Drakelow Tunnels cannabis farm double size of original estimate

A cannabis ‘farm’ discovered in a network of tunnels beneath a beauty spot has been found to be more than double the size that police originally estimated.

Raid 05 JAH 27.JPG
Police at the scene at Drakelow Tunnels

A total of 885 cannabis plants were unearthed during an early morning swoop by police at the historic Drakelow Tunnels, under Kingsford Country Park, in the shadow of Kinver Edge and on the outskirts of Kidderminster.

And, using a formula based upon the growth stage of plants and their potential yield, the additional plants push the estimated potential street value of the drugs up by £100,000 to £750,000.

Around 30 police officers, including dog handlers, took part in the raid on the tunnels, in Drakelow Lane, Wolverley, on Wednesday morning. Besides the plants, they discovered hydroponic equipment, including heating, lighting and ventilation fans, used in the cultivation of the drug.

West Mercia Police confirmed that the amount of cannabis plants found at Drakelow Tunnels now stood at 885. The initial estimate was ‘more than 400’.

A 45-year-old man arrested in a dawn raid on a house in Kidderminster has now been bailed to a date in the new year pending further inquiries.

The raid on the tunnels, which were used as a manufacturing base for machine parts during the Second World War and later became a designated government bunker in the event of a nuclear attack, was part of a new drive by police to make life ‘a misery’ for drug dealers.

Police also warned they will be carrying out more drug searches in Kidderminster pubs and clubs over Christmas.

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