Winners in Midlands police commissioners poll are named

The first ever police and crime commissioners at Midlands forces have been announced, as an inquiry was launched into low voter turnout.

New police and crime commissioners, from left, Bob Jones, Matthew Ellis and Bill Longmore
New police and crime commissioners, from left, Bob Jones, Matthew Ellis and Bill Longmore

Labour’s Bob Jones was elected into the £100,000-a-year job in the West Midlands, with Tory Matthew Ellis being elected in Staffordshire.

Meanwhile, in the West Mercia police force area, independent candidate Bill Longmore landed the role.

But in what is being labelled as the worst election turnout ever, it has emerged that many polling stations went unused during Thursday’s vote.

A portable office in Baggeridge Country Park was set up for 269 people in the Gospel End ward of South Staffordshire to vote, but just 24 people used it. It cost around £1,500 to set up.

One polling station on Weston Road, Stafford, had just six voters out of an electorate of 600.

In the West Midlands, 12.31 per cent of people voted, in Staffordshire 11.97 per cent and West Mercia 14.5 per cent.

Voting watchdog the Electoral Commission has launched a “thorough review” into what went wrong.

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Comments for: "Winners in Midlands police commissioners poll are named"


I was told in polling station on Thursday at about 2pm that I was the 45th voter who had come into the station – pathetic !!!

The low turn-out shows me that they have no mandate to be in the job, yet the PM says they do. What a fiasco and debacle and democracy is the loser !


If the electorate wish to have a say in what happens to their country then they must vote accordingly. The idea of compulsory voting appears to be a very good idea in every election political or otherwise. Perhaps some form of financial penalty should be enforced to ensure voters do get off their backsides.


Money should have been spent on a proper poll voting explanation

Now money will be wasted on a "thorough review" (you could see this one coming)!

peter potts

ppl not voteing tells you that we dont need police comissioners with a £100.000 pound a year wage when we are haveing cuts in the police force money would be better spent in the police putting police back on the streets were they should be forceing ppl to vote will force ppl to vote for any idiot

faiz Bannourah

Bob Jones got my vote, I voted at 8pm after work,the girls who manned the polling station looked bored, with such turn out I am glad for the West Midlands to have an experienced man in charge of the police.

Good luck Bob.

John Thompson

100 million the cost of this election should have been spent on the schools it closed for the election fiasco


Maybe if people knew who was doing what then they would have voted !

I had never even heard of anyone standing for commissioner the most I saw was a polling card pushed hrough my door , but why should we vote for something that we have no idea on ?

It is not as if we had any follow up from the candidates .


I went to vote around 16:10hrs and was told that I was the 11th person, but the two Council staff got paid and fed so it's a good thing I suppose.

English Exile

41 police commissioners appointed at £100,000 each per year.

For a country in deep recession they sure know how to waste money.

How did we ever manage without them??


I cant see the point in these jobs we take officers off streets and put a select few on a 100.000 pound a year jobs to be desk jokeys plus all perks that go with it as for earlier comment people will vote when they see a good reason not for a select few to get cushy jobs then we waste more money on enquiry to why we didnt vote its laughable


Ditto peter potts and bert, I for one didnt have a booklet come thru the door explaining what we were voting for or who so didnt bother. When the voting was so low it should have been scrapped. In a union vote for industrial action you have to have 75% of the majority to take action otherwise it breaks down so why not this ? simple because the government wanted it, hence soeone in a cushy job onn 100 grand a year for four years !!