsall 21 fewer than the year before. In December 2013, there were 898 registered sex offenders in Staffordshire, including 334 in the south of the county, which includes South Staffordshire, Cannock Chase, Lichfield and Stafford.

A year earlier there were 871 in the county. The latest figures for West Mercia showed there were 988 registered sex offenders in the area.

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Comments for: "Thousands of sex offenders living among us in West Midlands"


I think the old saying is that a leopard never changes it's spots and this would fit the bill with these people. The problem we have is this Country is a lack of accountability in all levels of the Civil Service and if it goes wrong the judges will just shrug their shoulders and continue as usual. It is about time some of these failures resulted in people being removed from their lofty positions.


And not only in the West Midlands, these offenders should not be at liberty and thus a threat to our children, they cannot be "cured" Pedophile "rings" are on the increase across the internet and there is not enough being done to stop them.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Sensationalist Story!

“But any decisions that are made will be made absolutely properly. The police will look at the case when people appeal and all the evidence and all the aspects of the individual case. And doing it that way I hope we can give reassurance that these decisions will not be done in a casual way.”

Despite the shocking grammar; What a pity that Therasa May could not have directed 'Operation Yewtree' in the same way! - Rather than being done in a 'Casual Way' - The one where 'Old Bill' haven't got enough evidence, but want the CPS to Prosecute?

Hence the delays from October 2012! - "Household Names will be arrested within days!" - Here we are 17 Months later, and all they have to show are a few 'Octogenarians' convicted upon the most unreliable evidence from nearly 50 Years ago! - Look at the 'Big Picture' and do not get distracted by the 'Detail!'


I would have some confidence in the assessment panel doing it properly if they suffered a penalty when it went wrong. At this time if you are a civil servant there is no censure if it goes wrong. An example is the CEO of the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust who tried to suppress data when at Walsgrave Hospital and his reward for failure is a £400,000 job in Wolverhampton. You just could not make it up.


Just how are they keeping an eye on them! , you cannot change someones nature if they have tendencies toward children there is a way to be sure they don't reoffend HANG EM!.


The Home Office have reduced the number of police officers in England and Wales. The Home Office have reduced the number of people being sent to prison and the length of time that those in prison actually spend behind bars. The Home Office expect the smaller number of police officers to monitor the activities of a growing number of sex offenders. Guess who will get the blame when something goes wrong? I'll give you a clue - it won't be the Home Office!


Time for a few corrections , The Home Office have NOT reduced the Police numbers, the Police Authority was given a small cut in its revenue, They could have sold off Police stations ,sold off land or worked with other authorities to keep costs down, West Midlands Police decided to sack officers.

The Home Office DOES NOT expect the smaller number of police officers it expects Authorities to utilise staff better,

Do you want time served Warranted Officers on £30,000+ answering the Police phone system , when none warranted PCSO's are out patrolling the streets?

Funny enough the Old Police Authority was predominantly Labour controlled, the same party that introduced the Human rights that a number of people hide behind when caught doing inhuman acts

B Jackson

Ivor the Tory getting upset again. The Government has cut over 16,000 police officers due to a 20 per cent cut in funding. No matter how you spin it. You get what you vote for with the Tories.


If this story is true, and maybe it it, whoever it is between legislation or whatever, one thing for sure, it's always us that get the low life sent around here to live, Theresa may and the people who make these decisions on scum bags like these don't live by them so they don't care what they have done !


This story is very true, there are regular community engagement meetings held in the West Midlands (usually Birmingham) to address CSE. At the moment the biggest issue seems to be authorities and police not sharing information and one thinking it has more superiority than the other. The fact remains whilst leaders pat themselves on the back for doing a very good job and saying how much has changed, nothing much has changed on the front line. Social workers and the police are still oblivious to the signs and when they are being told by parents or the people that care about victims that the signs are right under their noses these people are being ignored and dismissed. The alarming fact is that there are just as many known victims in the West Midlands as perpitrators - I dread to think how many unknown victims there are, who feel they can't come forward for the fear of not being believed. Distressed ethnic parents being sent away and told that they don't like the fact that their 15yr old daughter has a older boyfriend or that they don't like the fact that he may not be the same religion as them. We only have to look at a recent case in Bradford were a 15yr old victim was left in custody for over 12 hrs because she was too scared to give evidence against her abuser. We already have too many victims and to stop any further victims we need to education children whilst they are young. However schools and authorities are reluctant to do this because they are worried that they will be labled as schools or areas that have this problem - I can only speak for Walsall, the authority does not seem to be pushing for schools to talk about issues of CSE let alone develop a education plan. 6 months ago I met a victim and she said that all she wanted from social services was for them to do their job. She also expressed how important education was - not just about sex and how to put a condom on but also to understand what a relationship is and for any young person who gets into a relationship for the first to have a understanding of what is exceptable and what is not. Surely these are not too a difficult to bring into school and teach young people. What is the alternative continue letting them learn the naive and dangerous way.

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