Staffordshire private cancer care petition passes 62,000

An online petition set up against plans to privatise cancer care in Staffordshire has passed the 62,000 signatures mark.

cancer petition
Gail Gregory

The group Cancer Not For Profit wants to stop attempts by Staffordshire’s four clinical commissioning groups, including Cannock and Stafford, to contract out both cancer and end of life services.

It has so far attracted 62,635 signatures.

Campaigner Gail Gregory, of Gnosall, set up the petition that has attracted the backing of national campaign group 38 Degrees.

Mrs Gregory said she has been overwhelmed by the online support.

“There are strong feelings against this. I am concerned that it is just privatisation,” she said.

Cancer Not For Profit is calling on the public to join the fightback after the announcement that Virgin Care has secured a seven-year contract from East Staffordshire CCG for elderly person care.

The group previously lodged a petition containing more than 8,000-signatures to Staffordshire County Council opposing the £1.2 billion move. That petition is still running and has around 15,000 names.

The 38 Degrees website states that if CCGs don’t pull out, taxpayers’ money will go to shareholders rather than improving care.

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Comments for: "Staffordshire private cancer care petition passes 62,000"


No... It should not be contracted out. End of.

But sadly ever since the PCT days of Labour and the odd PCG days under the Tories, certain cancer drugs were not funded. Therefore the patient had to go private in the UK, or receive treatment out of the country, or sadly not receive treatment at all :(

Even with the national Cancer Drugs Fund in place, nothing much has changed.

It's still a postcode lottery.

I feel sorry for the charities involved, as they are constantly hitting their heads against brick walls.

A certain party keeps saying how being in the EU is wasting millions a day in membership.

And the more I see of cuts to patient services and care, because of lack of money. It makes me mad that Labour and the Tories are debunking them in terms of their stats and monetary figures.....

When in reality, it is common sense in that money can be used to help invest in a better NHS.

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