New head injury technology is trialled at The Hawthorns

Head injuries on the football field could be assessed by doctors during games, thanks to new technology being trialled.

West Brom legend Jeff Astle died aged 59 after suffering from early on-set dementia

The Oculus Rift device will feature on a BBC television programme tonight which will feature the family of West Bromwich Albion legend Jeff Astle.

Astle died in 2002, aged 59, suffering from early on-set dementia, which a coroner found was caused by heading heavy footballs.

The Oculus Rift device could help prevent serious injuries by detecting concussion on the sidelines.

It would mean players could get immediate treatment and be prevented from returning to play.

The headset detects whether a player has concussion by testing their ability to balance at the same time as following instructions.

The BBC was given access to the new technology.

As part of the programme, Inside Out West Midlands tonight at 7pm, the cameras also visit The Hawthorns to test the kit.

Dr Michael Grey has been trialling the device at the University of Birmingham, while former Wolves, West Brom and Villa striker Andy Gray has backed the idea.

He said: “What football has no excuse about is embracing modern technology. It has no excuse.

“It can’t say we don’t have the money, it’s awash with money. Paying millions and millions of pounds to footballers and then worrying very little about their health.”

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Comments for: "New head injury technology is trialled at The Hawthorns"


Once again, our great club is at the vanguard of everything that is good in the game. It is very easy to forget the personal sacrifice professional sportsmen have made over the years to provide us with our weekend entertainment to relieve us of the drudgery of life in general. Most players suffer some sort of disability later in life, some more than others.

Hail! Hail! technology! Just had to get at least half a Chuck Berry line in.

Jack the Hat.

Great work by the Astles to get this groundbreaking equipment out there to monitor head injuries. They have worked so hard to make sure Jeff didn't have his life shortened in vain.

Regards football, there needs to be more substitutes as three won't suffice, seven sub's using up to five if needs be.


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