Movies and magazines on board as National Express launches 'infotainment' system

West Midlands’ leading bus operator have launched a new app offering the UK’s first on-bus ‘infotainment’ system.

National Express West Midlands will now offer bus passengers films, TV, news and magazines online free of charge.

The smartphone app called the National Express VUER (View, Unwind, Enjoy, Relax) allows travellers to enjoy hours of free entertainment, as well as news and weather plus free wi-fi, on their phones or tablets.

Peter Coates, managing director of National Express West Midlands, said: “It’s very exciting to be the first operator to launch an on-bus infotainment system.

“It means our customers can now unwind, relax and get the most out of their journey.

“Passengers on three Platinum express services can now browse the internet, read up to £20 worth of magazines, enjoy films and television programmes for both adults and kids – all for the cost of a bus ticket.

“So bring your headphones, sit down on the comfortable Platinum seats with their extra leg room, and take in a movie.

“I’ve been watching Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, but we’ve also got Shaun of the Dead and Despicable Me 2, as well as TV comedy and drama, cartoons, documentaries and magazines including Cosmopolitan, Time Out and Top Gear.”

The VUER service is available now on select routes including: the X1 between Birmingham and Coventry via the airport and the NEC; the X2 – Birmingham – Yardley – Sheldon – Solihull via Old Lode Lane and the X61 between Birmingham and Frankley via Northfield.

The system requires customers to download the app from the Apple or Android app store on their phone or tablet before they get on the bus.

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Comments for: "Movies and magazines on board as National Express launches 'infotainment' system"


Frankly I don't care one jot if they want to waste £ millions in funded grants and subsidies showing feature films parked in empty bus lanes, while giving out free drinks, they can even use the Folies Bergère as usherettes

Its also nice to know we will soon have the best technology MY money can buy on all these empty buses

The bus service is wrong, it wastes our tax money, they go to the wrong places, its underused and not wanted and its cheaper for me and the Duchess by Taxi

If its that wonderful “Don't use my tax money to do it” ask the rich share holders to pay up


Ivor you're living in a time warp. This is a PRIVATE company. Buses haven't been nationalised since 1986!

Admittedly your tax money goes on bus lanes, bus shelters and subsidies for "socially necessary" services but I can't imagine why you'd think it would be used for subsidising these posh buses.


To be quite honest....should be renamed Slowcoach!