Woman jailed after dogs starved in 'one of worst' cruelty cases seen by court

A pet owner from Halesowen has been jailed for five months after she failed to care for her two starving two dogs – with one dying as a result of her neglect.

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Bottom left, Jodi Rusell who has been sentenced to jail, and main, one of the starved dogs.

Jodi Russell, from Hillwood Road, was sentenced at Dudley Magistrates Court after magistrate Neville Jinks described the animal cruelty case as 'one of the worst the court had seen'.

The 28-year-old was also given a lifetime ban from looking after animals or being associated with them in any way.

Russell, a mother of four, was found guilty of two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs and four charges of failing in her duty as owner at Dudley Magistrates’ Court in August 2013.

Russell will serve a 20-week sentence for all offences, which will run concurrently.

Another of the dogs left starving
Another of the dogs left starving

The court heard on Thursday how the dogs were described as 'lifeless’ and given the lowest possible condition ratings by vets after they were seized from Russell’s former home in Maple Road fourteen months ago.

One of the dogs, named Storm, was described as the thinnest a vet had ever seen and died within 24 hours of starvation. The other – which had been treated the same way – survived and was later re-homed.

The court heard how RSPCA charity inspector Steven Morrell found the dogs, in a starving state in urine-soaked cages in the living room of Russell’s home while children played around them.

Mr Daryll Foster, defending, said Russell was suffering emotionally at the time she was looking after the dogs, following the death of her much-loved father and after splitting up with her partner.

He said: "Miss Russell, in hindsight, now accepts what she has done wrong and realises she should have made steps much earlier and is now a much better person than before."

But Mr Jinks told the court: "This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty this court has seen for a very long time.

"I understand you were suffering from emotional difficulties at the time, but this is no excuse for letting the two dogs suffer the way they did.

"I have no choice but to give you a custodial sentence."

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA spokesman Andy Robbins described the two dogs' suffering as 'shocking'.

He said: "RSPCA inspectors deal with truly horrific cases of neglect, but it is always upsetting to see animals in such poor condition as these.

"Anyone can see simply from looking at the sorry images presented as part of the case that this was a matter where a shocking level of cruelty had taken place.

"We hope that the court's decision means no other animal will suffer at the hands of the defendant in this case."


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Comments for: "Woman jailed after dogs starved in 'one of worst' cruelty cases seen by court"


The wicked cow she should be starved in jail hope she rots the B.....d!!


Let her starve horrible cruel woman she looks like she eats well,why do people do it she doesn't look hard up so why be so cruel,give the dogs away if you don't want to look after them


What a disgusting human being.

She quite obviously has never known what it's like to go without food.


Evil evil woman, we know where the food was going,

The Real Bully Hoo.

Horrible, evil... sometimes the English language doesn't contain sufficiently terrible words to describe an excuse for a human being like this woman. The worrying thing is that she's been allowed to breed.


scum bag, we should make her starve, looks like she could with losing a few stone herself


What a dispicable human being. If the poor dogs suffered so badly it makes one wonder what state the children and house were in?!


Emotional difficulties she wasn't that emotional when she was putting food in her own gob


exactly what i thought , its an excuse for heartless cruel behaviour and in my opinion there is no hope for people like this , throw away the key i say.


Horrible evil disgusting woman, and we're supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. This kind of thing is happening all too often in today's society.


An eye for an eye. Whilst in prison bread and water only.


How much of the sentence will she actually serve? Even the original sentence wasn't long enough. There are no excuses for what she did.


Ironic she is a fat slob herself isn't it. As if there is any excuse for this behaviour, emotional difficulties must mean she can't have any compassion.


WHAT'S SICKENING ABOUT THIS IS: she doesn't look like she has starved - on the contrary, she could lose a stones.

Far too much of this cruelty going on in this country these days. Much tougher penalties are called for. I congratulate the magistrate for passing sentence on this evil, vile excuse of a human and sincerely hope she meets dog lovers in jail. There is a petition on line Tougher Penalties for Murder and Abuse of Animals. It needs all the support it can get. If these dogs had been children she would be facing years inside. For some of us animals are just as important as children, they are our children.


I am not a dog lover myself but it's indefensible to treat any animal like that.


She didn't starve her self did she disgusting hope she serves her time in a cage like her dogs


I have to live with Mental health problems that will never let me lead a normal life. Sometimes I'm so scared i can't move. Sometimes i have to ask my dog to move away (Ive trained him to be in sync with my anxiety). Even if I'm paralysed with fear and need to cry whilst I'm doing it. My Dog will get 2 good meals a day. I would stop eating if i couldn't afford to feed him. Dogs are like babies. They rely on us fully.


She could have donated one or two of her chins to feeds those dogs.


She had emotional difficulties because someone locked the fridge door and lost the key !