£150,000 work heading to Himley Road traffic jam junction

A notorious junction will undergo £150,000 worth of improvements to combat jams, it has been revealed.

New traffic lights are being installed next to the Bulls Head and Five Ways Inn in Lower Gornal. Photo: Google Street View

New congestion-busting smart technology is to be installed at traffic lights around Himley Road and Bull Street in Lower Gornal.

It comes after an application for funding worth £90,000 by Dudley Council was approved at a meeting of the Black Country LEP executive joint committee on Wednesday.

The other £60,000 will come from the council. It is hoped the work will start later this year.

Councillor David Stanley, who represents the Gornal ward, said: “As far as I am concerned any improvements we can make on it the better.

“It is incredibly busy on the crossroads with a three-way traffic light switch at the moment.

“It can be very frustrating in the queues there and the traffic can build up right the way back to the Milking Bank island.”

The busy junction is on B4176 Himley to Dudley Road where Bull Street and Redhall Road lead into Gornal.

Existing traffic lights will be ripped out, with new signals and detection equipment installed at the four-way junction.

New smart technology will monitor traffic levels and queues to make split-second decisions on how long each green light should stay on for.

Councillor Khurshid Ahmed, cabinet member for planning and economic development, said: “We welcome any opportunity to make junctions easier.

“It needs new signals but later we may need to do something further than that because there are housing developments taking shape around there – and that junction is key.

“We need to make it wider and bigger and will be exploring options similar to that of works on Shaw Road in Coseley. It will come down to funding. But new technology should help with the traffic flow.”

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Comments for: "£150,000 work heading to Himley Road traffic jam junction"


We use this junction daily and in my opinion it is efficient enough. Years ago there were no traffic lights at this junction and it was a nightmare to cross. Why do the council have to interfere when the only problem is during the rush hour when you might have to wait a short time. £60000 pounds from the council coffers, thought they were cash strapped.

black country born

Lights are required NOW on the Dudley bypass Cinder bank island.


Notorious my back passage. Dick Turpin is notorious, Jesse James is notorious. How many people who live more than two miles from the junction even know that it exists?

What congestion? I use roads throughout the Black Country and Birmingham and at certain times of weekdays the Hagley Road between A4030 and A4540 is congested as are, to a lesser extent, the roundabouts at Toys R Us and Great Bridge. I have never experience anything approaching those levels of congestion at the B4176 / B4175 junction.

Whoever is responsible for this hyperbole should be sacked as should whoever authorised this waste of public money.


I live close to this junction and not before time that work is done to it forget above comments i have been stuck in queues there after a 12hr shift and it is not fun.


Baz with respect it probably depends on what time you are in the vicinity. If it is rush hour then most places are congested. I remember the years when there were no traffic lights and it was taking your life in your hands to try to cross. As I said we use this every day with no problems, obviously we are never there at the same time as yourself. Cheers.

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