3,000 homes and 50 traveller sites planned in Cannock Chase masterplan

Thousands of homes and dozens of gipsy pitches will be created in Cannock Chase over the next decade under a new masterplan.

Council leader George Adamson said: “The plans will change the face of Cannock Chase as we know it.”

The district council has earmarked several sites for housing in order to provide land for the development of around 3,000 homes between now and 2028. Fifty new gipsy pitches and plots will also be earmarked.

Swathes of greenbelt land have also been identified, which could accommodate housing beyond that.

The largest plot is at the former Parker Hannifin site in Walkmill Lane, Cannock
The former Aelfgar School in Rugeley where 85 properties are planned

The district may also have to deliver a further 1,000 properties to cater for a shortfall in Birmingham.

The Rugeley Power Station site could hold the key to meeting a significant proportion of the housing targets. A public consultation has now been launched and will run until the end of March.

Councillor Adamson said: “The area is changing rapidly, if you look back 20 years it is completely unrecognisable.

“That is why we want people to have their say. It is not a pretend consultation.”

Land opposite Keys Park, home of Hednesford Town FC, where 90 buildings could be constructed

The largest plots include the former Parker Hannifin site at Walkmill Lane, Cannock, which could take 93 homes, land opposite Hednesford Town FC, which could hold 90 properties, and the former Aelfgar School site in Rugeley where 85 have been earmarked.

The council could opt for an alternative strategy targeting plots where its has already approved building.

That would see plots at Norton Hall Lane, Norton Canes, earmarked for 450 homes and the site at Green Heath Road in Hednesford where work has already started on 414 homes, shoulder much of the burden.

Six ‘drop-in’ events have been scheduled with the first at Norton Canes Library between 3.30pm and 6.30pm on February 16.

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Comments for: "3,000 homes and 50 traveller sites planned in Cannock Chase masterplan"


50 travellers sites?

What a boon to the area that will be.

Syrian refugees as well throughout Staffordshire.

Can't wait to pay my taxes.

At least the deer population will get thinned out a bit.


Masterplan? For goodness sake, these travellers offer nothing to society, except add to the crime figures. There are families in this country working and struggling, yet nothing is done to help them. This low life, who choose to step outside of society, leave a trail of destruction everywhere they go. The urchins they have are taught at an early age to become criminals, and their morals are nowhere to be seen. This "masterplan", a misnomer if ever the was one, is nothing less than a way to destroy the local area, in turn putting law abiding people in greater danger of becoming victims.


Will any of the houses built be given to British people or are they going to be reserved for illegal immigrants and travellers, well they deserve each other. You lose the green belt to allow people who have entered this country illegally and haven't paid one penny into the kitty to enjoy new housing, without doubt some of these houses will be destined for the illegal immigrant population


Well you all know what to do, vote the council off at the next elections, get Ukip in.


Ukip would abandon plans for much needed house building? Sounds sensible.


Incredible. So glad that I got the hell out of the area. The tossers are going to start destroying Cannock Chase as well now are they ..... and all to accommodate so called travellers. Really is incredible.


I don't have a problem with homes built for those in need of a house but I do have a problem with using green belt land and an even bigger problem with sites for travellers.

Are said travelling community going to be paying or will it be the rest of us as usual.