'Young Steptoes' dumping rubbish in Walsall from their horse and cart

'Young Steptoes' who are fly-tipping on a Walsall estate using a horse and cart have been blasted by councillors.

Councillor Smith with the waste dumped off Goscote Lodge Crescent in Walsall
Councillor Smith with the waste dumped off Goscote Lodge Crescent in Walsall

They have now called for crisis meetings with police to address the amount of rubbish being dumped across the borough.

Councillor Peter Smith says fly-tippers travelling on horse and cart are becoming a major issue in Blakenall.

He said that they are 'running rings' around the council and residents by getting away with it.

Councillor Smith says that the problem is often caused by younger people and that police have so far failed to act on the matter.

He said: "Much to the annoyance and frustration not only of council officials but local residents, we are having to put up with the anti-social fly-tipping exploits of these modern day Young Steptoes.

"They are also creating a problem for motorists who are often forced to join queues of traffic caused by them.

Fly-tipping is set to cost Walsall Council £120,000 this year
Fly-tipping is set to cost Walsall Council £120,000 this year

"There is evidence that some of these people are blatantly fly-tipping their loads of rubbish wherever it suits them.

"I call on the council and the police to work together as a matter of urgency to come down heavy on these anti -social operators, especially their elder peers who are encouraging them.

"This matter has been raised with the police many times but nothing seems to have been done.

"Something has to be done and done now.

"At the moment, the Young Steptoes are running rings around the local residents, the council and above all the police."

The councillor also slammed residents who sell items to the horse and cart users, saying: "These residents are equally to blame for giving business to these people and need to pay the price if identification of their dumped rubbish can be established."

Councillor Smith said the 'Young Steptoes' were running rings around the council, residents and police
Councillor Smith said the 'Young Steptoes' were running rings around the council, residents and police

Fly-tipping is set to cost Walsall Council £120,000 this year.

In February, the council approved an alternative budget which opposed an original budget put forward by the current leading party, where street cleaning services would see £150,000 worth of cuts made.

Other councillors in the borough have called for action to be taken after being of the problem in Goscote by councillor Smith.

Councillor Garry Perry, who represents the Pelsall ward, said: "This is appalling — this is not my area however I agree the irresponsible behaviour and a need to target environmental enforcement is a priority."

Council leader Mike Bird said: "We need to get the police to explain themselves.

"This is even more reason to have licence plates on approved ware collectors."


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Comments for: "'Young Steptoes' dumping rubbish in Walsall from their horse and cart"


Here's a curve ball, how about a massive hefty fine, scrap their vehicles (not the horses


You've got to find them first, genius.

Who cares what you think

I do find it odd we have a comments section on this and the cigarette butt throwers but when it's the travellers who leave a mess costing thousands to clean up there isn't one, are the E&S censored


Yes, of course the E&S are censored, you only have to see how they allow comments open for certain stories and none for others. Also, the vast majority of submitted comments are not published.


Then catch them. Not that many horse and carts around so catch them.


You'll notice there is a complete lack of evidence here - rubbish has been flytipped, and that's all we know for sure.

It could have come from anywhere, and been dumped by anybody.

Being in possession of a horse and cart isn't an offence so why would the police, or anyone else, want to stop and 'catch them'?

This is just an E&S bigot story, stirring up the nasty side of Walsall


I have to say this is one of the few times that I agree with "who cares". This website / newspaper reports "traveller" incursions on to privately owned land several times a week. Firstly it's time the term "traveller" was dropped because most of the people responsible for fly tipping are not "travellers". It's a term used because the real, correct names are no longer allowed or are censored and also there are now many settlements occupied by people from this background who do not travel. The actions of these people costs councils tens of thousands of pounds in legal costs and the inevitable clear-ups of rubbish and excrement. On most occasions this is reported no comment is allowed, yet the slightest report on councils, refugees or Europe encourages comment. A serious case of double standards.


Walsall Council are scared to tackle the overall problem of travellers / gipsies / whatever is the correct term for them in 2016, full stop. They tolerate them when they park on car parks, happily clean up after them and don't prosecute them when they do things like the above.

Anybody playing the persecution card to Walsall Council are rapidly pushed to the top of the queue to everything, not investigated and are preferentially treated due to Walsall Councils inability to have a spine and challenge these false accusations and damaging effect it has with people who don't choose to play the persecution card. Sorry state of affairs.


Think about what you're saying for a moment.

What is there to 'tackle' with travellers/gypsies?

As soon as they turn up anywhere they get chucked off within days, as soon as the law allows.

You're just countering out generalised prejudices - the council deals with these things as much as it can after cuts and central government meddling.

I'm sick of this kind of ignorant, ill-informed ranting that thinks everyone get everything for nothing; in the real world it simply does;'t happen like that.

Everyone 'knows' someone who came over here and got a house straight away, and a car, and a TV, and a butler, and a holiday in Spain and it's all just rubbish



Well they published this.


blimey....they did!


Build as many nice houses as they like on the Goscote but the people are the same, such a waste of money demolishing the old houses and building new ones, people like these never have any respect for anything other than making a few bob.

Already virtually every other house has a tat wagon outside, trees cleared and rubbish moved no problem - they just dump it anywhere.


Fines starting at a minimum of £2,000 with vehicles confiscated for any fly tipping will be a start. If only the courts and councils had the balls to do things for the better.