'Ridiculous' long grass is 'serious danger' for A5 drivers

Uncut grass on a central reservation of the A5 dual carriageway is a ‘serious danger’ for motorists and residents, it has been claimed.

Sylvia Jackson, who says the high grass along the A5 at Brownhills is a danger as it is blocking drivers’ view of the road

The grass on the reservation, on Watling Street in New Town, Brownhills has not been cut since last year and Mrs Sylvia Jackson says the problem is a nightmare for residents.

She claims the road is already a problem for those living nearby due to heavy traffic and speeding vehicles and that the overgrown grass issue ‘needs fixing’ for their safety and to prevent a potential accident.

She said: “It is absolutely ridiculous, this is a serious danger and it is so easy to solve.

“I have complained to Highways England on June 10 but nothing has been done about it yet.

“The road gets so busy at times, it is full not just with cars but lorries and vans.

“Those of us who live here are used to the grass problem now and we know our way around it, but we still have to be careful.

“People who don’t live here aren’t going to know what to do, so that could cause a serious problem.

“It needs fixing and I don’t know why it hasn’t been done yet.”

Mrs Jackson says that the problem is one of many for residents living next to the dual carriageway, on the border of Walsall and Staffordshire, face.

She expressed her concerns about litter and speeding, claiming she felt as though the town had ‘fallen off the map’ due its location on the border.

She said: “We are right on the border and it feels like we have fallen off the map.

“We have this overgrown grass on the reservation, litter is dropped everywhere from motorists and the cars are going by at such speed, it is a worry, especially for parents, because children have to walk by such a busy road.”

Mrs Jackson is used to fighting for change after battling through a nine year campaign to get a reduction in emissions from Castings paint dipping plant in Lichfield Road in the late 80s and early 90s.

She insists that she will not let this matter rest until the grass is cut.

She said: “You have to fight around here to get what you want, you just have to be persistent and keep on top of it.”

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Comments for: "'Ridiculous' long grass is 'serious danger' for A5 drivers"


If your that concerned hire a petrol strimmer and do it yourself then attend next council meeting and demand money back or get local dole dossers to cut it make them earn their benefits. Council tax money is better spent on social care and providing a safe enviroment for children and vulnerable adults especially in this climate. If money was diverted away from these areas to cut the grass you would soon be complaining.


Don't worry its not because you are forgotten , it is the same right ascross the area. Agencies don't have the money or resources to do the job properly anymore. Address your concerns to Prime Minister May as it is her government responsible for the massive cuts in budgets


No her government isn't as most of them were only appointed today! Typical Labour supporter getting the facts wrong yet again comments like that would make you Chief Editor at E&S as they make factual errors all the time like for instance the publoication of my mpoms funeral they stated it was held Sunday 12/6/16 when in fact it was 12/7/16 and still no apology !!!!!!!!


Here we have an article about overgrown grass,along the A5,and suddenly we get unrelated comments regarding mis-reported family announcements in the E&S.Please keep to the subject,fella,we are not interested in your dispute with the Editor of a local newspaper!!!!!!


I wondered how long it was going to be before the new P.M was blamed for something, I did guess it would be you Sharmwolf. How many years were Liebour in power and all they did was get us in this mess in the first place, and I mean just look at the Liebour run councils Sadwell and Dudley for two I rest my case !


The grass is growing on the central reservation not the road I'm not sure how uncut grass is a danger to driving.

I'm sure there are far more important issues than a stretch of uncut grass.