Cannock school buys shoes for pupils not toeing the uniform line

A school has bought and borrowed dozens of shoes for pupils who turn up in the wrong footwear as part of a ‘back to basics’ crackdown on uniforms.

Cannock Chase High School pupil Robert Thurstance, age 12, holds his unacceptable shoes with mum Janet Wishaw

Cannock Chase High School tightened up its uniform policy in a bid to raise standards, banning brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Vans.

The school approached stores for shoes in anticipation of some students not complying with the rules. When 50 students turned up for class on Tuesday in ‘inappropriate’ shoes, they were informed at an assembly and their parents were contacted. They were given a further day to obtain the correct shoes.

Those who failed to do so and refused to wear the shoes bought in by the school were placed in isolation. But some parents claim the school has gone too far.

Janet Wilshaw, of Beech Tree Lane, Cannock, whose 12-year-old son Robert was told his black leather Vans shoes were unsuitable, said: “The school has really gone over the top.

"I completely understand where they are coming from as far as standards are concerned but these shoes were perfectly smart.”

Headteacher Iain Turnbull said: “Our uniform policy is just one element of our traditional approach to education that sets the highest expectations for all our students.”

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Comments for: "Cannock school buys shoes for pupils not toeing the uniform line"


And quite correct by the headteacher shoes are shoes not trainers that are smart,you wouldn't get into the army or any good job wearing trainers,it's all down to being with the crowd well the crowd won't look after you when you Ain't got a job


These kids are not in the army, it's school. Kids are not going to be comfortable in a pair of shoes that they do not like,however I understand where the school are coming from but each student has there individuality therefore they should have the right to wear the shoes they are comfortable within reason aslong as they are plain black with no logo showing and they are smart

Poem Master

Its school, exactly. It has rules, pretty simple rules, that are easy to follow.

If you can't get to grips with school rules (in either following them or deftly circumventing them), then god help you, because you have zero chance of success in the real world.


great photo.

Sad looking mother with sad looking son

Get a grip mother , the school has rules , abide by them. You never know making your son abide by the rules and learning some discipline might save you many trips to visit him in prison in 8 years time.

well done the school , wish many more would follow


I support the school's uniform policy whole heartedly. The whole point of a standard school uniform is that one child would not be discriminated over another child who's parents aren't in a position to indulge them with designer gear. Children are bullied for not having 'the latest gear' which a standard uniform approach will help to combat. Good on this head master, let's hope others follow suit !

the end

What doesn't the Mother understand? Those are trainers not shoes.Doubt that child is going to go far in life with that attitude.


Unfortunately this is the level of intelligence and down right ignorance teachers and schools in general have to put up with today. What part of "Children will not be able to wear Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vans etc" did the mother fail to understand and standing there with that look on her face is just making her look even more stupid.


plain black shoes,

plain black shoes,

plain black shoes,

Simple really.


I went to this school and my brothers do now. I think it is ridiculous what does it matter what footwear you have on. Is it going to affect their education?. No it isn't. But isolating them and holding assembly's are affecting their education because they are not in lesson I went their and wore black trainers and still got my gcse's.


Cannock Chase High School tightened up its uniform policy in a bid to raise standards, banning brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Vans, so she bought Vans for her son shoes then moans?

Putza Shiftin

Their pained expressions are laughable as is their inability to comprehend a simple instruction.


They look like plain black shoes to me, whats all the fuss about?

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