£6,000 damage as burglars urinate on food at Halesowen day centre

Yobs have caused around £6,000 of damage during a burglary at a pensioners’ day centre, including urinating on food destined for lunchtime meals.

Councillor Ken Turner outside the centre
Councillor Ken Turner outside the centre

Volunteers have been forced to close the Age Concern day centre, in Green Lane, Halesowen, since the attack which they say has left them reeling.

The centre, which caters for around 40 pensioners aged from 65 to 100 each day, has had to arrange an alternative meeting place at another centre in Stourbridge while the mess is cleared up.

Police have launched an investigation into the raid, which happened at around 3.30am on Monday.

Thieves set off a burglar alarm when they tried to break in to the building which holds social gatherings and serves up daily meals.

Councillor Ken Turner with Age Concern Halesowen director Larry Shingles and secretary Brian Mitchell, with the damaged alarm system

But they proceeded to climb onto a porch entrance door roof and rip it off the wall to stop it ringing.

They tried wrenching lead flashing off the roof before breaking off a section of the iron fence outside to use as a crowbar on the main door.

Volunteers believed they levered open the door before proceeding to ransack the offices towards the rear of the building.

The office was turned over, with raffle prizes taken from a cupboard. They were due to be sold off to help raise funds.

They also wrecked a CCTV and alarm system and broke open drawers which contained £60 in cash.

Stunned volunteers say valuable food, which is bought to cook meals for the pensioners, was also taken from fridges and freezers.

The thieves also stole food as well as cutlery such as knifes, spoons and folks, and then urinated on the food that they could not carry.

Centre director and ward councillor Ken Turner said: “I am absolutely appalled by this. It is hitting some of the most disadvantaged people in our community.

“It has robbed them of the opportunity to meet up with friends while the centre has been closed, which is just unacceptable.”

“They have been silly and inconsiderate to the people who come here. It is also the mindless damage which I can’t understand and why would they urinate on food? It’s disgusting.”

Councillor Turner said they hope to reopen the centre tomorrow and will be tightening security in the wake of the attack.

Centre secretary Brian Mitchell, aged 69, who is among those who have helped with the clean up, added: “I think that is very, very sad and will cost the centre money and charities like ourselves are struggling at the moment.”Police are investigating.

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Comments for: "£6,000 damage as burglars urinate on food at Halesowen day centre"


Loser scum!


how low can people go I just hope when they are they hungry there is no food I agree get the dna and im sure someone knows who did it so come on if you know anything speak up

roger atkins


Bring back lynching.


OMG This is what things are coming to MINDLESS SCUM ! so if you can't pinch anything spoil anything that's there, word's fail me !

Phil H

When they catch them through dna they can give them jobs in call centers in Staffordshire prison


There identities should be (if and when caught) be plastered all over bill boards, newspapers etc etc and named and shamed.


Urine contains DNA right?

DNA is more reliable than a fingerprint?

Look for scum with the same MO and test test test!


What some utter scumbags. No other word for them.

It would be great if the police caught these low-life cowards. There's one very apt punishment I can think of which would be perfect given the actions of these people. But the justice system wouldn't sanction it - for one thing, it isn't hygenic.

But let the punishment fit the crime, eh?

Made In Wolverhampton

You're thinking what I'm thinking, only my post didn't get past the moderator. Agree 100%. Good points about the DNA made elsewhere in these posts. Bet they never thought about that, the lowlifes. I hope they're feeling very uncomfortable right now.

jason s

nothing but scum bags,


Abhorrent behaviour. They fail to see the impact that their deplorable actions have. Hopefully they are found quickly and the law decrees suitable punishment.

stevie b

the day the police offer decent cash incentives for people to grass on scum like these is the day most crimes will come to an end and when imprisoned they should be put to hard labour breaking big rocks from 5am to 8pm watch how thhings will change "revolution time"

Inspector Wexford

Why does there need to be a reward. If you know who has carried out such disgusting mindless acts, come forward please?


what will the police or courts do even if they find these mugs, these scum bags are laughing they know the law wount do nothing, hope judges and cpu are reading these comments.

boy from the REAL black country

Precisely why its a lost cause catching them, sadly. The courts won't do anything to them, if by some miracle they were sent to the nick, they'd have access to Playstations, gymnasiums pool tables etc.... life of luxury all paid for by us taxpayers......

There was a time when the possibility of being sent to prison put the fear of god into people!

Gold sue

It's not the police that hand out the sentence it is the judges in the courts, it's time for the sentence o fit the crime and stop pussy footing round these scumbags, if it were me they would be cleaning public toilets for five years , they don't deserve any better.

diane ford

I hope they are caught. It would be a great idea if they were made to sort recycling rubbish or collect litter, it is a shame they seem to get away with these mindless crimes


I am utterly shocked by this behaviour. What happened to respect of the elderly and care for other people? How can anyone do such acts without a conscience?! This world is a very scary place...


Such charming young gentlemen. I wager all of them have 10 gcse's and 5 A* levels. Doubless, if aprehended the defence barrister will tell the court they are victims of society, mothers didn't love them and dropped on heads when babies.

The judge will send them on a urination health and safety course followed by a character-building trip to the Pyramids.

On the other hand Mr Atkins's solution would be more appropriate.


Delinquents! Must have had a very poor up bringing. No respect for society or their olders. Haven't they got any grandparents in their family or do they treat them the same.


can they not take a sample and test it for D N A ???


Take it out their wages. If they don't work, take it out their benefits. If you're too young to work, wait until they are old enough to work or sign-on. Either way, you pay. Every last penny. You think it makes you tough? Clever? It doesn't. It shows what cowards you are, plain and simple.


If they are caught how about them earning the 6000 pounds by some arduous sponsored event.(someone reliable to collect the Money) fer them to make an effort to do something to put things right


Outrage indeed, but let's be realistic - if caught their tax payer funded lawyer will no doubt plead "rough childhood", they will probably get a minimal or suspended sentence. Amnesty International and the Howard League will bleat about unfair treatment etc.......

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